Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy-Chapter 1311 A Quick Trip To The Orchard

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Alex trained his newfound technique and started making pills.

On his first try, he made a pill that reached 8 veins just as he had hoped. However, after making subsequent pills, he ended up with a slight problem.

The problem wouldn't be much of a bother to him, but to others, it would definitely be a major problem.

The energy in the cauldron was no longer potent enough to make a 100% pill all the time. As long as Alex was careful when making the pills from the very start, he wouldn't have much of a problem in this regard.

Even when he made a pill that didn't have enough energy to reach 100%, he could simply add a single World Defying Mushroom into the cauldron, and he would have more than enough energy to reach what he wanted.

As for others, they would have no chance from the start since they didn't have any World Defying Mushroom.

Alex was running out on his reserve of the mushroom, so he left for the City of Many Flowers along with Linlin and Ronron who wanted to come as well.

Alex had Ronron put on a veil that covered her face for the most part and made it hard to see through. He wanted to give her a mask to wear as well, but Ronron refused it saying that she did not find masks fashionable at all.

"This place we're going to, it's full of flowers right?" Ronron asked.

"Yes, your Highness," Linlin answered. "The City of Many Flowers is known for its exquisite beauty and flowers that grow at every corner of the street."

"Aww, I want to see it too," Ronron said. "My senses are barely large enough to see anything."

"You'll have to make do with it," Alex said.

Ronron grumbled slightly. "Whatever," she said.

"Have you been learning everything about the continent?" Alex asked. "Who are the important figures in the City of Many Flowers?"

"Huh? Oh… that's… Qiu Hanyu of the Flowerhall sect and… Jin Tianma of the Alchemy Association?" Ronron asked.

"Good, you've been studying well," Alex said. They arrived sometime later at the City of Many Flowers and got off their ship. Another ship close by stopped as well as a handful of guards flew out of it and surrounded Alex and the two girls, protecting them.

Alex had insisted that he didn't need any protection, but the Elders refused to let him go anywhere without the guards. The Scale Legion of the Eastern Continent was still around, so they took every precaution they could.

Given that none of them were even in the Saint Soul realm, Alex doubted they could be of any help if he truly needed one. Google search 𝑓𝒓e𝑒w𝑒𝒃𝑛𝒐𝘃ℯ𝙡. c𝚘m

"Your majesty!" a few people walked up to them and bowed deeply.

"Sect leader Qiu, Association leader, how have you two been?" Alex asked.

"We've been doing great, your majesty!" the two answered one after another.

"You haven't met my daughter yet, I assume," Alex said. "This is Maron."

"Princess Maron," the sect elder Qiu spoke immediately. "It is our pleasure to see you in the flesh."

Ronron felt a little awkward but she was used to people calling her that and had learned the proper etiquette before.

She bowed slightly, saying nothing while doing so.

"I hear the Orchard opened in my absence," Alex said immediately, not letting her feel any more awkward being in the focus. "Any sign when it will be opening next?"

"The pollen burst has been slow as of yet, your majesty," the sect leader answered. "I doubt it will open within the next year."

"I see," Alex said. "I guess I have no choice but to open it myself then."

The group present nodded. Both of them wanted to take Alex to their respective place to serve him, but Alex wanted none of that.

Instead, he decided to simply go to the orchard. He was a little too busy after all.

Arriving on top of the platform in the middle of the lake, Alex could feel the spatial pocket hiding right in front of him.

"Can you sense it?" he asked his daughter.

Ronron tried a bit, but she couldn't tell anything. "No, Spatial Sense is still off for me. I can only tell when there is a change in space or there is spatial manipulation. I can probably tell there has been a change once I'm inside though. As for being like you, I will need the Dao."

Alex nodded. "Later, after you enter the Saint realm," he said. He had explained the reason to Ronronr already so Ronron was staying passively without asking for any help.

Gaining a Dao in the True realms made you strong, but it also made breaking through difficult with the Inner Demon and the Lightning Tribulation.

At the very least, Alex did not want Ronron to learn any dao until she reached the True Emperor realm.

Alex reached out and made a cutting gesture in front of him. The space tore itself into two, opening a pathway into the orchard.

He walked into it, and looked back, keeping it open for the others to walk in. It wasn't just him or Ronron and Linlin that were going to enter the orchard, but also quite a few of the people from the Flowerhall sect and the Alchemy Association that had been ready to come here ever since Alex let them know that he was coming.

One by one people entered. Ronron and Linlin entered first, followed by the royal guard. Only after that did the members from the sect and association come in.

Harry walked in as well and greeted Alex. They talked for a while before Harry had to go and find whatever ingredients he could.

Unlike the normal openings, when Alex opened the orchard, it stayed open until he wanted to. So, if he came here for a single ingredient, then they had that amount of time to look for whatever they could find.

Alex took his time. It had been a while since he had such free time, so he spent as much time as he could on the inside, just enjoying the Forbidden Orchard.

Whisker was out as well, looking at everything around them. He spent more time with the family, so he had come here with Ronron rather than Alex. When he saw different ingredients, he jumped down to collect them from time to time.

The only person who couldn't truly see everything was Ronron, who was annoyed a bit whenever someone made any sound of getting amazed by something far away.

Alex went around with the rest, gathering what he thought was necessary, leaving the rest for Whisker to gather. He went through the field of Spirit Cleansing Lilies, went past the jungle with the Divine Devil's fruit, and arrived in the damp land next to the river where the World Defying Mushroom grew.

He kept the people far away so as to not pollute the mushroom, while he used his Space dao to cut it and gather it.

He did it slowly, taking his time. After he was done, he took a long way back to the gate and waited for people to gather. Once they were all there, he opened the spatial door once again and they all walked back out.

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