Eternal Melody-Chapter 916 My Beautiful Monster Part 17

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Chapter 916 My Beautiful Monster Part 17


Sumire felt the sound of her heart beat increase. If, this Hino person has truly been here for a few weeks only. Perhaps he knows something about her situation. He may even be the companion she was with. She would get snippets of the incident before Lucifer found her. She was with someone. From the little information Hino has let slip, he knows her. The time frame she came here and his imprisonment, it can't be a coincidence. Unfortunately as much as she wants to pry the information out of him now. That would be too much for a first meeting.

While he ate, she patches up his wounds. The entire time she felt Hino looking her up and down, not in a lecherous way. But in a concerned way. His main focus seemed to be the marks in her neck, his gaze dimming.

"It doesn't hurt you know?" Sumire finally decided to break the silence between them.

At her words Hino exhaled deeply. "Even hanyou males have their limits. That is not okay."

So, he knows about hanyous. Of course he does. The shackles Lucifer used on him are ones to bind a power users ability. He definitely isn't a hanyou, so he must be an evolved human.

"I will speak to him about it."

Hino nodded. "Please do. It's upsetting seeing you in this state."

Ah, another hint. If she wasn't sure before, she is sure now. He definitely knows who she is. What sort of role did he play in her life? How close were they? They must have been friends at least, after all- her thoughts break off hearing his cough.

Sumire bit her lip. The conditions in this place definitely isn't good for someone with his wounds.?"I-" Sumire paused.

What can she do to help him? Even if she heals his wounds, what good will it do, when Lucifer will most-likely come here and beat him up again? Maybe she can try to find out exactly why he ended up imprisoned here. But, she has a strong feeling it has something to do with her.

A thought flashed through her mind. Lucifer said she ended up getting the scar on her abdomen because someone she trusted betrayed her. Hino is someone who knew her, and he is in this state. Thump. Thump. Sumire felt her heart beat increase. Could he be the one who hurt her? It is the only thing that makes sense.

No, she can't come to that conclusion right away. After all, her so called husband is a member of the underworld. Hino might be someone from

Her thoughts break off when she feels metal brush across her cheeks. Hino was looking at her with the same concerned look.

"Your complexion looks pale. He must have drank a lot from you. You need to rest in a warm place."

Is that his way of telling her to leave already? But, she glanced at the now empty tray of food. He ate it. If he didn't like her company, he wouldn't have eaten her food.

"Can I come back here?" Sumire asked.

"Of course, I'd love to see you frequently."

Sumire paused, hearing his sudden enthusiasm. Hino is connected to her past somehow, and no matter how Lucifer claims to encourage her to regain her memories.

Hearing him cough again, Sumire feels a sharp pain in her chest. She doesn't like this. For some reason hearing him cough like this is more painful than seeing him covered in injuries. It feels like not too long ago, there was someone. Someone she cared for who must have been sick. Someone who coughed like this, like the disease would take their lives at any moment.

Sumire takes a deep breath before she slips her cloak from her shoulders and drapes it around Hino's shoulders.

"This is a woman's cloak, but it's very warm."

Lucifer said he 'found it' amongst the belongings she had on her when he found her. She doesn't remember it but it feels safe.. It feels like home.

Hino paused but nodded. "Can you promise me something before you go?"


"No matter what he tells you, please don't follow blindly and have the initiative to make your own decisions. Memories or not. You're still you Sumire."

This is the part where she ought to get angry at him, to make a fuss about him insulting Lucifer. But, Sumire has discovered that she can't do that.



His gaze fell on the woman on top of him. Soft curves against his bare skin, she was playing with his hair and explaining how her day went. Even with her omitting details, Lucifer knew she had been in the dungeon and saw Narasaki.

'I did it deliberately. I wanted Narasaki to see Sumire, to see her as my woman who is fiercely loyal to me.'

He found her in the kitchens with a dazed expression, and ended up bringing her back to their chambers. What kind of conversation did she have with Narasaki? He used his power to make sure if Narasaki tried to tell the truth, he would end up hurting himself.

He refrains from touching her too much, knowing what the consequences would be if she were to suddenly regain her memories.

"Lucifer." Sumire mumbled softly. "Can I ask some questions about us?"

So he makes up a tale. A tale of how it should have gone that night he marked her as his.

"Regardless of our past being blurry for me. I want to spend some more time together and get to know the current you."Sumire trailed off. "Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all. I was waiting for you to ask."

"But, I know you have work to do."

Lucifer shakes his head. "I can do my work anywhere."

Moreover, he caressed her cheeks and Sumire leaned into his palm causing his lips to curve into a smirk. "Are you feeling comfortable my wife?"

"Just a bit." Sumire sighed. "You already know I went into the dungeons. Why aren't you saying anything?"

"I trust you."

He always has, even when she treated him as her enemy.

"I just-I can't just leave them in that state. You understand don't you? I don't know what they have done to you. But-"

Lucifer shakes his head. "You have always been soft hearted."

Sumire sighed. "That doesn't sound like me at all. Besides, would a good person have a power this destructive?" She conjures up a small sphere of blood with her fingers. "A power like this, cannot belong to a good person."

Lucifer debated for a few minutes before adding to her words. "You also have flames."

At those words Sumire sighed again. "You see? Another power that spells destruction. I may not have my memories, Lucifer. But I do know that my hands have been stained with blood many times."

Lucifer paused. How much does she truly remember? He hasn't tried testing her memories since the first week. By the end of the first week of her stay and onto the second. He was confident that whatever she would recall would only appear as blurry memories to her.