Eternal Sacred King-Chapter 2655 - Essence Martial Grotto-heaven

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2655 Essence Martial Grotto-heaven

Under the orders of the Territorial Lords of the ten great Hell Ridges, thousands of Hell Kings soared into the air and released their Grotto-heavens.

Thousands of Grotto-heavens of various sizes were released. What kind of scene was that?

It was simply destructive!

The entire North Ridge City shook and quaked as mountains collapsed and the ground cracked!

The Hell Generals and Hell Pawns in the city did not know what had happened at all. 𝑓𝓇𝘦𝘦𝓌𝘦𝑏𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

Everyone only saw the Hell King experts rising in midair and the thousands of dark and sinister Grotto-heavens. Their faces turned pale from fear and they retreated one after another, afraid that they would be involved.

Tang Qing’er looked up at the figure who was surrounded by thousands of Hell Kings with a nervous expression.

How could he defend against thousands of Hell King experts and thousands of Grotto-heavens of various sizes?

Hell Lord Frost Springs was probably the only one who could deal with such a huge formation.

Although she knew that it was impossible, Tang Qing’er was still looking forward to a miracle.

The Martial Dao Prime Body stood in midair and sensed the thousands of Grotto-heavens of different sizes and Dharmic Daos around him. His eyes darkened and the flames burning in them burned brighter!

In order to divine and perfect the Martial Dao, the Prime Body searched everywhere for cultivation techniques and secret skills.

Now that he was in the Hell World and could not leave for the time being, he might as well study the Dharmic Dao inheritance of the Hell World!

There was nothing faster and more direct than refining the Grotto-heavens of Hell King sto come into contact with the profound Dharmic Daos of the Hell World!

“Essence Martial Grotto-heaven!”

The figure of the Martial Dao Prime Lord became indistinct and a gigantic and strange Grotto-heaven appeared around him.

The Martial Dao Prime Body referred to this dark Grotto-heaven as the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven in reference to the beginning and origin of the Martial Dao.

The Essence Martial Grotto-heaven was not the true Martial Dao Grotto-heaven.

The derivation of the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven could not be replicated and was a variable of the world. The Dao Body was the Dao Fruit and was formed after shattering the True Martial Dao Body. freew(e)bnovel

The Dharmic formulation for the next realm of the Martial Dao had yet to be established.

Due to the uniqueness of the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven, it was beyond the Three Realms so it could not grow even if it absorbed and plundered Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

In the eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body, the thousands of Grotto-heavens of various sizes and Dharmic Daos were not Grotto-heavens at all. Instead, it was like a gigantic buffet banquet for the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven!

Actually, the moment the Martial Dao Prime Body released the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven, the intense sense of danger that suddenly appeared at the Nine Firmament Meet appeared in his mind once more.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body was surrounded and had no time to care about anything else.

Ming Feng and the other experts had grim expressions when they saw the Martial Dao Prime Body release his Grotto-heaven.

If the Martial Dao Prime Lord released a perfected Grotto-heaven, the thousands of Hell Kings might not be able to gain any advantage even if they joined forces!

However, when they saw that the Martial Dao Prime Body had only released a minor Grotto-heaven, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“I was wondering who he was. So, he’s just an ordinary Hell King who condensed a minor Grotto-heaven.”

“We’re overreacting a little. Any one of the ten Territorial Lords can suppress that minor Grotto-heaven of his!”

“In my opinion, we shouldn’t be careless. This person has a powerful physique and bloodline. He even killed a few Nether King experts just now.”

Listening to the discussions around him, Ming Feng said coldly, “Kill him first and don’t let anything else happen!”


The Territorial Lords of the ten great Hell Ridges exchanged glances and raised their arms.

Under the lead of Ming Feng and the ten Territorial Lords, thousands of Grotto-heavens of various sizes emitted a terrifying aura and suppressed towards the Martial Dao Prime Body!


The figure of the Martial Dao Prime Body had already vanished completely, leaving only a dark and deep Grotto-heaven in midair.

The Essence Martial Grotto-heaven began to spin continuously, forming a gigantic vortex that tore and devoured the various Grotto-heavens that were charging over.


The major Grotto-heavens of Ming Feng and the ten Territorial Lords were the first to come into contact with the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven.

Initially, they planned to join forces to suppress the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven into nothingness in one go.

Unexpectedly, the moment their Grotto-heavens came into contact with the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven, they began to shake and the power of their Grotto-heavens drained rapidly.

They could barely even maintain their forms as Grotto-heavens and were gradually dispersing!


“This person is actually devouring the major Grotto-heavens!”

In the Hell World, if one wanted to devour and refine the power of Grotto-heavens, they could only search for some shattered fragments of Grotto-heavens and slowly digest them after a long period of cultivation.

Who would do it the same way as the Martial Dao Prime Body as though he was wolfing down a meal?!

“Swallow, swallow!”

Ming Feng and the others did not retreat or dodge at all. Instead, they revealed ferocious expressions.

“Since your appetite is so great, I’ll let you eat your fill!”

It was extremely ridiculous for a minor Grotto-heaven to devour their major Grotto-heavens to begin with.

It was like an anaconda with its mouth wide open devouring a Divine Dragon—wasn’t that nothing but a death wish of the anaconda?

Apart from their major Grotto-heavens, there were also thousands of Grotto-heavens of various sizes behind them.

The conflict between so many Grotto-heavens and Dharmic Dao inheritances was intense. Even major Grotto-heavens and perfected Grotto-heavens could not withstand it, let alone minor Grotto-heavens!

Perhaps only a pocket universe created by an Emperor realm expert could accommodate all of them.

In reality, it was as Ming Feng and the others had expected.

At the Nine Firmament Meet, the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven managed to devour the Grotto-heavens of the 19 Supreme Immortal Kings without feeling any strain.

But now that there were thousands of Grotto-heavens of various sizes, it was getting a little much for the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven to handle.

It was impossible for the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven to refine the Dharmic Dao inheritances of these Grotto-heavens instantly.

It could only temporarily accommodate the Dharmic Daos of these Grotto-heavens and would need a long time to divine, absorb and refine them.

However, there was no time for the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven to do that at all!

The vortex of the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven grew larger and larger.

However, the spinning speed became slower and slower!

If this continued, the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven would definitely explode!

Given the current methods of the Martial Dao Prime Body, it was not difficult for him to charge out against the encirclement of thousands of Hell Kings. No one could block his path.

However, that would make it difficult for him to protect the Tang family of the North Ridge.

Right then, the Martial Dao Prime Body noticed a strange fluctuation coming from the Essence Martial Grotto-heaven.

Back in Greater Avici, when he followed the guidance of the Soul Lantern, he saw an ancient mirror called the Netherworld Treasure Mirror.

The ancient mirror looked extraordinary. However, the Martial Dao Prime Body could not see anything special about it.

Strangely, the Netherworld Treasure Mirror could not be placed in his storage bag.

Therefore, the Martial Dao Prime Body placed it in his shirt for the time being.

Now that he had transformed into a Grotto-heaven, the Netherworld Treasure Mirror naturally entered his Essence Martial Grotto-heaven and floated inside.

The abnormal fluctuation came from the Netherworld Treasure Mirror!

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