Eternal Thief-Chapter 632: The Mysterious Voice

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Livia's appalled eyes were filled with killing intent as she looked at the empty crater as well as the broken formation plate.

She was the hooded figure who turned his face toward her for a moment before he blurred away!

"I'll kill you, beast!" Her eyes went bloodshot, and she hollered with boundless hatred as she shot toward the building as gray Qi oozed from her voluptuous body.

Livia's seemed to have gone completely mad as her beautiful face started to twist into strange shapes before a completely different face took its place. She was now a completely different elf with looks far inferior to Livia.

But the malice and hate in her eyes hadn't lessened a bit as her face visibly wilted and turned pale and pale. Thereby her speed sore drastically as she had achieved the speed of a middle-stage Qi Soul Manifestation Realm Expert!

Ace, who had no more intention of staying and fighting with any more soul manifestation realm experts, naturally went for the next floor's door.

He was only a few meters away from the glowing gateway before he felt his heart palpitate when he felt a terrifying aura approaching from behind.

But he didn't stop or turn around as he stopped holding back and used his full speed, but he was still far away from reaching the middle stage of the Qi Soul Manifestation realm.

Still, he was fast enough to outrun the hostile elf into the next floor gate, and he successfully entered before the woman could reach or attack him.

However, he had underestimated the woman's resolve to hack him into million pieces as she followed him into the light door without even thinking twice with hatred filled aura.

Thereby, Ace appeared in the familiar fighting hall, looking somewhat pale. He had used 98% of his heavenly Qi in a few minutes and was now exhausted mentally.

However, before he could relax, he felt alarmed and instantly turned around and saw a raging gray edge supporting terrifying intent coming toward his head!

'She followed me?!' Ace instantly guessed just who it was and felt like cursing.

But right at this moment, before he acts to block the deadly strike, the tower spirit's impassive voice rang, "Enough!"

Thereby, the gray Qi suddenly disappeared just two meters away from Ace, revealing a white spearhead filled with white runic patterns and the pale elven woman with an ashen yet rageful face holding the spear shaft.

She seemed completely stuck in her place while she trembled continuously while she gawks at Ace with thick, killing intent. She clearly wanted to poke a hole in Ace's face, and she didn't care about the tower spirit as she was fighting the suppression, but alas, she was helpless!

Ace was also astonished when saw the elven woman completely stuck in her place despite having the aura of a middle-stage soul manifestation realm. He felt a strange ghastly aura surrounding her, and he was familiar with this aura.

It was the crimson true soul's aura!

'So, this soul segment can be used like this as well.' Ace felt a chill in his spine just thinking about it and was even more vigilant toward the person behind the tower spirit who was playing this sinister game.

Ace completely ignored the woman's murderous gaze and bowed, "Thank you for your help, senior!"

"Hahahaha… splendid, truly splendid!" An elderly voice filled with a strange temperate charm guffawed at this moment in deep delight.

Ace was stunned because this voice did not belong to the tower spirit.

The woman with the spear was also shocked as clarity returned in her eyes because she was not familiar with this new voice, and she was only familiar with the Holy Spirit's voice.

"What's going on?" She couldn't help but looked toward the ceiling as she felt something was wrong there.

Ace rolled his eyes behind the mask and sneered inwardly, 'How could a race with a 'Wise' title can be so dense?'

Still, he completely hid his true thoughts and also acted surprised as he also exclaimed, "Senior, you are?"

The elderly voice answered amiably, "I'm the person who left this inheritance!"

The elven woman was shocked and even forgot about why she was there, while Ace was unimpressed.

Still, he exclaimed with respect, "S-senior, you're alive?!"

"Sigh…" The elderly voice sighed ruefully before answering, "I wish, child, I wish... I'm nothing but a wisp of Soul Intent left behind by my deceased self. I was awakened by the Holy Spirit because a worthy successor had appeared!"

"Who?!" The elven woman felt like the whole world collapsed as she looked at the 'Monster,' enlightened. She suddenly had this terrifying conjecture as her heart beat like a drum.

"I'm talking about this Human child!" The elderly voice coolly replied without hiding it, as if it wasn't a big thing.

The elven woman's whole body trembled because she knew the Elven Race's sacred realm had been infiltrated by someone from the human race without them even realizing it.

'This bastard!' Ace cursed inwardly when the voice revealed his race. He knew the other party didn't care about revealing that he wasn't some random beast created by the tower but another contender.

That's why he was afraid of this person and was treading carefully, but he knew if he wanted to get out of this tower, he had to encounter this person eventually.

"NOO… W-why?! Holy Lord, did we do something wrong? Why are you letting this Human take the place of our elves?!" The elven woman was completely paled as she expressed her plea.

The elderly voice amiably replied with a rueful sigh, "The Elven Race has already been given three chances already, but they had refused every single time. Besides, I never leave my inheritance specifically for the Elven Race.

"So, it's only natural that someone else will be given a chance if they are worthy, no matter from which race or species they belonged to. This is the way of this Holy Lord!"

The elderly voice was filled with unrefutable majesty at the end, which even made Ace's heart sway for a moment before he quickly became sober.

'He's using some trick with his voice like my soul words!' Ace feels gloomy while he pretends to be in awe like the elven woman beside him.

The elderly voice speaks again with a solemn tone, "Human Child, I have seen your performance, and it was splendid. Now I'm giving you a chance as the reward for completing the Holy Mark's trial. You can choose to refuse if you don't want to!"