Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old-Chapter 996 - : Take a Look

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Chapter 996: Take a Look

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“We can also hire people to dig the land,” Xue Dafu continued. “They’ll

definitely dig up more since they are skilled. No matter what, it’ll definitely be much more than last year. Last year, we planted five acres of wild things.

“Why don’t we leave fifty acres of land for you to plant new wild things? If fifty acres isn’t enough, our family can buy more barren land from the people,

“Although our family has a lot of land to grow, we can also hire people to plant and harvest. We can help them earn some income too.”

Jiang Yue said, “If we need more land, we’ll buy more. Let’s not reserve too much land for now. Let’s see how many acres of tomatoes, potatoes, and so on can be planted after they sprout. We’ll plant them first before planting the wild things.”

“Deal. Consider it done.” Xue Dafu chuckled.

Liu Guixia was also very happy. “You guys are really smart. We only thought about planting the wild things that we planted at home last year. We didn’t even think about digging around to see if we could grow something new.”

It was only at noon when Xue Yifu shouted at the village entrance for them to come back.

Liu Guixia asked Xue Yan to lead Jiang Yue in front, while she led the cow behind.

Xue Dafu walked at the back with the plow. He didn’t need to plow anymore, so he brought the plow and the cow home.

On the way back, they bumped into Xue Erfu.

After the two kids left for the farm, Erfu did not stay at home for long. Instead, he went to the workshop on the mountain to see how everyone was making the rice noodles today.

Ever since their familys workshop hired a lot of people, other than teaching those hired people how to make rice noodles at first, they never had to make rice noodles ever again. They let those hired people do it. At most, their family members just watched over and took care of mishaps.

It was only when they heard their eldest brother calling for dinner that Erfu came out of the workshop and wanted to go home for dinner.

The people in the workshop were also preparing to eat. The food in the workshop was already ready by the people there.

When Xue Erfu saw Xue Dafu carrying the plow on his shoulder, he immediately sped up. He came over and took the plow from his father’s shoulder, allowing him to carry it home.

After going around the river, they arrived at the stable and cowshed. Liu Guixia sent the cows into the cowshed, while Jiang Yue and Xue Yan helped to throw some fodder into the cowshed for the cows to eat.

This also saved them the trouble of herding cows.

Ever since they bought the horses, they rarely used the cows except for

plowing land. They only had to buy fodder.

In the eight villages within ten miles, whoever had fodder could sell it to their family, saving them the trouble of buying it elsewhere. Many children in the village would often cut some fresh fodder for cattle and horses to sell to their families. They could more or less earn some money doing so.

Seeing that there was still a lot of water in the cowshed, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan followed Liu Guixia out of the cowshed and went home.

Xue Erfu and Xue Dafu didn’t come to the cowshed. They went back with the plow first.

As for the stable, it was no longer the same one they had built in the beginning. It had long been expanded. It was sturdy and large. Although there were quite a few horses inside, some of them belonged to their own family, some belonged to Zi Cui and the others. When Shao Zhongxi and Qi Yin came to the village again, they would put their horses inside as well. There was plenty of fodder inside now, and there was also a lot of water in the stone trough. There was no need to worry about it.

“Xue Yan… Jiang Yue.” fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

Shao Youyue followed Li Hehua around the village before returning. When she heard that Xue Yan and Jiang Yue had returned, she did not return to her room to rest. Instead, she sat in the front yard with Li Hehua.

It was only when she saw Xue Yan return with Jiang Yue did Shao Youyue’s eyes immediately lit up. She almost called him her son. Fortunately, she changed her words in time, and Xue Dafu and the others did not hear it..

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