Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills-Chapter 341 - 56: Finally Leaving the Pass, Great Changes in the World

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Chapter 341: Chapter 56: Finally Leaving the Pass, Great Changes in the World

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The sky in the small world was endless blue.

As the snow-white figure landed, Zhao Huai outside the wooden house stared in amazement and asked incredulously:

“You are the Sword Spirit of this sword?”

The white-robed woman’s face was blurred, but one could still see the outlines of her once stunning features, with her jade-like arms and a mark shimmering on her forehead. She glanced at Zhao Huai and whispered:

“Like, very similar.”

As Zhao Huai watched the woman walk gracefully towards him, he felt a sense of inexplicable unease. However, the woman continued in a soft voice:

“I am the remnants of an Immortal Sword’s soul from the Ascension Realm. Now that you have broken through to the Rebirth Realm, you finally qualify to be my master.”

“Hold on, what is your origin in the Ascension Realm, and why do you keep appearing in my dreams?”

Zhao Huai did not make any rash moves and asked cautiously.

It’s important to know that not all Sword Spirits were good. They have each lived for thousands of years, and each one was extremely cunning. Cases of Sword Spirits devouring their masters had happened before.

The white-robed Sword Spirit had not even spoken when a humming sound came from the sky.

“Little brat, what’s going on with you? You’ve caused such a commotion!”

A huge black dragon appeared in the clouds, speaking with a human voice and questioning Zhao Huai.

“What? You actually formed a Ninth Stage Golden Core and broke through to the Rebirth Realm?!”

Ao Jiu felt Zhao Huai’s aura, his dragon eyes widened in surprise.

He thought this was an impossible feat.

But Zhao Huai actually did it.

Could it be that their wager would end in his failure?


Suddenly, Ao Jiu noticed the figure of the white-robed woman, and while he was secretly puzzled, a skyward sword qi shot towards him.

The sword qi intertwined with the spiritual qi, and Ao Jiu felt a cold breeze on his back. The source of power was evidently the white-robed woman in front of him.

He instantly felt his scalp tingle, and his massive dragon tail swung out to counter the sword qi, but the next moment, the woman had already arrived above his head.

She swung the dark green immortal sword.


A bloody sword mark appeared on his black scales.

Ao Jiu, as a Demon Emperor, was unable to block a single slash from the woman.

Feeling the white-robed woman’s killing intent, Ao Jiu’s heart shuddered.

He had no idea where she came from, but he found her swordsmanship somewhat familiar.

“This sword qi… was passed down from Ancestor Yan Zu five hundred years ago.”

Ao Jiu’s dragon face was extremely solemn.

“The demon dragon deserves to die.”

Transforming into a ray of light, the white-robed woman attacked the black dragon once more.

Zhao Huai, who was on the ground, couldn’t help but try to stop her, “I still have a great use for this dragon, stop!”

Hearing this, the white-robed woman finally stopped, but the sword power in her hand had already scared Ao Jiu out of his wits.

He was a Demon Emperor in the Eighth Realm with a cultivation level of ten thousand years, yet he was no match for a mere Sword Spirit?

Ao Jiu speculated that the woman must have been acquainted with Ancestor Yan Zu five hundred years ago, and their relationship was deep.

Right now, in order to survive, he had no choice but to yield.

“Thank you for sparing my life, Celestial Immortal!”

He could not help but submit, as the origin of this Sword Spirit was too terrifying. He had a vague feeling that this immortal sword had been used by a certain immortal in the heavens.

“I can spare your life.” The white-robed woman’s expressionless face spoke softly, putting away her sword:

“Open your mind and sign the agreement.”

“With him.”

The woman pointed directly at Zhao Huai and said.


Ao Jiu hesitated for a moment, then stayed in place.

It seemed she wanted him to submit completely and become their pawn?

In that case, wouldn’t he be their mount?Zhao Huai stepped forward and slightly understood after hearing these words.

He knew her intention.

The several immortal swords that followed him from the sword pavilion showed great progress, and the dark green immortal sword had the highest affinity among them.

It seems that the Sword Spirit has experienced something and knows a lot.

However, with such a powerful strength, how could a remnant soul be trapped in the immortal sword?

Zhao Huai didn’t dare to think about how powerful the enemy she faced was.

He looked at Ao Jiu and said with a smile:

“You are trapped here and your abilities are useless. Why don’t you sign a contract with me and continue the power of Xuanqiong together?”

Ao Jiu gritted his teeth and said: “I have been sealed by Ancestor Yan Zu for hundreds of years, and now I have to be your mount. How can I accept this?”

Facing the sword power of the white-robed woman, he still said this out loud.

“The ultimate goal of cultivation is to live in leisure. If you hold on to grudges, you can only stay in this small world for the rest of your life. Let me tell you, I have broken through to the Rebirth Realm, and the metamorphosis stage is not far away. Either become my mount or live alone for the rest of your life.”

Zhao Huai crossed his arms and reached out a hand to the small world, smiling as he gestured.

Black dragon Ao Jiu was silent for a long time and didn’t say anything.

Looking at the expressionless white-robed woman, he felt a little frightened.

After a long time, he finally gave an answer.

“Alright, I agree. However, I have a life too, so there can’t be any abusive rules in the contract, and you can’t ask me to go to my death.”

The white-robed woman faintly said:

“As a prisoner, you have no choice or qualification to negotiate terms.”

Zhao Huai felt the great pressure from the sword aura of the white-robed woman, thinking that she truly regarded herself as the master. If she turned against the sword owner, it would probably be easy for her.


Zhao Huai and Ao Jiu each opened their minds, accompanied by the twinkling stars, outlining invisible rules. As Heaven and Earth bore witness, the contract was completed.

Zhao Huai left a soul mark in the mind of Ao Jiu.

If Ao Jiu wanted to kill him or had some sinister thoughts, Zhao Huai could disperse his dragon soul with just a single thought.

Everything was completed.

The white-robed woman looked at Zhao Huai, reached out her hand, and couldn’t help but touch his clean face, her eyes flashing with reminiscence.


Zhao Huai looked puzzled. 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚

“It doesn’t matter who I am. All you need to know is that I will accompany you until the day you ascend.”

The ethereal and cold voice sounded, and the white-robed Sword Spirit left these words and quickly disappeared into the dark green immortal sword.

It seemed that coming out for a while was extremely exhausting.

Zhao Huai pondered for a moment, looked at the hesitant black dragon Ao Jiu, and said with a light smile:

“Don’t worry, following me will not treat you badly.”

“You want immortal medicine to recover from your injuries, right? Here you go!”

After saying that, Zhao Huai took out a white peach immortal fruit from the black ring and threw it to Ao Jiu.

Ao Jiu was just thinking about how to bring it up, but in a blink of an eye, the immortal fruit was in his hands. He saw him snort coldly and said:

“Don’t think a single immortal fruit can buy me over!”

Zhao Huai smiled, not caring, and then muttered to himself:

“It’s been thirty years, it’s time to leave seclusion.”

The spiritual stones he had stored for a long time were almost used up, and he couldn’t even take out a single one now.

With a dizzying sensation, Zhao Huai appeared in the tranquil mountains and wilderness.

He climbed to the top of the mountain and looked at the neatly arranged and symmetrical Imperial Palace. His Divine Insight spread out immediately.

After breaking through to the Rebirth Realm, the range of his Divine Insight had advanced rapidly, and it was wide enough to cover a large city in just a few steps.

Now, the entire Imperial Palace of the Xia was quiet, but there were much fewer troops in the city than before.

Zhao Huai didn’t know how many years had passed, but he could sense that someone was not present in his Divine Insight.

“Is Madam not in the Imperial City?”

Zhao Huai’s mind was in chaos. Many buildings in the Imperial City had changed, the Imperial Guards guarding the Imperial City had been replaced, some shops had closed, but the number of cultivators had grown a lot.

So, how long exactly had he cultivated?