Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 1970 - Su Han! What Do You Mean?

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1970 Su Han! What Do You Mean?

Many precious plant-type feys were growing in the garden that Lin Yuan longed to own.

By the time Su Han arrived, he noticed that there was a group of people crowding around Lin Yuan.

The young man dressed in silver armor was keeping the crowd a meter away from Lin Yuan.

Besides the young man in silver armor, Yi Huailong was standing the closest to Lin Yuan. It was as though they were protecting Lin Yuan together.

Su Han thought, No wonder Young Master Chu managed to get into the Crown Wood Banquet without me with him. He came with the Yi family!

Su Han had always looked down on the Yi family, but he knew that Yi Huailong was intelligent.

From the way he was trying to recruit Lin Yuan, it seemed that he had not given up on his dream of enabling the Yi family to prosper.

A cold smile spread across Su Han’s face.

After their plan to get rid of the Yang family, the Su family was going to move on to eliminate the Bai and Yi families after a short period of rest.

Although Yi Huailong was not impressively powerful, he was smarter than the head of the Bai family and was much harder to deal with.

Su Han took a deep breath and walked over to where Lin Yuan was.

Presently, Lin Yuan was much too radiant.

The white spirit qi clothes he was wearing looked simple, but anyone with a discerning eye could tell that they were made from the fur of the Myth White Plum Flood Deer.

The White Plum Flood Deer was around the height of an adult man, at around two meters tall. It had enough fur on its body to create exactly one set of spirit qi clothes.

It was a luxury to be able to use the fur of a Myth Breed fey to create spirit qi clothes. Not even Su Han could bear to part with so much money for the clothes he wore.

There were dark silver patterns branded on the white deer skin.

When Su Han drew close, he noticed that there were many pearl chains with a diameter of two millimeters around the dark silver patterns. All of the pearls were made of jade-textured silver sandalwood.

Su Han had heard that Lin Yuan once wore a set of spirit qi clothes made from the fur of the Crimson Back Leaping Antelope.

When he thought about how Lin Yuan was dressed and how Di Wanmi had not resisted last night and allowed herself to be taken prisoner, Su Han could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.

He realized that every time Lin Yuan wore different spirit qi clothes, he would still have the blue and gold tablet hanging on his waist.

After thinking for a while, Su Han broke through the crowd and said, “Young Master Chu! We agreed to come to the Crown Wood Banquet together! Why did you arrive before me? I see that you must have used the Bronze/Epic Item-Storing Walnuts to trade with other families. The Su family also wishes to discuss a trade with you. However, what we want is not the Item-Storing Walnuts but the tablet hanging on your waist—”

Su Han did this because he wanted to test Lin Yuan’s attitude toward him to get a better sense of Lin Yuan’s capabilities.

But before he finished speaking, the young man wearing silver armor standing next to Lin Yuan scoffed coldly. He raised his finger and pointed in the air.

The strange bracelet around the silver armor-wearing young man’s face suddenly transformed into an enormous hive-like nest.

The enormous hive-like nest released numerous types of insect-species feys. All of them had reached Diamond X/Fantasy V, and the aura they released could threaten even Myth Breed feys. It was possible that a Myth I fey would lose to the insect-species feys in one-on-one fights.

This sudden change caused numerous people to let out gasps of shock.

Su Han had not expected something he said to test Lin Yuan would result in such a violent reaction.

When he sensed the murderous aura from the young man wearing silver armor, Su Han had no doubt if he uttered another word, the insects would instantly swarm and drown him.

Given Su Han’s power, he had no reason to fear the insects.

Liu Jie’s power floored Su Han.

Liu Jie looked to only be around 20 years old. Yet, he could produce combat power that surpassed that of emperor-class experts in an instant.

There were no such young elites in the Divine Wood Federation, yet such a person was Lin Yuan’s retainer.

Moreover, Su Han could sense an aura akin to that of Lin Yuan’s blue and gold tablet from the suspended nest.

This aura had a hint of the aura of sacred source lifeforms but lacked the usual fury.

Although there were no Class 5 Creation Masters in the Divine Wood Federation, there were Immortal experts. Experts with such power were capable of entering Class 5 dimensional rifts to obtain sacred source lifeforms.

Su Han’s soul was still not strong enough for him to contract a sacred source lifeform.

However, his two older brothers and great-grandparents had contracted sacred source lifeforms, and there was no way Su Han would mistake the aura of sacred source lifeforms.

This made Su Han recall the legend that Class 5 Creation Masters could turn the bodies of sacred source lifeforms into precious instruments.

Clearly, the nest in the air and Lin Yuan’s blue and gold tablets were both precious instruments.

It was normal for Sky Creation to have precious instruments since they had a Class 5 Creation Master.

However, when his great-grandfather checked on Di Wanmi’s condition yesterday night, he found that she was lacking in spiritual power, and it would be extremely different for her to even concoct spirit fluids.

Her condition was very similar to that of Yi Huailu, the Yi family’s pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master, but she was in a much worse state than he was.

Could such a Class 5 Creation Master truly have the ability to create precious instruments?

It would have been acceptable if only Lin Yuan had a precious instrument. But even the retainer who accompanied him had one.

Were precious instruments really so cheap?

One should always have basic knowledge.

The Divine Wood Federation had three of the Island Whales and had traded with the neighboring Clean Burning Federation, Abyss Sea Federation, and slightly further Sand Island Continent.

The Sand Island Continent had Class 5 Creation Masters and had even initiated trades with the Divine Wood Federation using the Island Whales a few times.

During one of these trades, the Yang family had used numerous resources to trade for two precious instruments with the Sand Island Continent. Now, these two precious instruments were the Yang family’s treasures.

The most valuable resources traded between federations with Class 5 Creation Masters were precious instruments. This was because it was challenging for even Class 5 Creation Masters to create one precious instrument.

Both Liu Jie and Lin Yuan’s precious weapons caused chills to run up Su Han’s back.

There was no way that Di Wanmi had created them in her injured state.

Su Han felt that he needed to do further testing!

The Su family would be doomed if Sky Creation turned out to have secret weapons that they had not revealed yet.

If that were the case, it would be better for them to apologize to Sky Creation.

But before Su Han could ask anything else, Yi Huailong snarled, “Su Han! What do you mean? Young Master Chu is an honored guest of the Yi family and the rest of the families present. What if Young Master Chu is angered by your request for something on his body and rejects our trades of high-quality Bronze Item-Storing Walnuts?”