Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2162 - Dead Masters and Servants!

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2162 Dead Masters and Servants!
The contents of the first brocade box had allowed Lin Yuan to win Weng Queji’s sincerity.

But this second box allowed Weng Queji to see the benefit of submitting to Lin Yuan as well as the warmth of being part of Sky City.

Weng Queji remembered Lin Yuan saying that he was going to use the Grade 4 and 5 spirit fluids to nurture his subordinates.

The way that Lin Yuan was willing to use Grade 4 and 5 spirit fluids on his subordinates showed how generous he was to those under him.

Weng Queji reached out and took hold of the third brocade box. It was clearly larger than the second brocade box.

When Weng Queji opened the third brocade box, he was greeted by a small crystal bottle that was about half the size of a palm.

The crystal bottle was full of an amber fluid that resembled honey.

Weng Queji opened the cap of the crystal bottle and examined it closely. Soon, his jaw dropped again.

It could be said that he had been shocked more times after meeting Lin Yuan than he had been in his entire career as a Class 5 Creation Master.

Weng Queji was not aware of the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia, of which there were only two in the world. However, he could sense the effectiveness of the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar.

Very few items in the world could cleanse a body of all its impurities.

The Moon Empress was the only one in the Radiance Federation with such an item.

Although Chef Supreme and the Bamboo Monarch were also Class 5 Creation Masters, they still had to seek the Moon Empress out when they wanted to cleanse the impurities from their disciples’ bodies.

Since this was the case for the Class 5 Creation Masters in one of the three major federations, the nomad Weng Queji did not even need to be mentioned.

The crystal bottle was filled to the brim with the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. There was enough to thoroughly cleanse the bodies of two people.

It was clear that Lin Yuan had taken Weng Baochuan into consideration.

Parents were always more grateful to those who were kind to their children than if they were to be on the receiving end themselves.

This was exactly how Weng Queji was feeling.

After a person’s body was cleansed of impurities, they would be able to contract most source-type items.

There were many source-type items that had strict conditions for the quality of their contractors’ bodies.

Weng Baochuan would have his pick of source-type items and could perfectly make up for his lacking combat abilities.

Weng Queji was speechless at the contents of the three brocade boxes.

It seemed that all he could do to repay Lin Yuan was work to the best of his abilities.

They were currently on the way to Clean Brahma City so healing Freezing Elephant’s roots now would attract a lot of attention.

It would be better to wait until they settled into Clean Brahma City.

When they arrived at Clean Brahma City, Jin Qianxun immediately asserted his status as king and took over the imperial court, which the Truth Association had previously occupied.

The Jin family had over 300 direct descendants and more than 10,000 collateral descendants. More than 300,000 guards and servants attended to the Jin family.

With so many collateral descendants, guards, and servants, the Great Lush Federation’s imperial court quickly became spick and span.

All of the secret aristocratic families had been forbidden from entering the Truth Association’s territory. Not even Jin Qianding had ever entered.

Jin Qianxun was very curious about this place.

When he pushed open the bronze gates and stepped into the area that had been exclusive to the Truth Association, Jin Qianxun was greeted by a peculiar bronze tower.

There were 37 people lying by the tower’s feet.

From the way that the 37 corpses were positioned, one could tell that the leader had been standing while the other 36 had been kneeling.
There was blood seeping out of all of their orifices.

This was clearly the case of dead masters and servants.

Jin Qianxun did not know that Fifth Page Truth had been the leader of the Truth Association, nor was he aware of the existence of Tower Canon.

However, Jin Qianxun knew that all of these dead people had sworn their loyalty to the head of the tower, just like his first brother had.

Jin Qianxun did not know if he should get this place cleaned up.

He might end up damaging or losing something that Lin Yuan needed.

Jin Qianxun immediately sent a message to Lin Yuan through the Thoughts Letter Paper.

When Lin Yuan received the message, he immediately took Liu Jie and Su Yiren with him to the Great Lush Federation’s imperial court.

Lin Yuan had heard the Moon Empress and Purple Love mention that Tower Canon had gotten its name from the bronze towers that each of the Eight Pages presided over.

Lin Yuan believed that Fifth Page Truth’s light bronze tower had to contain at least one of Tower Canon’s secrets.

He had already looked inside Fifth Page Truth’s spatial equipment. There were at least three times the number of resources within it than there were in the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court.

It was likely that there was also a fair amount of resources within Fifth Page Truth’s subordinates’ spatial equipment.

Lin Yuan was very enthusiastic when it came to gathering resources.

If he was not as active as he was, he would not be able to support Sky City.

It was difficult to raise a family! All the required resources had to be gathered!

Everything that Jin Qianxun had came from Lin Yuan. He respected and felt more affection for Lin Yuan than he did for his dead parents.

Despite being the ruler of the Great Lush Federation, Jin Qianxun personally greeted Lin Yuan at the entrance of the imperial court.

Although many of the Jin family’s collateral descendants and servants stared at him confusedly, Jin Qianxun did not care.

Since he had led the Jin family into the Great Lush Federation’s imperial court, Jin Qianxun was now the most venerated individual in the Jin family’s history.

But Jin Qianxun cared more about how Lin Yuan saw him than maintaining his reputation in front of others.

Jin Qianxun had brought with him all of the resources that he had prepared and immediately handed them over to Lin Yuan when they met.

When Lin Yuan looked through them, he saw that Jin Qianxun had gathered more resources than the Yang family had when they were in charge of the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court.

This was unsurprising.

A likely explanation was that Fifth Page Truth’s envoys had taken most of the Yang family’s resources back to the Truth Association.

Jin Qianxun had been increasingly feeling like he was of no use to Lin Yuan. As a result, he felt increasingly less confident standing by Lin Yuan’s side.

Jin Qianxun had come up with an idea while he was on the way to Clean Brahma City.

He felt that it was time for him to tell Lin Yuan about that idea.

This was the best chance for him to demonstrate his loyalty.

Jin Qianxun gnashed his teeth and said, “Lord Lin Yuan, I intend to gather the resources from all of the Great Lush Federation’s families’ treasure vaults and give them to you!

“You spoke with me about the Great Lush Federation’s development issue. All of the Great Lush Federation’s families are now under my control and have no authority of their own. They might end up undisciplined again like they were under the Truth Association’s rule.”