Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2183 - The Perfect Touch Wisteria in Human Form!

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2183 The Perfect Touch Wisteria in Human Form!

If the Perfect Touch Wisteria slammed any of its vines down on the ground, it would leave a deep crater and produce powerful quakes.

The change in its size was only the beginning of the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s transformation.

A large bundle of plants appeared at the center of the eight vines.

As the vines continuously absorbed the spirit qi and Soldier Ration Radish sap, it started to grow rapidly.

The appearance of the bundle of plants appeared to be covered by a thick wooden-textured skin.

The bundle seemed to be an added base for the Perfect Touch Wisteria.

As a vine-species plant-type fey, the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s roots were not long.

But with the appearance of this bundle of plants, the Perfect Touch Wisteria could remain securely nailed to the ground.

Numerous long wispy roots sprouted from the bundle of plants and pierced the ground.

Several bitter gourd-shaped fruits appeared around where the wispy roots sprouted.

The fruits were where the Perfect Touch Wisteria stored its energy.

It could absorb the fruits through the wispy roots to last longer during combat.

This change fully made up for the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s weakness during terrestrial combat.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria’s eight vines were also covered with a tough wooden exterior.

There were pleats on the surface of the vine that were unique to the exterior of vine-species plants.

These pleats were all lethal weapons during combat.

Although the pleats did not appear large, one touch would be enough to realize that they were half a meter thick.

While the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s vines were moving about, the pleats were no different from study cleavers.

When Lin Yuan thought that the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s transformation was complete and prepared to test out its new exclusive skill, a soft and coiled stem grew out from the strange bundle of plants.

The stem was only around two to three meters tall and was fully eclipsed by the eight vines.

If Lin Yuan was not the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s contractor, he would not be able to tell anything special from its appearance.

After the stem grew out, the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s transformation was complete.

When he heard the Perfect Touch Wisteria communicating with him using spiritual energy, Lin Yuan smiled and replied, “Perfect Touch Wisteria, continue absorbing the rest of the spirit qi! I will provide you with more of the Soldier Ration Radishes. Once you reach Myth III, you’ll be able to change into human form and communicate with me using your natural ornaments.”

After a few squeals of joy from the Perfect Touch Wisteria, it went back to absorbing the spirit qi.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan examined the new exclusive skill that the Perfect Touch Wisteria gained when it evolved to Myth Breed.

The exclusive skill by the name of Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn caused Lin Yuan to purse his lips.

But, his pursed lips were also slightly upturned, an indication of his uncontrollable delight.

The exclusive skill Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn would allow the energy within the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s vines to gather at a certain spot in the vines.

An illusionary spike consisting of energy would grow out from the spot where the energy was gathered.

This exclusive skill gave the Perfect Touch Wisteria a technique to explosively use its energy.

There was no question that the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s nurturing direction involved allowing it to absorb the best entities through Swallow Same Source.

With such a method of nurturing, it was only natural that the Perfect Touch Wisteria would be able to roll grades to fight.

But the Perfect Touch Wisteria could already roll grades to fight. But with Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn, it had gained an even stronger combat technique.

Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn broke the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s obstacle of only being able to use Normal abilities.

Lin Yuan found it difficult to imagine how powerful the Perfect Touch Wisteria would become when it used the vine that had absorbed the dark gold snake scale to shoot out the illusionary spikes. Please visit fr𝗲𝚎w𝒆𝚋𝘯𝚘ѵel. c𝗼𝐦

The advantages of Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn did not only come from it being able to release energy explosively but more so that the spikes were undetectable and could escape sensing. This meant that they would be difficult to dodge.

In a battle between feys, energy-exploding techniques had their drawbacks. After all, the amount of energy within a fey’s body was limited.

The biggest fear that feys had when using exploding energy techniques was that they would miss their target.

Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn had a high possibility of hitting its mark.

While Lin Yuan was in the throes of happiness, the Perfect Touch Wisteria went through two more World Cleansings and absorbed two more World Graces.

After absorbing two of the World Graces, the Perfect Touch Wisteria expanded again.

However, the stem that grew at the center of the Perfect Touch Wisteria did not change visibly even after absorbing two World Graces.

Lin Yuan thought, It looks like this stem will only grow again once the Perfect Touch Wisteria evolves to Creation Breed.

There were very few flowering vine-species plants.

However, the flowers of flowering vine-species feys were always the core of that vine-species plant-type fey.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria was about to undergo the Myth III World Cleansing.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria continued to use the vine that had absorbed the dark gold snake scale to defend against the snow falling from the sky.

After the Perfect Touch Wisteria absorbed the last World Grace, its enormous body shimmered and turned illusionary.

The burgeoning vitality sounded like rushing water.

When the dark green wood-elemental energy transpired, the bitter scent of vine-species feys permeated the entire martial arts hall.

Finally, the massive Perfect Touch Wisteria turned into a girl who was around 1.75 meters tall and wearing a dark green dress.

The human who the Perfect Touch Wisteria transformed into was not considered beautiful amongst the feys in human form who Lin Yuan had encountered in the past.

Still, she had a charming and languid aura hanging off of her.

With its aura, the Perfect Touch Wisteria had a certain elegance in human form.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria gently lifted its hand, dipped its slender green nail polish-tipped fingers into the illusionary figure, and pulled out a long dark green whip.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria gently twisted the long whip around its waist.

With the long whip pulling at its dress, the Perfect Touch Wisteria appeared even more charming than before.

It could be said that the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s human form was that of a beautiful and charming mature lady.

Its features were not overly dainty, and its aura raised its beauty even higher.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria was not done absorbing all of the spirit qi in the surroundings.

Since the Perfect Touch Wisteria still needed to absorb the spirit qi, the losses would be incalculable if the spirit qi dissipated.