Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2508 - Abyss Red Lotus: Lotus Locks the World!

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2508 Abyss Red Lotus: Lotus Locks the World!
Time passed by very quickly in the dimensional world. A year was no different to a day to regular humans in the main world.

Lin Yuan had already used the Abyss Red Lotus’ exclusive skill Lotus Locks the World to take over the marsh and water worlds.

Lin Yuan could use the Abyss Red Lotus’ ability Hellfire Application to fill his body with the water world and marsh world’s energy and boost himself.

Lin Yuan had only ever demonstrated his ability to boost dimensional lifeforms to the Dictators who were under him. He had yet to demonstrate his true power.

Lin Yuan felt that it was time for him to find the opportunity to demonstrate his power as this would help him to establish his might amongst the Samsara Realm Dictators of the four dimensional worlds. He would then be able to truly scare them into submission.

Lin Yuan was also very curious about the Abyss Red Lotus’ power and wanted to find the opportunity to test it out.

Eternal Source had been watching the Earth Ancestral Palace almost unblinkingly for almost two weeks as he continuously inspected the concentration of the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators’ auras.

Despite the fact that nothing out of the ordinary had happened, Eternal Source still treated his task with extreme seriousness as he was afraid of betraying Lin Yuan’s trust.

Eternal Source had only been able to reach the Afterlife Realm with Lin Yuan’s help. If he had depended solely on himself, the only result would have been failure.

The consequences were unthinkable once a dimensional lifeform failed to break through to a higher level. They would be considered lucky if they got off with just serious injuries.

Hence, Eternal Source felt that Lin Yuan had given him a new lease on life.

But given the fact that Lin Yuan possessed more resources and power than him, Eternal Source had no idea how to repay him. All he could do was use the simplest method of doing his best in the tasks that Lin Yuan gave him.

Suddenly, Eternal Source noticed that one of the life forces he had placed a mark on had disappeared from within the Earth Ancestral Palace.
This meant that a Turning Wheel Realm Dictator had just lost its life in the Earth Ancestral Palace.

If the lifeform was only seriously injured but not dead, the fire of life would not have dissipated so quickly.

Eternal Source remembered Lin Yuan telling him that he could act immediately if anything unusual happened in the Earth Ancestral Palace.

When Eternal Source was about to issue an order to the Samsara Realm Dictators loyal to Lin Yuan, the latter suddenly appeared next to him.

Since Lin Yuan was there, it was only natural for Eternal Source to hand over the yoke of authority.

Eternal Source hurriedly told Lin Yuan everything that had just happened.

Lin Yuan turned and saw that all of the Samsara Realm Dictators he had dispatched had returned to their positions and barked, “Go and surround the Earth Ancestral Palace. Eternal Source, you will lead the way!”

While he spoke, black wings gently flapped behind him, and he flew up to land on the Abyss Great Emperor’s palm.

In order to save time, the best course of action would be to use force to conquer the subterranean world.

Even if the Earth’s Sacred Fruit had yet to ripen, Lin Yuan could just find a way to ripen it using resources.

Lin Yuan possessed significant resources, such as pure spirit qi and various types of elemental energy, which did not exist in the subterranean world.

Besides various minerals, the subterranean world only had faith power and source-type power.

The mineral rocks in the mines that had even a small amount of earth-elemental energy were always treasured by the dimensional lifeforms.

Lin Yuan might just possess the resources that could ripen the Earth’s Sacred Fruit and enable Lin Yuan to gain another two Afterlife Realm experts.

The Earth’s Sacred Fruit might not be enough to enable a pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictator to reach the Afterlife Realm, but Lin Yuan also had an almost endless supply of pure source-type energy.

The pure source-type energy might be the push the pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators needed to reach the Afterlife Realm successfully.

Eternal Source and the other Samsara Realm Dictators had the impression that Lin Yuan preferred strategy over strength. He rarely employed methods of force.

Lin Yuan’s overbearingness caused the Dictators who had grown up amidst war and battle to feel a passion they had not felt in a long time.

On Lin Yuan’s order, Eternal Source and the other Samsara Realm Dictators unleashed their auras.

Their auras were like an apocalyptic storm that crashed down on the Earth Ancestral Palace. The lifeforms in the Earth Ancestral Palace had no time to react at all.

Although there were a few pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators in the Earth Ancestral Palace, they were still imprisoned by the auras of the tens of Samsara Realm Dictators.

There was immediate pushback from the Earth Ancestral Palace, but it failed to break through the prison of auras.

However, Eternal Source noticed that the marks he had placed on the auras of Turning Wheel Realm Dictators were still disappearing one after another.

This immediately caused Eternal Source to think back to the guess that Lin Yuan had made based on Lhalu’s description.

The Samsara Realm Dictators from the Earth Ancestral Palace had gathered so many Turning Wheel Realm Dictators to sacrifice them and quicken the ripening of the Earth’s Sacred Fruit.

“Lord Lin Yuan, although we have used our auras to lock up the Earth Ancestral Palace, the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators’ auras are still disappearing. Do you think—”

Before Eternal Source could finish speaking, Lin Yuan instructed the Abyss Red Lotus to use Lotus Locks the World and combine the water world and marsh world’s energy with himself through Hellfire Application.

The Abyss Red Lotus’ Diamond Hellfire Application ability could not only inject energy into Lin Yuan’s body, but the Abyss Red Lotus would also gain the energy.

The dimensional lifeforms were also a part of the dimensional world.

In an instant, Lin Yuan’s aura surpassed that of Eternal Source and the other Samsara Realm Dictators and reached a level that terrified Eternal Source.

When Eternal Source sensed Lin Yuan’s aura, he could not be certain if Lin Yuan had reached the Afterlife Realm.

The Abyss Red Lotus’ roots burst forth from the ground like spikes. They were also like tentacles that tightly wrapped around the Earth Ancestral Palace’s structure.

As the roots moved, the enormous structure that had stood in the subterranean world for many years was slowly peeled apart like an orange by the Abyss Red Lotus’ roots as they searched for the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators within.

If they encountered any resistance or obstacles, the roots would immediately turn into chains that restrained the resisting Dictators.

Lin Yuan’s sudden demonstration of absolute power swiftly took control of the scene.

The three pinnacle Samsara Realm Dictators Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow were now akin to fruits in a farm dangling off the Abyss Red Lotus’ roots. They swayed according to the roots’ movements and did not have the imposing auras of the leaders of the Earth Ancestral Palace at all.

The ceremony they had been preparing to crown themselves seemed like a joke now.