Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2926 - : Arrival of the Faerie Institution!

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Chapter 2926 - 2926: Arrival of the Faerie Institution!

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The entire sky suddenly darkened. However, what caused the sky to darken was not the thick rain clouds, but the monstrous yellow sand that covered the sky.

The yellow sand emitted a thunderous aura, but it did not affect the environment at all. On the contrary, it had a certain nourishing effect on the


The factions that dealt with the faeries in the East Universe were no strangers to this monstrous yellow sand. This was the ability of one of the higher faeries stationed in the East Universe by the Faerie Institution. This higher faerie had already lived for three eras and was exceptionally powerful. It was said that this higher faerie was formed from a desert and was one of the few intermediate faeries who were good at attacking.

The major factions present looked at the yellow sand in shock. They did not expect the Faerie Institution to arrive so quickly. Unfortunately, if the people from the Faerie Institution had arrived a moment earlier, Emerald Lady would not have been taken away by the snowflakes.

The fact that the Emerald Lady was taken away by the snowflakes in front of so many people was unbelievable to the Faerie Institution. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it.

The lingering aura of the Emerald Lady remained, though her presence was no longer there. The people from the Faerie Institution would definitely vent their anger on the factions present. The only way for the major factions present to save themselves was to flee in all directions.

It was unlikely that there would be too many people from the Faerie

Institution. It seemed like there would only be two higher faeries at most.

The Faerie Institution had no way of keeping everyone here, hence if any one got caught by them, it would be purely bad luck on their part. Not only would they be unlucky, but their faction would also suffer fierce retaliation from the Faerie Institution.

Among the factions present, none were in a more awkward position than the Evil Forest Tiger. If the other five branches of the Evil Forest Tiger hadn’t emerged just now, only one branch of the Evil Tiger Forest would be present, and they would still have a chance of escaping amidst the chaos. Now that the Evil Forest Tiger’s six branches were all gathered here, the chances of escaping were minuscule. As long as one of them was captured by the Faerie Institution, the entire Evil Forest Tiger would not be able to escape punishment.

In the Sky Beyond the Clouds, it was not difficult to find the faction behind an individual because it often had ties to the individual’s bloodline. It was precisely because of this reason that the experts from the major factions present were so flustered. Compared to their own deaths, these experts were more afraid that the species and factions behind them would be implicated.

The originally condensed yellow sand in the sky fell like raindrops. Every lifeform present seemed instinctively drawn to the sand, much like magnets. The yellow sand formed a layer of sand on the surface of these lifeforms, directly imprisoning them on the spot. However, the yellow sand did not stop moving. It would flow into the bodies of these lifeforms through their pores and seven apertures, cutting off their vitality from the inside out. The method was abnormally ruthless. This was in line with the Faerie Institution’s attitude toward those factions and individuals who posed a threat to the Faerie Institution or the faeries.

In the sky, a handsome male faerie with short yellow hair was furiously urging the rain of sand to descend. The reason why the sandstorm covered such a wide area was because this male faerie had activated his roots right from the start,

increasing the destructive power of the sand rain through his bloodline.

From the very beginning, this male faerie harbored the intention of killing everyone present who dared to target Emerald Lady. However, his expression gradually became solemn because he realized that he couldn’t sense the Emerald Lady’s existence. The atmosphere there clearly still had the dense aura of the Emerald Lady. She was about to face the Heaven’s Trial and transform her bloodline into an intermediate faerie.

Regardless of whether Emerald Lady was dead or had fallen into the hands of some faction, both outcomes deeply agitated Sand Abyss, causing him to be on the verge of going berserk.

At this moment, a figure out of thin air appeared beside Sand Abyss. The figure emanated an abnormally thick aura, like a lofty mountain. The aura emanating from this figure was different from the vibrant vitality exuded by Emerald Lady. It was heavy and suppressive, like a desolate mountain.

“Sand Abyss, when we do things in the East Universe, we have to take into account the reputation of the Supreme Palace. It’s not appropriate for you to activate your root power. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of kilometers will turn into a desert within seven years. Countless lifeforms will perish because of you. This goes against the standards of conduct upheld by our Faerie Institution.

“Emerald Lady and I are transformed from natural landscapes of the same kind. Although we represent two extremes, I can investigate Emerald Lady and confirm her current situation. She was besieged by so many factions present, and she had also used her root power to manifest her faerie statue.”

“Emerald Lady’s lifespan has likely reached its end. You should grieve but not excessively. At this crucial moment, for Emerald Lady to continue depleting her root power solely for the sake of the heavenly pool that she nurtured back then is an exceedingly irresponsible and willful act. As an adult faerie, she has to pay the price for her decision. This does not just apply to Emerald Lady, but also us.”

This was the first time Sand Abyss had heard his old friend Deep Mountain speak so much. Sand Abyss understood very well that Deep Mountain had done so to comfort him. Deep Mountain knew about his relationship with Emerald Lady. It could be said that Emerald Lady had grown up under Sand Abyss’s protection. From the moment Emerald Lady become a faerie, Sand Abyss had fallen in love with her at first sight. Due to Sand Abyss strong desire to control, he also possessed a strong desire to control Emerald Lady, whom he had fallen in love with at first sight.

Even the heavenly pool that Emerald Lady had always cherished and nurtured within herself made Sand Abyss dissatisfied. Sand Abyss regretted interfering with Emerald Lady back then. If he hadn’t interfered, Emerald Lady might not have ended up like this.

“Deep Mountain, you have to help me find traces of the Emerald Lady. I don’t believe that these people here can kill her in such a short period of time. They don’t have it in them. As long as I find traces of Emerald Lady, I’ll help her complete her transformation even if I have to expend my root power!”

Deep Mountain’s expression darkened, “Sand Abyss, as one of the five envoys of the Faerie Institution stationed in the East Universe, your actions are jeopardizing your own interests. It doesn’t conform to the development guidelines of the Faerie Institution. You should know very well how much root power you need to use to help Emerald Lady survive the Heaven’s Trial if she’s really still alive.

“In the short term, the effects of consuming these roots may not be evident. However, when you have the next opportunity to transform your bloodline, it will pose a barrier, hindering your potential for further evolution in the future. Our Faerie Institution set such rules because we have too many precedents. It’s best if you don’t make a mistake. You’re the one with the highest chance of breaking through and becoming the faerie king among the five of us. If you want to use your bloodline power to help Emerald Lady, I’ll stop you.”

Deep Mountain was unusually serious when he said this. He did not want his good brother Sand Abyss to make a mistake. If Sand Abyss really used his root power to save Emerald Lady, how would Emerald Lady survive in the Faerie Institution in the future?!

Sand Abyss was not someone who could not distinguish between what was important and what was not. As long as he gave Sand Abyss some pointers, Sand Abyss would give up on this idea.

While speaking to Sand Abyss, Deep Mountain had already injected his root power into the ground under his feet and began to sense Emerald Lady.

Deep Mountain treated Emerald Lady as his younger sister, so he more or less had a good impression of her. Even if Deep Mountain was indifferent, he did not want anything to happen to Emerald Lady. However, no matter how hard Deep Mountain searched, he could not find any traces of Emerald Lady. This angered him and caused him to use the heavy pressure from the ground to crush many fellows who had already fled far away.

Lin Yuan’s location was extremely far away, so Winter put Emerald Lady into the snowflakes that he had condensed using his innate coldness. Unless someone with strength similar to Winter or who happened to be able to see through Winter’s innate coldness appeared, it would be practically impossible to discover Emerald Lady trapped in the snowflakes. f reenovelkiss.com

Winter used the innate coldness in the snowflakes to smoothen Emerald Lady’s bloodline and root power, which had become chaotic due to excessive stimulation. His actions immediately made Emerald Lady realize that the owner of the snowflakes was kind to her.

Emerald Lady had now completely calmed down. Although she felt sadness in her heart, she was also clear that her impulsiveness had passed, and she had survived. Certainly, she had to face the Heaven’s Trial. What she had to do was to try her best to ensure that she could survive the Heaven’s Trial and become an intermediate faerie.

Emerald Lady could guess that Sand Abyss would definitely avenge her when he arrived. Those fellows who targeted her and even cut off her pool’s future path would receive the punishment they deserved.

Winter rushed in front of Lin Yuan and waved his hand. Frost spread in all directions with Lin Yuan in the center, completely isolating his aura from the outside world. He crushed the snowflake containing the Emerald Lady, and her figure appeared in front of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan could acutely sense that Emerald Lady was in an extremely bad state, but her bloodline was constantly trying to activate the energy of heaven. If not for Winter isolating Emerald Lady’s aura, the Heaven’s Trial could have descended at any moment.

Emerald Lady looked at Lin Yuan’s group with a defeated expression and did not speak immediately. Even if Winter had just helped her calm down the bloodline in her body, she could not immediately determine if they were friends or foes. From the Emerald Lady’s point of view, all the people who captured her should be classified as foes.

Lin Yuan took a step forward and used Morbius’ True Data to check on Emerald Lady before speaking seriously, ‘In your current condition, you need to absorb a large amount of pure spirit qi. Not only that, but you also need to absorb wood-element energy to nourish your bloodline. Otherwise, even if we’re willing to help you in Heaven’s Trial later, the benefits you obtain will be greatly reduced. I’m sure you don’t want this to happen. No matter what, you have to take responsibility for your future!”

Winter had brought Emerald Lady to Lin Yuan so that she could become his subordinate. Winter was a very smart person and knew how to help Lin Yuan subdue the Emerald Lady.

Emerald Lady was most likely most concerned about the heavenly pool that had its ley lines cut off and its water contaminated with various toxins. To others, helping restore the future of this heavenly pool may seem extremely difficult, but for Lin Yuan, it is remarkably simple.

As a natural landscape, even if the heavenly pool’s roots were cut off, it still possessed an extremely strong self-recovery ability. As long as he provided the root power needed by the heavenly pool, the heavenly pool would self-repair.

To the heavenly pool, root power consisted only of pure spirit qi and water-element energy. Lin Yuan could provide these things for the heavenly pool. Winter deliberately inquired about the heavenly pool’s situation to provide Lin Yuan with an opportunity to bring Emerald Lady under his wing as it was too dangerous to forcefully keep a faerie. Setting aside loyalty concerns, if the faerie were to contact the Faerie Institution, the Faerie Institution would definitely not let the matter rest.

Winter had already informed Lin Yuan of the information he had found out. Lin Yuan did not immediately mention the situation of the heavenly pool. Even if he were to do so, it would be more appropriate to wait until Emerald Lady passed the Heaven’s Trial.

Lin Yuan handed spatial equipment to Emerald Lady, “At present, we should be like enemies to you. You’ve caused a huge commotion here. We naturally have to come over to take a look. If it weren’t for our help, you know what would have happened to you now. We are both plunderers and saviors to you. I think the resources in this spatial equipment should be enough to show our goodwill!”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Emerald Lady’s eyes flickered slightly. She did not consider Lin Yuan and his group to be her saviors. If they were really her saviors, they could have stayed behind after helping her and waited for the Faerie Institution to arrive. By that time, the Faerie Institution would naturally reward them heavily. Yet, the group of people in front of her hadn’t done so because they were interested in her identity as a faerie and wanted to control her. As opposed to saviors, it should be more accurate to say that they were plunderers. If not for the fact that she really needed help now, Emerald Lady wouldn’t even want to try to discern whether the individuals before her were acting out of goodwill or malice. free(w)ebnovel.com

Emerald Lady took the spatial equipment and examined it. She was shocked by the resources inside. She was well aware of her situation, and she didn’t actually have high expectations for her evolution to an intermediate faerie. With her current state, even if she returned to the Faerie Institution, they would most likely give up on her after weighing the pros and cons. Those intermediate and higher faeries wouldn’t possibly use their own root power to help her.

The rule of the Faerie Institution was to prioritize the protection of higher faeries as much as possible to ensure their combat power. However, in terms of resources, lower faeries could use them to increase the strength of the Faerie Institution.

The Faerie Institution had a quota for the resources provided to every lower faerie. Yet, the Creator resources accumulated in the spatial equipment given to her by this young man in front of him exceeded all the resources the Faerie Institution had provided after her transformation into a faerie..

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