Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2952 The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s Substitute Meal!

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Chapter 2952 The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's Substitute Meal!

In the Sky Beyond the Clouds, if a person wanted to join a star pirate group, there was a basic requirement for strength.

Those who were too weak were not qualified to join the star pirates.

Even if some star pirates joined other star pirates because they lacked manpower, they would be eliminated as cannon fodder in a short period.

Every time Lin Yuan found a group of star pirates, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen would be provided with the best food.

Just as Lin Yuan was pondering, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen spoke. "Master, I can influence the divine kingdoms of other living beings through the holy maids. Actually, there are two directions for the choice of the holy maids.

"The first direction is for me to try my best to choose holy spirits of the same attribute to transform. This way, when I encounter those divine kingdoms and holy spirits with similar attributes to my holy maids, I can use extreme strength to suppress the enemy.

"The second direction is that my 12 holy maids will all choose different attributes and directions. Although the suppression will be much weaker this way, the range of suppression will undoubtedly become extremely wide."

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen added, "Although there can only be 12 holy maids, these holy maids' strength can be increased after absorbing holy spirits with the same attributes as them. If they continue to devour holy spirits, there's almost no limit to the improvement of these holy maids."

If the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen did not add anything, Lin Yuan might really think that she was hesitating about choosing the holy maids.

Now, it seemed that this was not the case at all. The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's choice was undoubtedly more inclined towards the latter.

For example, the Jasmine Lily was a wood-type fey. Its spirit fire or divine kingdom were all related to wood-type.

Spirit fire, divine kingdoms, and holy spirits all had attributes. If the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen could absorb holy spirits to evolve, Lin Yuan would definitely make her bloom on multiple fronts.

There were billions of species in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. Enemies with any attributes could be encountered.

If the holy maids chose a single attribute, no matter how strong the suppression of a certain attribute was, it would probably not be of much use in battle.

This choice would also cause the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen to be unable to use holy spirits to upgrade its holy maids even if it could absorb most of the holy spirits that Lin Yuan obtained from killing star pirates.

"If you want me to choose, I will naturally choose the second option. I think you should be more inclined to do this. Is it true that holy maids can only absorbed after the target is killed?"

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen said confidently, "Absorbing the holy maids must be done when the target has just been killed and their divine kingdom has been broken open. This will enable the other party's holy spirit to be captured. When Holy Spirit expert dies, the holy spirit will be imprisoned in the divine kingdom. It's just that it has lost the source of faith power.

"A holy spirit with an empty shell is no longer suitable to be transformed into a holy maid. However, if there's a corpse of a Holy Spirit expert, I can still extract the holy spirit energy inside to strengthen the holy maids!"

Lin Yuan handed two fey storage boxes in the shape of sun crests to the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen.

These two fey storage boxes contained a large number of star pirates' corpses.

The star pirates that besieged Treasure City had been eliminated, and Lin Yuan had asked Liu Chen and Liu Yao to collect a portion of the corpses.

Lin Yuan had specially asked Li Feng, the City Lord of Treasure City, for a portion of the star pirates' corpses. At that time, Lin Yuan was already a sponsor of Treasure City, so Li Feng had not rejected him.

Lin Yuan wanted the corpses of these star pirates to prepare for the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's awakening. Now that the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had awakened, the corpses that Lin Yuan had specially collected were finally going to be of use.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen took the two fey storage boxes and examined the items inside before saying seriously, "The items in these two fey storage boxes are enough for me to use for some time. I won't be able to completely absorb the spirit fire, divine kingdom, and holy spirit power in these corpses in a year."

As soon as it finished speaking, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen inserted her skirt into one of the fey storage boxes.

Lin Yuan had long known that the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's skirt could penetrate space.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's expression did not reveal anything, but her gluttony had not changed at all. It had been hard on her to endure for such a long time!

"Sacred Sword Wielding Queen, just stay in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. I'll arrange for Hu Quan to build a palace for you in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. 20 Deposit Vegetable Pods will be at your disposal. Let them help you classify the corpses of the experts in these two spatial equipment so that you can absorb them later."

Previously, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had absorbed the faith power and law power from corpses in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The high concentration of spirit qi could increase the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's absorption speed.

Before the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen fell asleep, it had requested Lin Yuan to find a place for it to stay in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

At that time, the Spirit Lock spatial zone had not been large enough so Lin Yuan could not agree to the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's request. Now that the Spirit Lock spatial zone had enough space, Lin Yuan naturally had to fulfill the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's request.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen smiled. She was very happy that Lin Yuan took her words seriously.

"Alright, I'll enter seclusion in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. After I condense the illusion spirit fire and divine kingdom land, I'll hand over the remaining products to you so you can experiment with the effects of these spirit fire crystals and divine kingdom crystals!"

After Lin Yuan brought the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen to the Spirit Lock spatial zone, she was extremely surprised by the changes in the spatial zone.

The Spirit Lock spatial zone was originally only a few hundred square meters and looked like a room. Now, it had become a rather wide miniature world. Although there were not many people living in the Spirit Lock spatial zone now, it could still be described as extremely prosperous.

Back then, Lin Yuan had planted nearly 10,000 Deposit Vegetable Pods. Without a doubt, these Deposit Vegetable Pods had become servants of the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

When Lin Yuan found Hu Quan, he was unwillingly instructing the Spirit Craftsman to help Keira divide the area.

Hu Quan could not help but complain when he saw Lin Yuan, "Young Master, it's such a waste to give such a large area to this demon insect! If I plan this space for the demon insects, I think I can build an auspicious garden and raise the auspicious lifeforms that the Hundred Questions Beast army accidentally cultivated there."

The reason why Hu Quan hated Keira so much was because of the design problem. Previously, he was extremely unhappy with Keira.

Moreover, Keira would produce a large amount of trash during the process of breeding the demon insects. This trash would usually be piled up in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Next to the area that Keira previously occupied was the Submerged Flood Dragon Lake that Hu Quan had painstakingly created. As a Spirit Craftsman with aspirations, Hu Quan definitely did not want the trash produced by Keira to affect the scenery of the Submerged Flood Dragon Lake. Hu Quan was far more concerned about this than Blackie who lived in Submerged Flood Dragon Lake!

There was no doubt that Hu Quan was an extremely capable Spirit Craftsman.

However, Hu Quan was not scheming. Once someone offended Hu Quan, he would hold a grudge. Therefore, Hu Quan had a lot of opinions about Keira staying in the Spirit Lock spatial zone again.

Lin Yuan smiled helplessly and said to Hu Quan, "Uncle Hu, Sky City needs Keira to expand the demon insects to stabilize the situation. Keira has to produce demon insects with Class 1 Genetic Locks in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

"Uncle Hu, to be honest, the Spirit Lock spatial zone will expand again in the future. The area of the Spirit Lock spatial zone is already inexhaustible.

"Uncle Hu, focus your energy on other places first. When the Spirit Lock spatial zone expands, Keira will complete this breeding mission. When the time comes, help Keira choose a place to stay that is far away from you so that it won't affect your mood."

Hu Quan did not continue to dwell on this matter. If the Spirit Lock spatial zone was still small, Hu Quan would definitely not want to give this area to Keira.

Now that the Spirit Lock spatial zone was so large, Hu Quan had yet to develop a large portion of it. Since that was the case, he would let Keira use this area for the time being. After all, Lin Yuan had already promised him.

Lin Yuan's promise was definitely valid.

The entire Spirit Lock spatial zone belonged to Lin Yuan, and he was only a Spirit Craftsman working there. If he continued to fuss over this matter, he would appear insensible.

"Young Master, if you want Keira to stay here, why don't you send more of the Deposit Vegetable Pods to help Keira clean up? These Deposit Vegetable Pods also have the function of refreshing the air around them. f(r)eewebn(o)vel.com

"It's rare for you to have the time to enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone. What instructions do you have this time?!"

Lin Yuan said with a smile, "I'm not the one asking for your help this time. My sacred source lifeform wants you to help build a palace in the Spirit Lock spatial zone for her. She can discuss this with you. I don't know what it thinks or what style she likes."

Hu Quan waved at the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen.

"I can complete the things here in a day or two. Why don't you tell me your thoughts? I'll draw the design and you can modify it with me. Don't worry, the design of the palace will definitely be modified until you're satisfied!"

While the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen negotiated with Hu Quan, Lin Yuan left the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Lin Yuan felt somewhat regretful.

The resources in North of the Lonely River were too scarce, there were almost no star pirates there. Otherwise, Lin Yuan could have organized a group of people to surround these star pirates and stockpile more food for the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen.

After resting for two days, Lin Yuan did not stay idle and went to see the Moon Empress again.

Lin Yuan remembered that when the Moon Empress had spoken to him, she had mentioned that there was a species in the southwest of the King Blood Jackals' territory that could replace the Bug-Consuming Thearch Emperor Lizards as terrestrial fortresses.

Ordinary individuals of this species could grow to more than 100,000 meters while powerful individuals could grow to more than 400,000 meters.

Any holy spirit of this species was like a majestic mountain, and such a strategically important species was necessary to Lin Yuan.

For this species to be able to survive until now, they definitely had astonishing strength.

Sky City could detect the existence of this species, so the Crimson Heaven Falcons probably knew about this species.

Chi Zhentian had used a few days to reveal all the secrets that he possessed. Lin Yuan wanted to see if there was anything related to this species in the secrets that Chi Zhentian revealed.

When the Moon Empress saw Lin Yuan pondering for a moment, she spoke to him as if she had made an important decision. "Little Yuan, I feel that there's still a need for us to have question-and-answer sessions in the future. However, this time, it's my turn to ask while you answer."

Lin Yuan's investment in the Moon Empress not only made her more confident, but it also made her curious about the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

The Moon Empress really wanted to understand the Sky Beyond the Clouds from the bottom of her heart, especially now that she was already in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

However, the only way for the Moon Empress to understand the Sky Beyond the Clouds was through Lin Yuan. Unless the Moon Empress went out to travel, it was impossible to understand the actual situation of the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

Despite being a teacher, she would have to consult her disciple for a long time. This made the Moon Empress mentally prepare herself.

Lin Yuan couldn't help but scratch the back of his head. He had been feeling a nagging sense of importance upon his return but struggled to recall its specifics.

Having delved into ancient texts and explored numerous locales, Lin Yuan had gained a comprehensive understanding of the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

Initially, Lin Yuan intended to share this knowledge with Sky City's core members through Genius, ensuring their clarity about this world.

Upon the Moon Empress' mention of a question-and-answer session, Lin Yuan's mind promptly gravitated toward it.

"Of course, it will be great to have question-and-answer sessions with you. Before the question-and-answer sessions, I can synchronize the information I gained previously with you. This will give you a complete understanding of the entire Sky Beyond the Clouds!"

Lin Yuan summoned Genius.

It had been a while since the Moon Empress had seen Genius. When Genius saw her, it raised its hand, jumped into her arms, and meowed softly. free(w)ebnovel

The Moon Empress treated Genius extremely well and had doted on him a lot.

Genius had not seen the Moon Empress for a long time and missed her very much.

Of course, Genius being so close to the Moon Empress had a lot to do with Lin Yuan and the Moon Empress' relationship. If Lin Yuan's relationship with the Moon Empress was not good, then no matter how good the Moon Empress was to Genius, the latter would never show any close feelings toward her.

The Moon Empress shook Genius and said, "It seems that Genius' food has been pretty good recently. You're actually much heavier than before!"

Genius shook the long tails on its back and pouted at the Moon Empress as it said, "I evolved, not gained weight!"

Genius turned around and jumped into Lin Yuan's arms from the Moon Empress' arms.

Lin Yuan could not help but smile.

A few of the star pirates who had surrendered to Lin Yuan were very good at cooking, especially cooking meat. After Genius discovered this, it often asked these star pirates to cook delicious food for it. Under such circumstances, it would be strange if Genius was not fat!

Lin Yuan was certain that Genius hadn't gained any weight since its evolution.

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