Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 3025 The Land of Bloodian Ancestors!

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Chapter 3025 The Land of Bloodian Ancestors!

When Qin Yu heard Lin Yuan's words, the smile on her face could no longer be concealed. Lin Yuan clearly showed that he did not care about her plans for the Scarlet Territory, allowing Qin Yu to do whatever she wanted in it. Moreover, Lin Yuan would back her up, which made Qin Yu even bolder.

As for going to negotiate with Fan Lou and having Qin Yu help him, Qin Yu was willing. However, Qin Yu wouldn't go to negotiate with Fan Lou on matters related to the management of the Scarlet Territory.

Fan Lou had now become a pureblood Bloodian, but Qin Yu did not intend to let Fan Lou focus on the Scarlet Territory. Both Qin Yu and Fan Lou had already reached a consensus on this. Ruling the entire Scarlet Territory was Qin Yu's dream. In the past, Qin Yu could not see any hope of realizing it, but now, she could see hope. All she needed to do next was to continue working on it.

Suddenly, Qin Yu thought of something. While she considered it a core secret of the Bloodian clans, she believed these matters were far-reaching, and it was necessary to inform Lin Yuan. If she told Lin Yuan, he might be able to help her in this matter.

"Young Master, have you heard of the Land of Bloodian Ancestors? The Land of Bloodian Ancestors has already appeared. Every Bloodian whose bloodline has reached the level of a queen has received a revelation.

"I wonder if Young Master is interested in it? Every Bloodians with a queen-level bloodline can bring four units in. Young Master, if you're interested, I can bring you in.

"There are many treasures buried in the Land of Bloodian Ancestors. Even experts who have surpassed the Holy Spirit level and reached the Domain Mountain/Spirit Territory will be tempted and go crazy because of it."

When Lin Yuan was a guest in the Andra clan, he had flipped through many books in the Andra clan's territory and gained a certain understanding of the Land of Bloodian Ancestors.

It was the birthplace of the Bloodians countless eras ago. In the beginning, all the Bloodian clans lived in the Land of the Blood Ancestors.

The Land of the Bloodian Ancestors had witnessed the glory of the Bloodians for billions of years.

At their peak, the Bloodians had once ranked in the top ten of the Species Ranking, even higher than the Snow-Covered Foxes, which was currently ranked ninth.

The Bloodians had a very long history. Even after experiencing great calamities, it was difficult for these bloodlines to be completely wiped out.

The ancient books of the Andra clan did not specify the calamity that the Bloodians had encountered. They only mentioned that the Land of Bloodian Ancestors had been banished into the void by a terrifying force. It was only possible for them to form a connection with the Sky Beyond the Clouds once every tens of thousands of years.

The banishment of The Land of Bloodian Ancestors back then was completely an accident. No Bloodians had expected this. It could be said that the Bloodians had left all their wealth in The Land of Bloodian Ancestors.

How could Lin Yuan not be interested in such a place?

When Lin Yuan saw Qin Yu's message, he did not reply immediately. Instead, he addressed Winter, who was standing beside him.

"Winter, have you heard about the situation in the Land of Bloodian Ancestors?"

Upon hearing that, Winter looked surprised. Then, a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face.

Winter had already guessed that Lin Yuan's sudden question about the Land of Bloodian Ancestors must have been prompted by something Qin Yu said. It was very likely that she had sensed the location of the Land of Bloodian Ancestors.

Even Winter was extremely interested in the resources stored in the Land of Bloodian Ancestors. With some resources, it was possible for Winter to improve.

"Young Master, I've naturally heard of the Land of Bloodian Ancestors. If there is an opportunity for you to enter, it will definitely be a great fortune. There are many restrictions in the Land of Bloodian Ancestors. If you want to explore it, I suggest that you bring another person in. Otherwise, if one person is trapped by the restrictions, there's no way to guarantee your safety."

Winter's words were very clear. He was encouraging Lin Yuan to enter the Land of Bloodian Ancestors. However, The Land of Bloodian Ancestors was definitely rife with danger. Otherwise, Winter wouldn't have suggested choosing one among Spring, Summer and Autumn to enter together.

Lin Yuan had arranged for Autumn to clean up the star pirates while Spring guarded North of the Lonely River. Summer was in charge of planting Thriving Summer Rising Clouds in North of the Lonely River, so Lin Yuan could only choose between Spring and Autumn. After thinking about it, Lin Yuan felt that Autumn was the most suitable choice.

The hunting team had hunted enough star pirates recently, and Lin Yuan could not consume them all in a short period. Lin Yuan could temporarily suspend the hunting team's work. Compared to the Land of Bloodian Ancestors, the job of the hunting team was nothing.

"Winter, since you've said so, when the Land of Bloodian Ancestors is opened, I'll use my relationship with Qin Yu to bring you and Autumn there."

After Lin Yuan and Winter finished discussing, Lin Yuan replied to Qin Yu, "I'm very interested in the Land of Bloodian Ancestors. Apart from me, I'll also bring three people in. You're our guide to the Land of Blood Ancestor. I'll give you a portion of the benefits I obtain there and ensure your safety."

Lin Yuan immediately asked for the seats without a hint of embarrassment. This was because Lin Yuan was the ruler of the Elisa clan. Back then, Lin Yuan had spent many resources to save Qin Yu and pull her out of death. He had even made her a genuine Bloodian Queen.

It was true that Lin Yuan had his own agenda. Apart from bringing Autumn and Winter along, Lin Yuan was also prepared to bring Chu Ci along.

The Land of Bloodian Ancestors was undoubtedly an excellent training ground for Chu Ci, and she would benefit greatly from it. After Chu Ci ended her seclusion, Lin Yuan would definitely give her all the good things he had.

Qin Yu didn't mind Lin Yuan asking for all the slots because she didn't have any suitable candidates. For example, the two Bloodian kings, Lhalu and Fan Qia, could make an impact in the Scarlet Territory, but they would merely be cannon fodder in the Land of Bloodian Ancestors.

Qin Yu was originally worried about her safety, but now that Lin Yuan said he could guarantee her safety, she was completely relieved. Qin Yu had seen how powerful Lin Yuan's guards were. With such a person by her side to protect her and Lin Yuan, she only needed to be a good guide.

"Young Master, there's no problem. In that case, I don't have to arrange for people. At present, I am not sure when is the best time to enter the Land of Blood Ancestor. The thinner the barrier, the longer we can stay inside. However, it will definitely not be opened in the next half a month.

"Still, I hope that you can wait in the Scarlet Territory in advance, just in case the opportunity to enter the Land of the Bloodian Ancestors arises."

Upon hearing Qin Yu's reminder, Lin Yuan thought that half a month was enough for him to participate in the academic conference.

With Winter's guidance, it wouldn't take much time to travel from there to the Scarlet Territory at full speed.

Lin Yuan ended his communication with Qin Yu and said, "Chu Ci, I'll bring you to meet some Creators later. After meeting them, we can explore a mystic realm together. You might be able to find a suitable fey in this secret place!"

Up until now, Chu Ci had only contracted four feys, and her spiritual power had been much stronger thYi Her peers since she was young.

Now that Chu Ci had become a proper Divine Kingdom expert, she could already contract a few more feys. This exploration could allow Chu Ci to choose her own feys, and Lin Yuan's plan to turn his sister into an iron bucket could be restarted.

Chu Ci was filled with anticipation for Lin Yuan's itinerary. She was very interested in both high-grade Creators and exploring the secret places.

"Brother, will I be able to follow you almost every time you go out to train in the future?!"

Lin Yuan replied with a smile, "As long as it's not an emergency, you can naturally follow me. You'll only understand the Sky Beyond the Clouds better if you see more of them!"

Upon hearing his words, Chu Ci pursed her lips. She felt that Lin Yuan was treating her like a child.

Chu Ci said seriously, "Actually, it's not that difficult to understand the Sky Beyond the Clouds. To put it bluntly, the Sky Beyond the Clouds is a world where everything is based on martial force. The stronger the individual or faction, the more authority they have. Only those factions with comparable strength and experts can have power against another.

"I think such a world is much more comfortable than a world with so many rules. As long as we strive to become stronger to conquer this world, that's all that matters. I've seen so many conflicts along the way, but I've never seen anyone trying to be reasonable."

Upon hearing her words, Lin Yuan looked at Chu Ci in surprise. He had thought that Chu Ci had just come into contact with this world and that it would take some time for her to integrate with it. He did not expect Chu Ci to have such a thorough understanding of this world.

That's right. The best survival laws in the Sky Beyond the Clouds were to continuously become stronger and conquer this world. Those lifeforms who were truly capable were all doing so. Only people like Fan Lou, who had limited potential, no background, and no resources, would work so hard.

"Chu Ci, work hard to conquer this world like you said!"

Lin Yuan's words were very serious, and he did not seem to be joking at all. Lin Yuan's attitude toward Chu Ci was more like that of a father figure than a brother. Lin Yuan had been doing his best to nurture her. He hoped that Chu Ci could grow to the point where she could conquer the world. During this process, Lin Yuan would always be Chu Ci's backing and give her strength.

Chu Ci said in all seriousness, "Brother, I'll work hard!"

Chu Ci only said the first half of her words to Lin Yuan, but she did not say the second half. 'Brother, one day, I also hope to stand in front of you and become an umbrella to shelter you from the wind and rain, instead of having you stand in front of me every time to protect me.'

Upon seeing the interaction between Lin Yuan and Chu Ci, Winter felt a sense of warmth. In this life, the Lord Saint had more restraints. He was no longer as lonely as the drifting clouds in the mountains in his previous life.

With an existence like the Lifespan Mouse that broke the rules of time and lifespan, no matter how high stood in this life, there would always be these shackles accompanying him. It's truly wonderful!

Along the way, Lin Yuan brought Chu Ci around to admire the scenery and took in many special feys. Lin Yuan would hand these feys over to the Hundred Questions Beast army to be nurtured as resources to expand their foundation. When the white-clothed followers' Combat Sequence and Preparatory Sequence members grew up and needed to contract new feys, they could choose from among them.

Every time she saw a small star pirate group plundering and killing those weak tribes and species, Chu Ci would stop them and start a fight with them.

Winter stood guard on the side to ensure that even if Chu Ci was no match for the star pirates, she would not be injured. Such a battle was the most effective way to increase one's strength. The murderous aura emitted by the star pirates during the battle was the best training for Chu Ci's combat skills.

When Lin Yuan saw Yi He again, he noticed that Yi He was wearing a set of clothes that were far more gorgeous than Zhong Zhiyu's when he first met him. Zhong Zhiyu's dressing style exuded a sense of luxury with a touch of simplicity, while Yi He's style involved skillful weaving techniques to layer materials in a fluid manner.

Lin Yuan was surprised by the change in Yi He's dressing style.

Yi He explained to Lin Yuan with a smile, "This is actually my original style of dressing. Previously, when my lifespan was about to end, I had no intention of spending any effort on dressing up. Now that everything has been resolved thanks to you, Young Master, I'm naturally alive. I believe dressing more extravagantly to meet you, Young Master, is a sign of respect toward you."

Yi He was satisfied with his dressing style. He felt that only such a dressing style was worthy of his Grade 5 Creator status.

"I'm very honored to be able to make Senior Yi He feel like you're alive again. When you return to Sky City with me, I will introduce you to an outstanding Weaver. She is also a core member of Sky City and is in charge of managing the core affairs of Sky City. Every piece of clothing he designed is extremely charming. I think Senior Yi He will definitely like it!"

Lin Yuan was referring to Wen Yu in his conversation. His motive wasn't to merely facilitate a connection between Wen Yu and Yi He but rather stemmed from his genuine admiration for Wen Yu's skill as a Weaver.

While Lin Yuan traded resources at Fortune Treasure Palace, he observed many renowned Weavers utilizing premium materials for their designs. However, Lin Yuan found most of their creations to pale in comparison to Wen Yu's craftsmanship.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan's praise, Yi He chuckled, remarking, "Young Master, I must acquaint myself with such talent!"

Yi He's interest wasn't solely in Wen Yu's weaving prowess. Rather, it was sparked by Lin Yuan's mention of Wen Yu's forthcoming management of Sky City's core operations. Recognizing Wen Yu's pivotal role among Sky City's key figures, Yi He saw the potential benefits of establishing a connection for his future endeavors within the city.

Though uncertain if Zhong Zhiyu viewed him as competition, Yi He already considered Zhong Zhiyu a rival.

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