Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 3094: Flame Empowerment!

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Chapter 3094: Flame Empowerment!

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By extensively utilizing these Grade 6 Creator resources, Lin Yuan could significantly enhance the capabilities of the Grade 4 and 5 Creators, fostering their loyalty and willingness to truly work for Sky City.

Lin Yuan’s journey to the boundary between the North and South Universe to compete for the top-grade blessed land could potentially take a considerable amount of time.

When Lin Yuan found Wen Yu, he explained the task of documenting and recording the achievements of the Grade 4 and 5 Creators to her. He also informed Wen Yu that if his absence was prolonged, there was no need to wait for him to convene the Astronomical Parliament on time. Instead, he advised her to assist the members of the Astronomical Parliament when necessary.

Upon hearing his instructions, Wen Yu hurriedly nodded in agreement. If Lin Yuan left Sky City, Wen Yu would definitely help him take care of the house. However, she was unsure how long Lin Yuan would be gone this time. Wen Yu was worried about him and feared he might encounter trouble or an accident during his journey.

After explaining the situation to Wen Yu, Lin Yuan returned to his room and began nurturing the Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom. This fire-type fungus-species fey, which had mutated because of the succubus bloodline, had become increasingly inconspicuous as its grade continued to increase. Unlike other feys that grow larger with evolution, the Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom became smaller. Once it reached World Emperor/Divine Kingdom and evolved from World Emperor I to World Emperor X, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have been able to locate its main body with his naked eyes if he hadn’t been its contractor. This made it very difficult for Lin Yuan to perceive the changes in the mushroom during its evolution.

Among Lin Yuan’s feys, the Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom was very inconspicuous and rarely appeared. However, its ability to block any phenomenon in the sky and disturb world willpower when other feys sought answers proved its extraordinary nature.

Despite reaching the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom level, the Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom still had its own consciousness as a fungus-type fey. It was exceptionally happy to learn that Lin Yuan wanted to increase its grade, although it was an extremely introverted little fellow that wasn’t good at expressing its emotions.

Lin Yuan smiled and touched the Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom hidden in his collar. He instructed it to channel the faith power provided by the Realm Abyss Red Lotus into the divine kingdom to help it give birth to holy spirits.

After instructing the mushroom, Lin Yuan began to help it transform. He could sense its aura fluctuating violently but could not perceive any visible changes in its appearance. Hence, he stopped paying attention to the mushroom, knowing that it would inform him immediately if it encountered any situation.

Lin Yuan then entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone to tidy up his resources and gain a comprehensive understanding of his wealth. While doing so, Ling Muzhuo contacted him.

Initially, Lin Yuan thought Ling Muzhuo wanted to propose a new resource trade. However, he was surprised to find that Ling Muzhuo’s reason for contacting him was the same as Zhao Chen’s. This surprised Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan could understand why Zhao Chen approached him, as Zhao Chen wanted to leverage the resources obtained through trade to elevate his position within his species. Therefore, he would offer such a good opportunity to Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Yuan had known Ling Muzhuo before Zhao Chen, Ling Muzhuo had previously only traded resources with him and had never offered him such an excellent opportunity. Now, Ling Muzhuo’s willingness to provide such an opportunity was likely because he had become aware of Lin Yuan’s significant influence in Diverse City.

Lin Yuan’s relationships with both Fortune Treasure Palace and Zhao Chen were primarily based on mutual interests rather than deep personal bonds. Since their connection was driven by interests, Lin Yuan didn’t mind Ling Muzhuo’s ulterior motives for pleasing him and simply agreed to move forward with Zhao Chen.

Lin Yuan naturally couldn’t move forward with Ling Muzhuo. It wasn’t a secret that Lin Yuan had used Zhao Chen’s connections to participate in the competition for this top-grade blessed land. If Fortune Treasure Palace were to participate in the competition, they would surely be aware of it. Therefore, Lin Yuan didn’t bother hiding it from Ling Muzhuo and honestly told him the truth.

“Brother Ling, I’ve already heard about this top-grade blessed land beforehand. I’m preparing to head to South Face City to see if I can gain anything. It’s fine if I haven’t heard of such an opportunity, but how can I not explore it after hearing about it? It seems like you must be harboring the same thoughts!”

On the one hand, Ling Muzhuo approached Lin Yuan partly to do him a favor and keep him in sync with the information.

On the other hand, he also wanted to use Lin Yuan’s power to fight for the resources in the top-grade blessed land. Even a powerful faction like Fortune Treasure Palace, which spanned across four universes, didn’t dare to have absolute certainty in securing this top-grade blessed land.

Since Lin Yuan had already received the information and made it clear that he wouldn’t go with Fortune Treasure Palace, Ling Muzhuo felt somewhat depressed. It was rumored that Lin Yuan had become very close to Diverse City’s City Lord, Zhao Chen. He had most likely heard the news from Zhao Chen.

Ling Muzhuo reminded Lin Yuan appropriately, “Brother Lin, since you intend to participate in the fight for this top-grade blessed land, I must remind you that the fight is destined to be filled with danger. There are some things that require careful consideration. Don’t let others use you as a pawn just because you have enough power at your disposal.

“If you need any help or cooperation when we reach South Face City, inform me immediately. As long as you make the request, I will certainly not refuse!”

Ling Muzhuo paused and asked, “Brother Lin, do you need information about the various factions? Fortune Treasure Palace also engages in selling intelligence. If you need information, I will provide you with all the intelligence I have. If you purchase information from other factions, their prices will surely not be lower!”

Despite not successfully inviting Lin Yuan, Ling Muzhuo remained hopeful and still wished that Lin Yuan would owe him a favor.

Lin Yuan was grateful that Ling Muzhuo was willing to provide him with information for free. However, he was going with Zhao Chen this time. Zhao Chen’s faction had a total of ten spots, and Lin Yuan occupied three of them. In fact, more spots were in Zhao Chen’s hands.

Zhao Chen’s faction could be considered a native faction at the boundary between the North and South Universe, so they must have a thorough understanding of the local factions. Even when it came to external factions, they were likely able to thoroughly investigate the situation. Therefore, there was no need for Lin Yuan to owe Ling Muzhuo a favor.

“Brother Ling, to be honest, I’m going to this top-grade blessed land with the City Lord of Diverse City, Zhao Chen. Brother Zhao should have the ability to obtain information. If there’s anything I need help with, I won’t hesitate to ask for your assistance!”

Upon hearing this, Ling Muzhuo thought that indeed it was Zhao Chen who approached Lin Yuan. The speed at which Zhao Chen’s faction received information was likely similar to his own. Ling Muzhuo reflected that he was only a step slower than Zhao Chen in this instance, which he found quite regrettable.

Ling Muzhuo laughed dryly. “Brother Lin, just don’t stand on ceremony with me; that’s all I ask!”

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Ling Muzhuo ended the communication. Turning to Wan Ying, who was standing beside him, he remarked, “Lin Yuan chose to explore the resources of this top-grade blessed land with Zhao Chen. Their relationship seems stronger than you guessed. This blessed land presents an opportunity for our Fortune Treasure Palace. Come with me. I’ve already arranged for the assessment of your two subordinates. They can be dispatched within a year.”

Hearing Ling Muzhuo’s words, Wan Ying was overjoyed, but also surprised by the closeness between Lin Yuan and Zhao Chen.

Wan Ying was certain that Lin Yuan had only known Zhao Chen for a short time, yet their relationship had become remarkably close so quickly. It was unclear what kind of agreement or cooperation they had secretly established.

Aside from the conversation with Ling Muzhuo, nothing notable had occurred in the past few days.

The Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom had successfully advanced to the Holy Spirit level recently.

[Fey Name]: Sky-Questioning Flaming Heart Mushroom

[Fey Species]: Parasitic fungus species/flaming fungus species

[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Fire

Fey quality: Holy Spirit

[Divine Kingdom Grade]: Miniature


[Seeping Flames]: The flames will seep into the target’s mind, spirit, and soul through the heart and brain. The spirit and soul will begin to burn. If the flames begin to die out, it can absorb the energy from the heart and brain to reignite itself.

[Body-Penetrating Flames]: When burning the mind, spirit, and soul, the flames will also burn the body. The damage will be translated from the elemental form to the physical. Before the fire in its mind, spirit, and soul is extinguished, the flames afflicting the body will continue to cause harm.

[Thought-Separating Flames]: When burning the target’s mind, spirit, and soul, if the target’s mind, spirit, and soul has any thoughts or feeling linked to another lifeform, the thoughts would become a guide that allow the flames to extend.

[Strengthened Spores]: The fungi produced will be strengthened and be able to absorb and take control of more energy. The fungi will be deeply rooted in the target’s soul and be more difficult to remove. 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

[Truth Colony]: When questioning a target, the precise answers given will grow a truth colony. When the colony absorbs energy, it will grow into a truth mushroom. When the truth mushroom is fed to a target, the target will be forced to tell the truth, making it easier to obtain true answers to questions.

[False Colony]: When questioning a target, every lie told by the target will produce a false colony. When the false colony absorbs energy, it will grow into a false mushroom. When the false mushroom is fed to a target, the target will be unable to break while questioning, preventing them from answering questions.

[Interrogation Soul Flames]: After confirming that the target has made more than three false statements, the target can be asked a question and the soul with fungi rooted in it will be sacrificed. The target will have to tell the truth through the voiced spirit form.

[Truth and Lie Temptation]: Each time truth and lie are discerned, it can store the sincerity and falseness. The sincerity can be used to boost its soul and defend it against temptation abilities. The falseness can be used to boost its temptation abilities and strengthen its ability to tempt targets.

[Truth Soil]: The spores will change the soil beneath it and imbue it with truth power. When other plant-type feys are planted in this soil imbued with truth power, they will absorb the energy within and produce truth fruits.

[False Soil]: The spores will change the soil beneath it and imbue it with false power. When other plant-type feys are planted in this soil imbued with false power, they will absorb the energy within and produce false fruits.

Exclusive Skill:

[Honesty Reflects the Heart]: The spores will host themselves deep within the target’s spirit and soul and determine the genuinity of the target’s exterior.

[Crumbled Parasitic Cycle]: The bacterial strain will be sacrificed. After being sacrificed, the energy around it will crumble, along with other energy-containing entities.

[Heart Mushroom Sky Questioning]: When a judgment cannot be made on an issue, one can be staked to question the sky and ask for a positive solution.

[Heart Mushroom Disrupts Heaven]: When other lifeforms use various methods to ask the world wills for answers, it can use its energy to disrupt the world wills and prevent the world wills from answering other lifeforms. Alternatively, it can incite the world wills to give wrong answers.

[Heavenly Will Shield]: It will trigger heavenly will and direct it towards a target. The heavenly will will be used to shield a target’s aura and prevent it from being detected.

[Endless Curse Generation]: When the main body is destroyed, it can be reincarnated through any spore. The imprint in the spore will be used to recover its memories from before its death. At the point of its death, it will place a curse on a target. When the truth is told, the curse will lower the target’s lifespan. But when a lie is told, it will reduce the target’s soul energy.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Reverse Colony]: Truth and false power will join together to create a special colony. Once the colony is fully formed, it will turn into a reverse spirit mushroom. The reverse spirit mushroom will need to absorb spirit qi in order to grow. The purer the spirit qi absorbed, the better the effects of the reverse spirit mushroom. When being interrogated, consuming the reverse spirit mushroom will cause the opposite effect to take place during the interrogation.

[Flame Empowerment]: Through faith power or special fungi, flames can be bred in the divine kingdom. The flames burning in the divine kingdom can help one strengthen all their abilities and exclusive skills. After enhancing their abilities and exclusive skills, the flames in your divine

kingdom will be consumed.