First Day In Game, I Got Ten Billion From Infinite Number Of Check-ins-Chapter 371 - Great Victory!

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371 Great Victory!

Apart from being shocked, the two of them looked at Chen Yun in shock. He had split the sky with a saber and controlled ten thousand bolts of lightning with his hands. Such methods could be said to be strange!

A single saber strike could destroy all techniques! Just a single saber strike alone could fight Tian Ao to a standstill. It was as if they had fought a dazzling battle.

How old was he? He was not even 20 years old, but he could already reach this stage.

At this moment, Tian Ao took a step into the sky and controlled a majestic aura to kill people invisibly. Chen Yun took a step forward, and the mountains and rivers shook. His hand controlled ten thousand bolts of lightning. When the Tang Sword slashed down, it split the clouds and split the sky.

The battle between the two of them caused the entire Taiqing Mountain Range to tremble. The small mountains on the Heaven Sealing Mountain were even trembling non-stop, causing the people watching from the small mountains to be unable to stand steadily.


This was the first time some people had seen Chen Yun’s power to split the sky. They were immediately dumbfounded.

Another explosion sounded in the air.

Tian Ao looked at the people coming up from the other side and a hint of madness appeared in his eyes!

Good, good, good!

Since they dared to come, they would all be sacrificed to the heavens!

“Heavenly Dragon, what a good scheme. However, how’s your control over lightning? Today, I’ll let you see what it means to be a dragon-like Rank-S expert!”

With a raise of his hand, thousands of qi condensed and condensed into a hundred-meter-long dragon behind him. As the dragon waved, dragon roars soared into the sky, as if they wanted to tear apart the nine heavens!

“I have to say, I really didn’t expect you to be so difficult to deal with, even though you only have a sword. You’re really a hero from a young age. You’re terrifying. However, you met me and called yourself Heavenly Dragon. Today, I’ll personally send you to the true Yellow Springs Reincarnation Path!” Tian Ao stretched out a hand, and the killing intent in his eyes seemed to condense as they shot towards Chen Yun.

At this moment, in the air, Chen Yun was holding the Tang Sword. When he heard Tian Ao’s words, he chuckled. “What a joke.”

“Dragon Rides the Nine Heavens!”

As soon as Tian Ao finished speaking, his black robe fluttered. He stretched out a hand, and the long dragon behind him roared and charged at Chen Yun. It opened its mouth and raised its claws, which could tear apart everything in the world!


Wherever the giant dragon passed, space seemed to distort. This long dragon vividly displayed the strength of Tian Ao’s life! Even if Mount Buzhou was in front of him, this long dragon could still break through it!

Chen Yun looked at the long dragon. He waved his Tang Sword, and sword beams appeared. For a moment, the sword beams that filled the sky seemed to want to cut through the sky!

Then, he raised his hands behind him, and a hundred-meter-long sword beam appeared.

In the next moment, the Tang Sword landed. A gust swept through the world, and lightning dazzled in the heavens.

“This is!”

The Heavenly Dragon Team that was fighting looked at the scene in the sky and their eyes suddenly narrowed. Even King Kim, King Li, and King Xing looked at the sky at this moment. A cold light rose under their feet. What was this?!

What was this?!

Why was there such a powerful force in the world? They were all dragon-like Rank-S experts, but in the face of such power, their hearts trembled and their minds surged.

Meanwhile, the people on the small mountain were petrified when they saw this scene. The dragon and sword had exceeded their imagination and subverted their worldview!


The long dragon looked at the sword beam and roared. It was unyielding as it collided with the sword beam.

“Good job, kid. I really didn’t expect there to be such a powerhouse. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I really wouldn’t believe that a kid who isn’t even twenty years old like you can come this far. You can be called a legend.”

“However, today, your legend can’t continue.”

Tian Ao sighed and waved his right hand. The long dragon also resisted the sword beam and let out waves of roars!


At this moment, Chen Yun held the Tang Sword in his hand and looked at the long dragon. He snorted coldly. “Putting aside that you’re a dragon-like Rank-S expert, even if a true dragon is here, I’ll slay a dragon with a single slash and dye the sky with blood!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly pressed his arms down.


Under the hundred-meter-long sword beam, a cracking sound sounded.


In an instant, an incomparably terrifying feeling swept through Tian Ao’s entire body. His eyes widened as he looked in front of him in disbelief. His dragon had actually shattered!


Just as he was about to condense his qi again, Chen Yun’s saber beam pressed down again. In an instant, ten thousand lightning bolts roared and the sword beam pierced through the sky!


With the last crisp sound, the long dragon that was made of qi suddenly exploded, turning into specks of light that scattered in the world.

“This… How is this possible!” This long dragon made of qi was a power that he had comprehended after fighting with his Boss back then. It had taken more than ten years of him to think of it. But now, it was slashed apart by Chen Yun’s saber. How powerful was this sword?!

Even a mountain could be cut in half!

Not only was he shocked, but even the three kings and the higher-ups of the Korean Alliance below were dumbfounded. Those with poor temperament even collapsed to the ground, their bodies turning limp from fear and unable to get up again!

“Run now!”

Tian Ao made a prompt decision. His trump card had been slashed apart by Chen Yun’s sword. Why wasn’t he running now? What was he doing?!

He tapped his feet and stepped out on the wind. Ignoring the other higher-ups of the Korean Alliance, he took a step forward and flew 200 meters.

“We can’t let him go!”

The Heavenly Dragon Team immediately stood up. In the next moment, they felt a chill behind their heads. They looked back and saw the Tang Sword in Chen Yun’s hand slash out repeatedly. For a moment, a sword beam pierced through the sky and shot towards Tian Ao!

Tian Ao turned around and looked at the sword beam that came previously. He mobilized his qi and turned it into a huge shield to block him.

With a single slash, the attack broke through the huge shield!

Another attack had already slashed down!

The two slashes were so fast that only afterimages were left. The speed was so fast that it had already exceeded Tian Ao’s reaction time. Immediately, the sword ruthlessly slashed his chest.

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Tian Ao spat out a mouthful of blood and a large hole pierced through his chest!

With a single slash, Tian Ao was sent flying like a kite with a broken string. He crashed into a small mountain behind him, causing the entire mountain to tremble. Rolling stones fell, killing Tian Ao!

On the Heaven Sealing Mountain and the small mountain beside it, everyone looked at this scene in silence and were dumbfounded.

“We won!”

Lin Yuhan spoke excitedly. Then, he looked at the people around him and sneered. Then, he laughed out loud with another person. When the people beside him heard their laughter, cold sweat broke out on their foreheads and their legs began to tremble. They knew that they had been wrong. They had been too wrong.

From today onwards, Chen Yun would probably descend to the world in a truly terrifying manner. They would all pay the price for standing on the wrong side this time.

A person, a man, and a few other half-Rank-S experts looked at the young man who was looking down from the sky. Their eyes were filled with admiration. They knew that from today onwards, the Korean Alliance would no longer exist. Instead, it would be replaced by a new star, a rising Rank-S expert who was not even 20 years old!

“With one slash, he slayed a dragon and killed a Rank-S expert!”

One of them sighed and shook his head. He turned around and left. In his life, he had no regrets after seeing this battle.

In the past, it was difficult to survive in the vast sea. After witnessing this battle, he did not know what he was pursuing. Did he want to pursue Rank-S? Did he want to pursue fame and fortune?

Even he was starting to feel confused.


A sword beam suddenly landed. In the next moment, Park Kim’s right arm flew out. Chen Yun flashed and lifted Park Kim up by the neck with one hand.

“No, no!”


Chen Yun exerted strength and snapped his neck!

Then, Chen Yun killed the remaining two kings in a divine manner without holding back at all.

When the remaining higher-ups saw this situation, they knelt down and surrendered. They looked at Chen Yun as if they were looking at a demon who had just crawled out of hell. It was simply too terrifying.

At this point, Chen Yun had killed one leader and three kings. He had almost destroyed the Korean Alliance alone!