First Immortal of the Sword-Chapter 1276 - The Lost Legacy of Sky Crow Mountain

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Chapter 1276 - The Lost Legacy of Sky Crow Mountain


The ten-foot saber stirred up dazzling, blood-colored light.

A waterfall of the power of the Laws filled its edge. As this slash descended, it seemed to split heaven and earth.

Su Yi made no attempt to dodge. He raised and thrust his sword. Light flowed across its edge.


The resulting impact reverberated throughout heaven and earth.

The woman’s saber was forced off course, and her armored body swayed slightly.

Her feet pressed down hard, and she tightened her grip on her saber before swinging it once more.

The blood-red saber qi burst with far greater power than before. It was indistinct, but the sound of chanting sutras echoed through the air.

This tyrannical strike could have slain most early-stage Cosmic Enlightenment World Kings with ease. freew

But Su Yi just turned his wrists and swung with all his might, his sword descending like an eternal divine mountain.


Sword and saber clashed. Terrifying destructive power burst from the point of impact!

The surrounding ten thousand feet of sky collapsed with a bang.

Su Yi stood as steady as a boulder, entirely unmoving.

The woman staggered back, almost falling from the skies.

She retreated without hesitation, her blue eyes already shifting, uncertain, and full of bewilderment.

When did such a terrifying Heavenly Longevity Realm World King appear in this world?

“Burning blood for power, transforming the blood into a divine saber, nightmare armor... It seems you’re only a branch member of the Blue Luan Race. You might be in the early-stage Cosmic Enlightenment Realm, but your status in the clan is likely far inferior to main lineage clansmen of the same cultivation,” Su Yi said casually.

As he spoke, he took a step forward.


The formation covering the entire area was instantly thrown into violent upheaval.

He was like an ancient dragon elephant walking on a layer of ice; it shattered with an audible bang, unable to bear his weight.

The woman snorted coldly and swung her saber once more.

Her black armor surged with divine flames, and the countless markings carved on its surface seemed to come to life, floating around her.

And her saber seemed to burn in her hands. Blood-colored light shot into the heavens, and she fought with increasingly terrifying momentum.

Su Yi shook his head slightly. free(w)ebnov(e)l

Against another Cosmic Enlightenment Realm World King, he might have had to try a little, but handling someone he’d already seen through completely was no trouble at all.

His sleeves billowed around him, and he launched three attacks in rapid succession.

His first slash seemed to split mountains and seas. The woman’s saber flew from her grip.

His second slash was like the galaxy pouring down from beyond the nine heavens. It shattered the woman’s black armor.

His third slash sent her flying, and she slammed into the distant peak, hard.

Crisp and direct.

He had done all three strikes in a single breath.

“It’s the same as ever. Branch clansmen aren’t qualified to contemplate the Laws of Divine Wood and Wind, or can they cultivate the Nine Strikes of the Blue Luan. Their strength is far inferior to members of the main lineage.” Su Yi subtly shook his head.

Dust and smoke filled the air around the distant mountaintop as the woman got to her feet.

Her armor had shattered, revealing her true appearance. She was a moving, slender beauty.

However, she was already badly injured, and blood flowed from her lips. Her face was pallid, and when her blue eyes looked at Su Yi, they contained deep trepidation and bewilderment.

“Since you’ve realized who I am, you ought to understand how unwise it would be to oppose the Blue Luan Spirit Race!” the woman said coldly.

Su Yi laughed, then stepped forward.


The power of the formation covering the surrounding area ultimately couldn’t take the burden. It exploded with a bang.

A rain of light scattered, and the distant black mountaintop silently transformed, revealing a pond.

Immortal light revolved within the water, and a holy aura hung in the air. It was indistinct, but Su Yi caught a glimpse of what looked like divine medicine bobbing up and down.

“A stalk of divine medicine?” Su Yi’s eyes lit up; everything suddenly made sense. “So, you set up a formation and stayed to keep watch over this place to protect this good fortune.”

The woman’s beautiful face was frosty. “The Blue Luan Race has long since set its sights on this Transcendent-level divine medicine. It won’t be long before our young leader brings his followers back to claim it. You’d best stop now, or else, there’s no way you’ll leave Crow Ridge alive!”

Su Yi said thoughtfully, “Does that mean you’re not the only member of your clan on this expedition?”

The woman said coldly, “That’s right. Our young leader and numerous other clansmen are here too. If you’re clever, you’ll realize that staying your hand is the best choice you can make. No matter your origins, you’ll be doomed beyond a doubt if you offend the Blue Luan Spirit Race!”

She seemed extremely confident, contemptuous, and composed.

In truth, she had reason to be proud.

Were she up against any other World King, even someone from a top faction like the Nine Heavens Pavilion, they’d still endure and back down in the face of the Blue Luan Spirit Race’s threats.

This was the confidence of an Ancient Guardian Clan of the Dao.

Alas, in Su Yi’s eyes, none of that was even worth considering.

He smiled, not at all concerned, then drifted gently onto the peak before the armored woman’s alarmed, infuriated gaze.

“Where are the rest of your clansmen?” Su Yi asked without the slightest care. His gaze was focused on the pond behind her.

It was thirty feet across. Immortal mist rose from the surface of the water, and a chaotic aura permeated the air. A talk of immortal medicine, blue-green with leaves seemingly forged from immortal gold, floated in the water.

Even from quite some distance away, its pleasant, soothing fragrance wafted over, assailing him right in the face.

“Who cares where they are? What does that have to do with you?” The woman said icily. “I’ll give you one last warning—”

Before she could finish, Su Yi raised his sword and walked over.

This might not have seemed like much, but in truth, it was so domineering that the woman almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

Since when did anyone dare disregard the threat of the Blue Luan Spirit Race?

“I’ll give you a chance,” said Su Yi. “Leave the seal behind and get out of my sight immediately, or die.”

His tone was casual as he fixed his distant gaze on the woman.

The atmosphere silently transformed, instantly oppressive.

The woman stiffened, her expression shifting and uncertain.

This was her first time being threatened like this, and her heart filled with fury too great to put into words.

But when she recalled scenes of their earlier fight, she ultimately took a deep breath, flung the seal, and walked off.

Su Yi laughed, but he didn’t find this surprising.

“Just you wait!”

The woman’s hate-tinged voice emanated from afar.

Su Yi disregarded her, instead stretching out his hand and grabbing that Daoist seal.

Immortal light rose around it. It was simple and well-made, yet it seemed heavier than a divine mountain. Two characters, each the size of a fly’s head, were carved at its base. They read “Southern Mountain!”

Its aura was so dense and heavy that it intimidated the heart and soul.

Alas, its surface was covered with marks seemingly left by axes and sabers. This severely decreased its power.

Su Yi examined it closely before reaching a conclusion. “This treasure’s power is already beyond the World King level, but it’s far inferior to the Immortal-Burning Ruler and the Divine Tribulation War Spear. It’s most likely a Transcendent-level treasure.”

He soon put the treasure away and walked up to the pond. That blue-green stalk of divine medicine floated within its waters, giving rise to immortal light and a sacred aura.

The medicine was greedily absorbing the pond’s water at a rate visible even to the naked eye. The leaves silently transformed, becoming increasingly radiant and eye-catching.

What really impressed Su Yi was that the pond water was full of a dense immortal aura and vibrant vitality. It was even more startling than Dark and Gold Essence, the power of a star realm’s chaos source!

“Even if it isn’t immortal medicine, it’s a treasure of the Path of Transcendence. Its value is inestimable.” Su Yi’s eyes flashed.

He could tell that this stalk of divine medicine was transforming, and it was about to reach maturity!

This explained why that Blue Luan Spirit Race woman had been keeping watch here instead of just picking the divine medicine.

Su Yi examined it closely and took his time to do some calculations. In the end, he reached the conclusion that the divine medicine would fully mature within two days!

“Two days, that’s all. I can afford to wait, and while I’m at it, I can try to refine the Southern Mountain Daoist Seal.”

With that thought in mind, he sat down and crossed his legs.


Deep within Crow Ridge, dark clouds surged, and lightning ran rampant.

Collapsed ancient buildings lay strewn across a ruined stretch of earth.

Experts of the Blue Luan Spirit Race were resting within a dilapidated temple.

Their leader was a man in ornate purple robes and a jade crown. He had youthful features and a steady disposition.

He gripped an ancient beast skin map and said softly, “Crow Ridge was once the ancestral ground of an immortal cultivation faction known as Sky Crow Mountain. During the End of the Dharma, it was considered a first-rate faction of immortal cultivators.”

“Sky Crow Mountain once gave rise to true immortals, and it has complete legacies of the Path of Transcendence. Alas, as powerful as this sect was, it was unable to survive the End of the Dharma.”

The young man in ornate robes couldn’t help but be wistful.

The End of the Dharma!

This was the name of the strange catastrophe that severed the path to immortality, and the dark, tumultuous age that followed.

Who knew how many factions of immortal cultivators had been lost?

The Eastern Profound Star Domain had been cut off from the world of immortals ever since. The Immortal Realm was the Immortal Realm, and the Human Realm was the Human Realm.

Throughout the Eastern Profound Star Domain, the path to immortality no longer existed!

“According to our clan’s ancient records, Sky Crow Mountain was comprised entirely of yao cultivators. Their founder was a Blood Crow born of the source of a calamity. Before he transcended to the Immortal Realm, he left behind his natal spirit bone, which was refined into a legacy jade record,” the ornately dressed young man said softly. “This jade record contains Sky Crow Mountain’s oldest and greatest legacy. If everything is as I suspect, both the recent changes to Crow Ridge and the good fortune soon to enter the world are connected to this jade record!”

His companions’ eyes couldn’t help but reveal their longing.

If they seized that jade record, wouldn’t they possess the complete legacy of a faction of immortal cultivators?

That would surely include cultivation methods for the Path of Transcendence!

“This secret is only recorded in our clan’s ancient tomes. No one else in this world knows about it. Even the Nine Heavens Pavilion is completely in the dark,” the ornately dressed young man said leisurely. “And this gives us an opportunity! No matter what, we have to bring this good fortune back to the sect!”

He’d only just said this when a man in black walked inside and hurriedly delivered a report. “Young Leader, Elder Mu Yun just sent word that someone forcefully occupied the place the Sevenleaf Blue Violet Treasure Tree is growing!”

The crowd was stunned.

The atmosphere was instantly silent and oppressive.

But the ornately dressed young man didn’t seem at all concerned. He stared at the beast skin map and said slowly, “Tell me, why... did you feel the need to report something so trivial?”

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