From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show-Chapter 627 New Face of the Show

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Chapter 627 New Face of the Show

Fortunately, before Lin Zhi could hurt June, he was taken away by the guards and escorted out of the set.

Hopefully, for good, this time.

Ann didn't hesitate to upload the video to Navel, and it quickly went viral, just as CEO Kim Young Do released his statement.

The video quickly garnered 100,00 views only five minutes after it was posted. It even garnered more attention than other idol groups' comebacks!

Moreover, to add salt to the wound, Minjun posted the article he wrote last night, a bit delayed due to June's initial opposition.

In a span of a few minutes, the career that Lin Zhi built from the ground crumbled...

...and now, it was already buried underground.

- What the heck? A person like this came close to my precious June?

- I knew he was a narcissist as soon as he appeared on Rising Stars. I can't believe he got diagnosed with depression when he's actually narcissistic.

- Is June safe? I'm worried for him.

- I hope he never hurts my kitty cat.

- June is a strong boy. Imagine getting accused of all these things for the past month? He's really been through it.

- I'm worried for his health.

- Goodness, what's going to happen to 'Untouched Souls' now?

- Don't worry, guys. Director Jam is very strict on the set. Lin Zhi's as good as done.

- I heard they're already midway through the filming.

- That doesn't matter for Director Jam.

"Alright," Director Jam said, massaging his temples as they were already aching.

"Let's postpone the filming for today. I need to talk with the investors and the other producers about the replacement of Lin Zhi."

"Wait, he's going to be replaced?" Hana asked.

"Why?" Director Jam asked. "Are you expecting me to keep him after everything that has been proven?"

June's smirk widened, so he quickly covered his mouth to hide his happiness.

"No," Hana shook her head. "I'm just surprised. It's usually not this fast."

Director Jam clenched his fists under the table.

Indeed, there needed to be more processing before a cast member was expelled from the production. However, thinking about how his precious June was hurt because of Lin Zhi made him speed up his decisions.

"I'll see you guys during the weekend," Director Jam said. "We'll proceed with the other scenes then."

The others nodded in agreement while Director Jam made his way out of the room, already receiving calls from some of the investors.

June dusted his hand as the other actors got up and started gossiping about what had just happened, still in disbelief at Lin Zhi's breakdown.

"He's done," June muttered to himself with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

June was certain that Lin Zhi's stardom now plummeted to the ground, buried, and with no chance of being revived.

This might not be enough to get him apprehended, especially with Laohu still backing him up, but June was satisfied for now.

June finally stood from his seat but suddenly felt dizzy, causing him to lean on one of the chairs for support.

Taehyun and Hana noticed this, and they quickly went to aid him.

"Are you okay?" they asked in unison.

Hana narrowed her eyes in suspicion as Taehyun looked at June with a concerned gaze.

"This dude," Hana muttered. "Why is he acting so close?"

June gently removed their arms away from him and nodded despite feeling lightheaded.

"Yeah, I'm fine," June said. "I think the schedule's just getting to me."

Hana nodded in understanding.

"You should go to the hospital," she said.

"I just did," June answered.

"Oh, are you okay?" she asked.

June nodded despite not even getting checked in the hospital.

"I already bought some medicine."

"Continue drinking them," Hana said. "You should eat a lot of soup and meat, too. I was the same when I was starting out as an actress and was an extra in a lot of films and dramas. Take a break when you need to. We have about three days until our next filming."

"Yeah," June said. "I believe EVE doesn't have a schedule, too. I'm just going to call Jay."

"Yeah, you do that," Hana said. "Taehyun and I will practice some lines."

June nodded and went out of the conference room while calling Jay.

Fortunately, his manager was eating at a nearby restaurant after dropping Kai off, so Jay quickly finished his meal and went to fetch June.

June sighed in relief when he saw the van approaching. After thinking of what to do and gathering evidence for the past week, June felt just how tired he was.

He sat on the passenger seat and closed his eyes, finding the car seat soft and comfortable.

"We don't have any schedules for the next three days, right?" June asked, still with closed eyes.

"Yup!" Jay excitedly exclaimed. "I scheduled this break for you since you've been working so hard for the past month. Iknow that it's been a tough month, so you need to take some rest."

A small smile appeared on June's face.

"However, you guys have another shoot for a make-up brand after the three-day break. Moreover, you're going to perform at a festival this summer."

June nodded. "It's alright."

Just as long as he was free for the three whole days, then he felt like he could fully recuperate.

"I also don't have a schedule," June smiled,almost falling asleep.

"Really?" Jay asked, sounding too elated.

"Yeah," June nodded. "The shoot is postponed because of Lin Zhi. I guess I have something to thank that bastard for. I can finally rest after months of working."

Jay pursed his lips together.

"Well, you see..."

June opened his eyes and looked at Jay with a suspicious gaze.


He knew that kind of gaze.

"Did you book me for something again?"

Jay aggressively shook his head, some spit even spilling from the side of his mouth.

"I didn't," he exclaimed. "I really didn't."

"Then, why does it seem like I have a schedule for these three days of rest?"

Jay sheepishly smiled while scratching the back of his head.

June groaned in frustration as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Just tell me," June said, already feeling tired.

Somehow, he already knew that a three-day break was too good to be true.

"Do you know that Rising Stars has a new season?"

June frowned in confusion. "Has it been one year already?"

"Nope," Jay shook his head. "It's near, though. Your one-year anniversary is coming up, too."

"I believe they're going to air it around the same time, maybe a bit earlier, since this one is a girl's season."

"You're over-explaining," June deadpanned. "Just tell me."

"You know the role of Min-ho in your season?" he asked.

June nodded.

"Well, Azure had decided to give that role to you this year."

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