Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback-Chapter 559 - : I Can’t Feel My Hand at All 3

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Chapter 559: I Can’t Feel My Hand at All 3

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Ever since she arrived in the Hidden World, she changed how she addressed Huangfu Ruiling to Ling. Huangfu Ruiling, the head of the Huangfu family, was known as Huangfu Ling.

As for Ye Lengan, upon arriving in the Hidden World, she declared her name as Ye An’an. This was because Huangfu Ruiling insisted on calling her by her name and was reluctant to change it. Therefore, she could only go by Ye An’an.

She also felt that anyone familiar with them would surely raise suspicions upon hearing these two names.

When she brought up this question, Huangfu Ruiling responded straightforwardly, stating that there weren’t many people they were familiar with here. Moreover, even if someone did suspect, so what? Who would dare to approach them directly to verify?

Later, upon reflection, she realized that Huangfu Ruiling was the current head of the Huangfu family. People who could interact with him regularly were already scarce. It was implausible for heads of other families to inquire about such matters from him. As for others, even if they found it peculiar, they lacked the courage to approach Huangfu Ruiling.

Feeling the warmth on his cheek, Huangfu Ruilings eyes brimmed with tenderness, and his tone was almost dripping with affection. “As long as you like it.’

“Then where shall we go tomorrow?” Ye Lengan held Huangfu Ruilings hand and eagerly asked, “I’ve noticed that this place is quite similar to the cultivation world. However, there are also aspects that are remarkably similar to the mortal world. Today, I just strolled around casually, and the time I spent lingering at the medincine shop was the longest.”

“That shop is the largest in the Hidden World.” Huangfu Ruiling chuckled as he explained, “The owner behind it is no ordinary person. He didn’t emerge from a prominent family but, through relentless efforts, cultivated to become a formidable figure in the late stage of the Golden Core Realm. Consequently, he conducts such a significant business in the Hidden World that it has disrupted the interests of many major families. Nevertheless, none of these families can lay a finger on him.”

“So, he’s a formidable cultivator.” Ye Lengan nodded. “Speaking of which, when I visited the medicine store today, I didn’t even know what Spirit Coins were. I almost faced an embarrassing situation.”

Shopping without understanding the common currency was akin to a colossal social faux pas. If she hadn’t later discovered the option of doorstep delivery, she felt she might have resorted to calling for help on the snot.

“It’s my fault,” Huangfu Ruiling immediately admitted, empathizing with the awkward situation Ye Lengan found herself in. “l should have informed you about these things in advance.”

As they conversed, Huangfu Ruiling handed Ye Lengan a storage bag. “Here are some Spirit Coins and spirit stones. In the Hidden World, the commonly used currency is Spirit Coins and spirit stones. However, in most cases, Spirit Coins are preferred, as ordinary individuals who acquire spirit stones typically think of using them for cultivation rather than buying or selling goods.”

“So, spirit stones can be used too!” Ye Lengan accepted the storage bag from Huangfu Ruiling and playfully stuck out her tongue. “If 1 had known earlier, I wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed today.”

Huangfu Ruiling chuckled softly. “In the end, didn’t you arrange for someone to deliver it and settle the bill? That way, it wouldn’t have been very awkward!”

“l only found out later that they could deliver to my doorstep,” Ye Lengan said with a smile, shaking her head. “And besides, 1 think their service is exceptional because I paid them a Nine-Cycle Soul-Returning Pill.”

“A Nine-Cycle Soul-Returning Pill?” Huangfu Ruiling raised an eyebrow. “Are you using it for an exchange?”

“Yes.” Ye Lengan nodded. “All for the sake of the Seven-Colored Enchantress. The shop owner’s requirements were indeed peculiar. Apart from demanding one million Spirit Coins, he also insisted on receiving a Nine-Cycle

Soul-Returning Pill before agreeing to sell the Seven-Colored Enchantress.”

Upon hearing Ye Leng’an’s explanation, Huangfu Ruiling understood. “The shop owner must be doing this for his wife!”

“His wife?” Ye Lengan was surprised. “What happened to his wife? Needing a Nine-Cycle Soul-Returning Pill suggests things aren’t going well.”

“I’m not very clear on the situation,” Huangfu Ruiling shook his head. “I’ve only heard that his wife has been seriously ill and has been resting at home for many years. 1 don’t know if the situation has deteriorated or if it’s just a precautionary measure..”