Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband-Chapter 558.5: Priceless Treasure

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"Let me have a closer look at your gift. I suspect that Ning Xueluo might have done something to it!" Ning Tianxin alerted.

There must be something odd happening.

Ning Xi smiled and whispered to Ning Tianxin, "Cousin Sister, you sure are smart. The present does have some flaws but it’s been by my side the whole time, so I'm sure that nothing has happened to it."

"Then?" Ning Tianxin asked suspiciously.

"For some reason, Ning Xueluo knew what I was going to give Grandfather, so she prepared the same present as mine and of course, hers is much more expensive!"

Ning Tianxin immediately knew what was going on and she continued in panic, "What then? Even if Grandfather doesn’t mind, the people around us would surely say something nasty...Xiao Xi, why don't I exchange something for you?"

"It’s okay, I’m fine as long as Grandfather doesn’t mind." Ning Xi walked towards her grandfather with her present and gracefully wished him, "Grandfather, happy birthday."

Ning Tianxin was worried about her but then she suddenly calmed down.

She had been blinded. At first, Ning Xi had not wanted to return to the Ning family. Besides that, she was clearly not after the Ning family’s property. No matter what everyone else said to her, she did not care about their opinions, only being concerned about Grandfather’s opinion.

Being reunited with his granddaughter was a happy enough occasion for him, so he did not mind even if she had not prepared any gift. He smile and told her, "I’m already very glad that you’re back, you don't to prepare anything for me! You’ve been working so hard on your own outside!"

"Anyway, it’s Sister’s sincerity, quickly open it, Grandfather!" Ning Xueluo told him, hiding her eagerness.

"Okay, okay…" The elder slowly opened up the box and was surprised when he saw what was inside but he recovered quickly. He looked at Ning Xi kindly, "Girls are really sweet, they both thought of the same thing and got me what I like!"

Ning Xueluo shot them a cold gaze as she sneered at them inwardly. So, you would still like it because your real granddaughter gave it to you…

Others also saw what Ning Xi presented him with and they were surprised. What a coincidence! They both gave him the same thing!

Ning Xueluo’s friends started gossiping…

Ying Fanglin glanced at the jade bead bracelet and ridiculed, "That's totally different! Xueluo’s one is definitely top-notch quality, this is just some worthless trash! How is that the same?!"

Jing Xuanxuan went along, "Ning Xi, didn’t you just move over to Glory World Entertainment? You should be earning a lot, shouldn't you? And you just bought such a poor quality item like this? It’s your grandfather’s 70th birthday. Are you really okay with giving him this? Do you know that jade has an aura of its own which can make or break a person’s fortune?"

That last sentence was a devastating arrow meant to embarrass her.

Suddenly, Ning Xi was targeted by everyone.

"Please don’t put it that way, she might not be doing very well herself!" someone said jokingly.

"What? For giving something she can’t afford, why did she choose something as expensive as this?"

"You have to understand that people from small villages like to act generously and act ignorantly. How would they know about the taboo about jade stones?"

Ning Zhiyuan was really unhappy as he heard all the comments. Just as he was going to speak up, an bespectacled old man from the crowd said in a serious tone, "My young friends, please allow me to say something. The taboo about jade stones doesn’t lie in its worth. And a jade’s quality is based on many factors. Even if it was just a normal jade, with suitable care or if it were crafted by a renowned maker and blessed by high priest monks, it could become a priceless treasure!"

The elder hesitated and looked at the jade Ning Xi had given to her grandfather before continuing, "And this is what I would call a priceless treasure!"