Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl-Chapter 556 - : Arriving in the Southwest

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Chapter 556: Arriving in the Southwest

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Concubine He, was the Fifth Young Ladys mother.

After Fifth Miss died, Concubine He was too sad and lost her mental support.

In addition, the old madam who could support her was gone, and the second master did not like her. In the future, when she went to the southwest, she would have to carry out heavy labor. Thinking of this, she felt that her future was bleak and she could not see any hope at all.

With such a huge psychological pressure, Concubine He didn’t last long before she followed Madam Jin.

Two of them had gone in a row. Including Shu Yu, whose whereabouts were unknown, there were three. the Shu family not help but feel uneasy and the atmosphere was low.

No one had expected that just three days ago, Seventh Miss suddenly fell into the water. When she was fished out, she was already dead. “You said that the last one is Seventh Young Lady?”

The one who tried to scare Shu Yu with a cockroach in the cell?

Madam Hou nodded. “Yes, at noon three days ago, we rested by the river and prepared to eat something. Everyone didn’t have much energy, so they tried to rest as much as possible, so no one noticed where Seventh Miss went. When the official said that they were leaving, they could not find her. Later, someone shouted that a person was floating on the river. The official dragged the person ashore and found that it was Seventh Miss. She was already dead.” Shu Yu frowned. “She was fine. Why did she fall into the water?”

Madam Hou sighed. “The officer checked the riverbank and saw traces. She accidentally fell.”

“If she falls into the river, there should be some movement. No matter how weak she was, she should have shouted for help at the moment of life and death. She didn’t make a sound at all? Also, why did she go to the river all of a sudden?”

When Shu Yu said this, Madam Hou couldn’t help but frown, feeling that it was somewhat strange. “You’re saying that someone harmed her?” “l wasn’t there, so it’s hard to say. I just feel that it’s strange.”

After Shu Yu finished speaking, she lay on the bed.

The Shu family had been exiled from Dongan Province to Linzhang Prefecture. They were about to reach their destination, and five of the dozen or so people had already gone.

This number was not considered a lot. Some of the exiled teams had lost two-thirds of their troops on the road. The Shu family was made up of women, and they were all pampered. Most of them were able to reach their destination safely, thanks to the group of officials they met who were not too bad.

Especially with that officer in charge, the Shu family was already considered lucky that there had not been any incidents of forcing themselves on them. Shu Yu fell asleep, but Madam Hou and the Sixth Young Lady looked at each other.

The two of them carefully thought about the situation at that time, but no matter how they thought about it, they could not figure out who was the person who harmed Seventh Young Lady.

But at the very least, Madam Hou became even more cautious in the next few days.

The next morning, the group set off again.

Because Shu Yu was injured, she sat on the cart and let the mule continue pulling her.

The leading officer was already fine, so Madam Hou and the Sixth Young Lady also sat down.

The rest of the journey wasn’t far, and there weren’t any more problems along the way. two days later, the group finally arrived at Linzhang Prefecture.

Standing at the city gate, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Shu Yu found it funny. The official could be said to have completed his mission, but why did the Shu family relax as well? Working day and night was the most difficult, okay?

“Let’s go to the government office first.”

At the city gate, the leading officer asked Shu Yu and the others to get off the cart..