Global Awakening: I created the system-Chapter 81 meeting ends

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81 meeting ends

"Ahem, thank you general, and don't worry our conditions are anything but unreasonable"

"In fact, we as people of the Dragon country who have lived here all our lives of anything would be the one who wouldn't want anything bad to happen to our country the most"

"Especially when you consider the fact that all our friends and family live here, we definitely want it to remain safe"

"However, given the sudden situation we have no choice but to request some requirements from your side if we want to make this possible" said Mu Fan

Seeing Fang Ping acting so generous, Mu Fan couldn't help but cast him a strange glance

However, in order for them to achieve to their purpose, he ignored the strange gazes from all around and began to state their conditions one by one

"As you all know, this so-called game called the new world, while giving us strength it also exposes us to danger on the outside world"

"So our number one request is for you or at least the army to guarantee our safety while in the game"

Taking a pause, after seeing there wasn't much objection from the government officials present or Fang Ping, Mu Fan continued to state the other conditions

Fortunately, either because none of the conditions were to harsh, or that the current state of the current state of the country was so bad they had no choice to agree

Any which in any case was a good thing for Mu Fan and the others who were wary of the government

Thanks to this, unlike what they expected earlier to be some sort of negotiations or compromise, Mu Fan couldn't believe it when he saw that Fang ping accepted all their conditions without the slightest refusal

In fact, had it not been he was the one who said the conditions, Mu fan would have thought that maybe Fang ping heard the wrong thing or the wrong message was delivered

However, witnessing it first hand Mu Fan knew this wasn't a joke, and no matter how hard it was to believe, the reality was that they were currently experiencing a beat case scenario.

And it seemed like Fang Ping had cought on their doubts as after a few minutes of silence, he couldn't help but let out a light chuckle at Mu Fans actions

"Haha relax Mr Mu Fan, in fact all your conditions have long been expected by us so you see its not all to surprising"

"Not only have your conditions been anticipated buy us, but provisions to meet all of them have properly been made so don't worry about it"

"As the current highest level of strength in the game and reality, we the dragon country promise to let you game in peace!"

"However, while I would love to talk more on your conditions but since we've already come to a conclusion I might as well move to other topics"

"Right now it's a race against time for us to strengthen ourselves against the incoming and ongoing disasters

"Because of this, we can't even afford to waste a moment's time, I hope you understand"

Solving Mu Fans doubts, Fang ping didn't give him a chance to react before he continued he meeting starting from where he left off

The sudden rise of monsters, types of dungeons discovered, gods chosen, the tower of trials, World invaders, the dawn guild, relics

Time soon passed and all these topics were covered one by one giving everyone present a general understanding of the situation around the world the day

And truth be told, things were not looking all too good for humanity

According to research, the effects of aura on animals in a natural state is more effective on animals than humans

Not only that but a few animals have begun to show signs of wisdom after absorbing certain amounts of aura and reaching a certain level of strength

With these signs, it was predicted that if humans did nothing they would be overrun and knocked down from their overlord status by animals

Listening to this, everyone couldn't help but feel the severity of the matter.

If that happened, not only would the dragon country not be safe, but no place in the world would be safe for any of them to go

Because of that, if not for anything but for the sake of living comfortably in the future, everyone knew they had to work their hardest

Especially Lin Xiao, Chen Ling and Mu Fan who after hearing this looked at each other with solemn expressions expressing their determination with to fight for the future with clenched fists

Seeing this, Fang ping just shook his head and continued speaking, since he as a major general knew some news that even they the thirty gamers were not allowed to have access to

And that news made him feel helpless and hopeless about the future whenever the thought about it

"Sigh~ although I'm happy that their all determined, but unfortunately determination and will isn't enough to change this ending"

Muttering under his lips, Fang ping took a quick glance at his watch knowing that it was almost time for the meeting



Time soon passed, and under Fang longs lead the meeting soon started reaching its end

Although short but in these few hours, the basic situation and plan on how to deal with the global awakening had been laid down

Now all that was left to do was to wait and see if these things were successfully and the dragon country would be able to take a stand in this new era

And if not, just watch slowly as each of the meet their untimely demise


"That's all for now, tomorrow you all will be assigned to various posts and activities just as we planned in today's meeting"

"For now, just follow the guard and personal who escorted you here to your resting quarters where your parents are"

"As for the next meeting, that'll be when something else major comes up or the new world has officially launched its second round"

"As for Mu Fan, Ling Xiao and Chen Ling, you three stay here. I have an order for you three from the government"

Clapping his hands, Fang ping ended the meeting allowing everyone to go meet their family and friends who had been transported before them

According to him, due to the current situations of spies and assassins from other countries plus their currently poularity from the live broadcast

Going back home would not only put themselves in danger, but it was also extremely insafe for their family members

Just imagining their family member being used as a hostage to get to them or the government was something neither of them wanted to see

Due to that, they didn't have any options about temporarily living under government surveillance

Plus considering the fact that most of the people Ye Tain select into the game were desperate, depressed or eager for some type of revenge

Not going home for a while wasn't something to be too sentimental about.

So with that said, without anymore hesitation everyone stood up as they couldn't wait to leave here and relax




Exiting one by one out of the meeting room, it wasn't too surprising that the once rowdy meeting room was once again completely silent

Unlike before where it was filled to the brim with all kinds of government officials, security and new world players

Right now it was only Yang Kai who stood at the entrance waiting for them to finish, Mu Fan, Ling Xiao and Chen Ling who were waiting for their mission

And last but not the least, Fang Ping who ordered them to remain behind.

"Alright you three, the above wants you guys to attend a school trip to a dungeon as part of the new obligatory student training program"

"But don't worry, you just need to follow your classmates and a few guards and observes through a low level dungeon cleared and owned by the government"

"In order to protect the country and prepare for the future, the government has decided to begin training students to fight for the future"

"And although you might not want to admit it, but the three of you before entering the game were students so you still have to go for it"

Making surea that everyone had gone, Fang Ling began telling them about the government's plan to begin training soldiers for the future

"Chen Ling, Ling Xiao, what do both of you think?"

"I personally think it doesn't seem to be too big of a problem, in fact this might be an opportunity for us to see our classmates one last time"

"At least I have to let my buddy Ye Tian know that i might not see him again for a long time"

Speaking of this, Mu Fan couldn't help but feel a little bit sad knowing he wasn't going to see his best for a long time

In fact, Chen Ling and Mu Fan also thought of this, and realizing this might be their one ast time to say goodbye to their friends

The both of them agreed to it without much hesitation.

"Alright general Fang, we agree"

"If that's all, the three of us will be taking out leave now" said Chen Ling

Saying this, the three of them left the meeting room with Yang Kai not giving him a chance to respond

Obviously they too couldn't wait to see their family.

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