Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game-Chapter 2189 - Killing

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Chapter 2189 Killing

[Hint: The player has killed a special legendary creature-electronic spirit.]


[Hint: Combined killing contribution points, the player has obtained 200,000 King of Gods’ points and 20,000,000 survival points.]


In the hall below, Fang Heng’s face was pale, but a smile played on his lips.

He had won the gamble!

Unlike the previous times he used his ultimate move, this time it didn’t seem as spectacular or explosive.

But the outcome was unexpectedly good!

The electronic spirit was directly drained by the Blood Sakura!

However, the cost of using it was still considerable.

Fang Heng gasped for air, breathing heavily.

With the destruction of the entire spiritual domain network, he no longer needed to worry about continuous pursuit from the spawns.

As he pondered this, game notifications rapidly appeared.

[Hint: The player has terminated the pursuit from the spawns, completing the mission-Pursuit from the spawns. The player’s current danger rating (spawns’ internal rating) has been upgraded to A-level.]

[Hint: The player is currently entering the mission settlement phase…]

[Hint: The player has successfully completed 7 rounds of pursuit from the spawns. Mission reward upgraded to S-level.]

[Hint: The player intercepted the spawns from entering the “World of Forests”, expected to intercept for at least 19,200 hours. The player receives a maximum value reward, and the mission reward is upgraded to SS+-level.]

[Hint: The player destroyed the electronic spirit, causing damage to the spawns’ network. Additional rewards obtained, mission reward upgraded to SSS-level.]

[Hint: The player can choose one of the following optional mission rewards.]

Mission Reward 1: Book of Versatility (academic)*25.

Description: By directly using this skill book, players can gain 50,000,000 experience points in any academic skill mastered by the player (excluding bloodline skills), which cannot cause the skill to level up. If the skill has reached its maximum level, the remaining experience points will be temporarily stored in the experience bar and automatically applied after the skill levels up.

Mission Option 2: Textbooks from the spawns’ middle school (Bound upon acquisition).

Description: A set of textbooks from the spawns’ middle school textbooks phased out five years ago, including compulsory and elective subjects. These textbooks encompass a wealth of spawns’ technological principles (requires Laboratory Level 800 for use).

Mission Reward 3: Elementary Psychic Studies (bound after acquisition).

Description: After obtaining it, the player can master elementary psychics.

[Hint: The player currently has a mission-either mental or physical. Learning psychic studies may result in changes to later-stage missions.]

Mission Reward 4: Broken beacon radar.

Description: A damaged waymark beacon radar was accidentally discovered. If it can be repaired, the player can retrieve world waymark instrument information entered by spawns.

Mission Reward 5: Spiritual domain blockade network blueprint.

Description: After learning this blueprint, the player can establish a spiritual domain blockade network within the world (requires prerequisites such as advanced engineering, futuristic technology, Laboratory Level 900, elite mechanical research, and materials science. The player can lower the crafting requirements to produce a simplified version).

Mission Reward 6: Mutated flight prism blueprint and mutated prism finished product*5.

Description: The mutated flight prism is a special flying device created by the spawns. The player can obtain five unbounded flying devices. After obtaining the blueprint, the player can learn how to create the mutated flight prism (Requires prerequisites such as futuristic technology, Laboratory Level 600, elite mechanical research, and materials science.)

Two out of six?

Fang Heng did not expect the mission rewards to be so generous.

Each one looked quite appealing!

Fang Heng steadied his mind, reexamining the rewards.

The first priority was determined.

Psychic studies!

This skill was highly relevant to the mission at hand and the advanced world of spawns in the game.

He had researched it before.

Psychic studies was an extremely rare academic skill.

Ordinary players hardly ever came into contact with it!

Now that there was an opportunity, naturally, one had to find a way to learn it.

Fang Heng still clearly remembered when he and Charlene were trapped together.

That person effortlessly dealt with wave after wave of monsters, as if spawning them was as easy as eating and drinking.

Charlene was using psychic abilities back then!

[Hint: The player chooses the psychic skill book (bound).]

[Hint: Detected that the player currently has too many academic disciplines and bloodlines. It is not recommended for the player to learn more academic disciplines.]

[Hint: Please have the player select the second reward option.]

Fang Heng glanced at the game warning and slapped the psychic book on his forehead.

[Hint: The player currently has mastered-Foundation psychic studies.]

[Skill: Foundation psychic studies Level 1.]

Type: Academic skill

Description: Psychic is the starting point for everything. You begin to sense this invisible special strength and start paying special attention to how this strength influences you.

Description: Gain an initial 1 point of spirit and 1 point of will; additionally gain spirit and will equal to the skill level multiplied by 1 (maximum skill level is Level 10).

Additional skill: Psychic Guard (Passive).

Skill description: You are less susceptible to the influence of powers such as mental suggestions, mental disturbances, and illusions. The effectiveness of this skill is related to the player’s will and spirit.

Reading the skill description, Fang Heng couldn’t help but feel intrigued.

Psychic was so powerful?

Normal skills did not increase attribute values much at the foundation level.

But with psychic studies, every grade increase added a full two points!

And psychic studies even came with an additional passive defense skill!

Leaving aside everything else, just preventing mental suggestions and disturbances was extremely effective, especially when facing the Holy Court.

Clearly, it was the Holy Spirit, yet they insisted on using disgusting psychological suggestions.

Fang Heng muttered to himself, shook his head, and continued reading.

The skill didn’t explain how to level up psychic studies quickly.

There was no need to rush for now. He would study it slowly after returning.

Fang Heng continued to choose the second reward.

The remaining rewards included an experience book, spawns’ middle school teaching textbooks, a flight prism blueprint, a spiritual domain blockade network blueprint, and a damaged beacon radar.

Fang Heng pondered.

Most of them were good items, but none were urgent for him right now.

Optional items like the flight prism blueprint and spiritual domain blockade network blueprint weren’t necessary.

Converting the blueprints into usable artifacts would likely take a long time, and he already had the bat form, so he was not in urgent need of flying artifacts.

As for the spiritual domain blockade network, it was even more nonsensical.

It took both spawns and the human Federation more than a year of hard work to establish it, so even if he rushed, it would still take several months.

Plus, where would he even set it up?

In the Zombie Apocalypse?

There was no need for the novice to protect the Zombie Apocalypse.

These two options were temporarily ruled out.

The remaining experience books were pretty good. They could be used to save him in special situations, or it would be good to directly increase his psychic skills.

There were also the high school textbooks of the spawns. After handing them over to Qiu Yaokang, the research level of the laboratory could be upgraded. He might even find other ways to deal with the spawns.

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