Global Job Change: Starting With The Hidden Job, Lord Of The Death-Chapter 523 No Cooperation, Full Advancement! (2)

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Chapter 523 No Cooperation, Full Advancement! (2)

Zhao Yuheng broke the armor on the Holy Knight in front of her with a single attack. A white light lit up and directly enveloped the Holy Knight's body, teleporting him out. After a long period of attack, Zhao Yuheng had already completely broken the defense of this Holy Knight. The other party was unable to resist at all and was directly eliminated by Zhao Yuheng.

When Lu Yan broke through the golden defensive barrier, the remaining two Holy Knights no longer had any combat strength. Seeing that there were only the two of them left in the arena, they also admitted defeat with pale faces.

It could not be helped. No matter how desperately the two Holy Knights fought, it was impossible for them to eliminate anyone else. It was better for them to directly surrender to prevent their armor from being damaged.

Only the participants of the Golden Corner Academy were left in the entire arena, and none of them were missing!

The Golden Corner Academy had successfully advanced!

Everyone advanced!

Zhao Yuheng and the others smiled. The referee below the arena also went on stage and directly announced the outcome of this team competition.

The entire venue was silent. All the surrounding audience looked at Lu Yan and the others in the arena in shock.

They had expected the Golden Corner Academy to win, but they did not expect the Golden Corner Academy to not lose a single person.

They won this team competition without anyone being eliminated!

"How exaggerated. Although the Golden Corner Academy is very powerful, it's not to the extent where everyone can advance, right?"

"That's right. There's still a first-year student on their team. Moreover, for the Wind Academy to be able to participate in the global university exchange competition, even if they lose, they shouldn't have lost completely."

"What do you mean by that? It's Lu Yan, okay? If not for him being the first to eliminate the assassin, even if the Golden Corner Academy could win, it definitely wouldn't have been so easy."

"That's right. Speaking of which, how did Lu Yan know the location of the three assassins? Isn't this a little too strange? The assassins seem to be unable to hide from him."

After a short silence, the surrounding audience began to discuss.

Other than expressing their shock at the fact that the Golden Corner Academy had defeated the those assassins previously. He only confirmed the location of those assassins after they appeared. Looks like he probably has some special method to determine the location of the assassins who Wind Academy, they mostly discussed Lu Yan's killing of the assassin.

To be able to quickly know the location of the assassin, this ability shocked them and made the hearts of the assassins of the other teams tighten.

After all, the strongest thing about assassins was that they could hide their location and attack unexpectedly.

If the other party could discover their location, it would be equivalent to losing an arm to an assassin. It might even be more serious.

"Although I don't know how Lu Yan discovered those assassins, he clearly didn't know the location of those assassins previously. He only confirmed the location of those assassins after they appeared. Looks like he probably has some special method to determine the location of the assassins who appeared."

"Let's not talk about this first. Can't you tell that Lu Yan really doesn't cooperate with his teammates? It doesn't even feel like they're in the same team."

"That's right. I also discovered that if not for Lu Yan being able to summon a large number of undead and cooperate very well with his teammates, the Golden Corner Academy would probably have suffered a few eliminations."

The surrounding audience quickly discovered that Lu Yan and the others were not cooperating.

After all, this was a team competition. Without cooperation, their combat strength would decrease a lot.

Moreover, although Lu Yan's combat strength was very powerful, it had not reached the level where he could carry the entire team.

After all, there were also very powerful existences in the other teams.

For example, the team Brady and Gilbert were in.

However, no matter what, the Golden Corner Academy had won this battle. Moreover, they won without anyone on their team being eliminated. Lu Yan and the others walked off the arena with smiles. Everyone's gazes were on Lu Yan and the others, and many participating teams' gazes were filled with fear.

On the main seat, the King of the Eagle Country looked at Lu Yan in the Golden Corner Academy, his eyes flickering slightly. "I didn't expect Lu Yan to have never gotten used to his team. Isn't the Golden Corner Academy too confident?"

The Pope said, "However, I have to say that Lu Yan's combat strength is already enough to make up for the lack of cooperation. If it were you, King, you would probably also choose to let Lu Yan participate and not a third-year student who can cooperate well, right?"

The King of the Eagle Country nodded when he heard this.

That's right. Lu Yan might not have cooperated well with his teammates, but his individual combat strength was enough to make up for this.

Moreover, Lu Yan's undead army could also cooperate with the team.

Elise's eyes also flickered slightly, becoming even more interested in Lu Yan.

"What ability does this guy have that could let him discover the location of the assassin? I'm really curious."

Looking at Lu Yan, the curiosity on Elise's face became richer.

At this moment, in the elemental elf team, the Elemental Elf Queen looked at Lu Yan, the satisfaction in her eyes becoming richer.

It had to be said that Lu Yan's combat strength was very powerful. Avril's judgment was really not bad.

At the side, Avril looked at Lu Yan with a smile. However, when she thought of Lu Yan saying that he wanted to consider it previously, the smile on her face disappeared a lot.

It had been so long. Could it be that Lu Yan was unwilling?

That was true. She was a stranger who had suddenly asked him to marry her. It was natural for him to be willing, right?

Thinking of this, Avril's face turned somewhat pale.

At the side, the Elemental Elf Queen looked at Avril's expression and knew what she was thinking. She held her small hand.

"Don't worry, Avril. He'll definitely agree to such a huge benefit."

Avril's face turned red when she heard this and she nodded slightly. Her gaze landed on Lu Yan and she could not move her gaze away.

Looking at Avril, the Elemental Elf Queen sighed softly.

It seemed that Avril already had deep feelings for this kid.

Since that was the case, if Lu Yan did not know what was good for him and refused, he could not blame her for directly kidnapping him and making him Avril's husband.

At this moment, Lu Yan and the others had already returned to where the Dragon Country teams were. At this moment, Lei Shuo was about to lose control of the smile on his face and decided to directly let it out. The surrounding Dragon Country teams also sent out teachers to congratulate them. After all, a Dragon Country team had advanced. Everyone was still very happy.

Compared to the happy expressions of the Dragon Country team, the Tiger Country team not far away had a gloomy expression.

Especially the teacher-in-charge of the Wind Academy, his expression was so gloomy that water was about to drip out.

Looking at the dejected participating students who had returned to his side, the teacher-in-charge of the Wind Academy could not help but curse.

"How embarrassing. You lost so miserably and didn't even eliminate a single person from the other team. How impressive."

Hearing the teacher-in-charge's words, the participating students of the Wind Academy lowered their heads with ashamed expressions.

At this moment, in the Dragon Country's team, a gaze landed on Lu Yan, who was the center of attention, with a resentful expression.

The owner of this gaze was from Qingbei University. Mu Yiheng looked at Lu Yan, who was being flattered by everyone, with a resentful expression.

These gazes should have been on him.

It was all because of Lu Yan. He had to make Lu Yan pay the price!