Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction-Chapter 1115 Peak Duel

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Chapter 1115 Peak Duel

?If not for this, Liu Yan would have easily dealt with an ordinary Awakened with 22 stars of combat strength.

However, Liu Yan was also slightly relieved. Although Wei Ping's strength was superior, the gap in their weapons worked in Liu Yan's favor.

Liu Yan could use the SSS-grade Flame Demonic Spear to suppress the advantage of the opponent's giant sword, narrowing the gap between their combat strengths. Liu Yan's overall combat strength was not much weaker than Wei Ping's.

Reaching this point was sufficient for Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yan had not exerted his full strength just yet. He still possessed many powerful trump card skills.

Even though Wei Ping might have held back and had certain trump card skills, Liu Yan was confident that his trump card skills were even more formidable.

Currently, Liu Yan was confident that using a few more trump cards would be enough to defeat Wei Ping.

But killing Wei Ping was not guaranteed.

Defeating the opponent and killing the opponent were two different concepts.

To defeat the other party, one only needed to be stronger and suppress the other. Then, he could defeat the other by continuing the battle.

But killing the other party was entirely different.

After all, being stronger and able to suppress the other party didn't necessarily mean having enough explosive power to finish them off in one go. Without that, the other party would have time to admit defeat and leave!

Liu Yan pondered. It seemed like this was going to be another intense battle.

He had to first use a similar combat strength to continue fighting. When both sides were almost exhausted, the opportunity would come. Only then could Liu Yan suddenly use his powerful trump card skills to finish off Wei Ping instantly, not giving the other party any chance to admit defeat and leave!

Wei Ping, standing opposite Liu Yan, looked at him with shock.

Captain Lei Tianming of Lakon had already guessed that Liu Yan might have been holding back, not as simple as he appeared, and hiding his true strength.

It was also because of this that they had sent Wei Ping, the second strongest expert from Lakon Territory, to ensure everything was safe, to ensure they could finish off Liu Yan in one go.

Wei Ping had also guessed that Liu Yan's strength was not as simple as previously displayed.

However, after exchanging blows, Wei Ping was still a little surprised.

It was truly Liu Yan's strength that exceeded his imagination.

Wei Ping had guessed that Liu Yan might be slightly stronger, but he did not expect him to be so much stronger.

Although there was a difference in weapons, the difference in strength between the two sides was not that significant.

Otherwise, if the difference between the two was too great, even with an advantage in weapons, it would not be possible.

Wei Ping looked at Liu Yan in surprise. He really couldn't understand how a new territory could have such a strong contestant.

What surprised Wei Ping the most was that in the battle just now, the other party's strength did not fluctuate. The other party's combat strength was only at the early stage of 21-star.

And he had a combat strength of 22 stars!

He had the combat strength of an early-stage 21-star, but he could fight head-on with a peak 22-star?

Normally speaking, a difference of more than one-star level was a huge difference in combat strength. After all, this was a difference of nearly 20 levels in combat strength.

A powerhouse with 22-star combat strength could completely kill a powerhouse with 21-star combat strength in an instant!

Of course, there were also a small number of geniuses who could fight across star-classes. This situation existed. fr(e)

However, Wei Ping himself was such a genius. He was an existence that could fight across star classes!

Wei Ping's current combat strength was at the peak of 22 stars. However, among the Awakened who had 23-star of combat strength, it was difficult to find a match for him!

Wei Ping was confident that he could handle the majority of Awakened with 24-star combat strength. As for the few exceptionally talented ones, Wei Ping believed he could face them directly without falling into a disadvantage!

Throughout his journey, Wei Ping had been engaged in cross-

star-class battles, consistently defeating opponents from higher star levels.

Wei Ping never expected that one day he would be the one facing cross-star-class battles, encountering someone even more talented than himself!

Once again, Wei Ping carefully observed Liu Yan who was opposite him, feeling extremely astonished.

Wei Ping was certain that if he allowed this individual to grow, his future would be terrifying beyond imagination. Even a formidable entity like Lakon Territory could potentially be overturned by such an existence!

It wasn't a matter of Lakon Territory being weak, it was just that the other party was unbelievably terrifying!

With these thoughts in mind, Wei Ping couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of fear. He made a determined decision, even if he were heavily injured today, he would fight him to the death. He had to keep this genius on the battlefield indefinitely, ensuring he would never leave the battlefield alive to return to the Origin Territory!

Meanwhile, below the battlefield, both sides were in utter shock after witnessing the outcome of Liu Yan and Wei Ping's initial clash.

The experts from Team Origin were not only surprised but also filled with delight.

After all, Liu Yan was their captain, their leader.

Despite learning about Wei Ping's terrifying strength, they worried for Liu Yan's safety. Yet, after a round of exchanges, Liu Yan not only withstood Wei Ping but seemed to be on par with him!

"Looks like our worries were unfounded," Wei Feng remarked. "The captain's strength surpasses our expectations by far."

"I never expected Liu Yan to possess such formidable strength." Lu Dajiang said.

Huang Yuan added, "I didn't expect it either. Wei Ping is an Awakened with peak 22-star combat strength. There were even rumors a few days ago that he single-handedly dealt with several foreign races boasting 24-star combat strength!"

Liu Qingrou said, "Though slightly disadvantaged, the captain is holding his ground. At worst, he'll lose this battle. He won't be in any danger."

"But is it just losing? Why do I feel that it's not just that? With Liu Yan's personality, he won't be satisfied with this!" Ning Shanshan commented.

Murong Xue expressed her satisfaction. "That's great! So what if the other side is arrogant and sends out their second strongest expert? Liu Yan won't fear them!"

While Luo Wei and Allen Smith remained silent, their eyes were fixed on Liu Yan with anticipation. They were looking forward to the intense battle between Liu Yan and Wei Ping, the clash between these two top experts!

As the experts from Team Origin rejoiced and showed excitement, the expressions of Lakon's experts on the opposite side were filled with bewilderment.

Being Lakon's experts, they had witnessed Wei Ping's terror.

They were well aware of Wei Ping's formidable strength.

To them, Origin Territory was just a new territory. Even with the addition of experts like Lu Dajiang, Lakon's experts couldn't help but look down on them.

In their view, their second strongest expert, Wei Ping, should easily annihilate the opponent. ๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐“Œ๐˜ฆ๐‘๐“ƒโ„ด๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐“.๐’ธโ„ด๐˜ฎ

However, the actual result was far beyond their expectations.

After the battle, Wei Ping not only failed to instantly defeat Liu Yan, but he also seemed to lack a significant advantage. It appeared that the strengths of both sides were nearly equal.

"What's happening? Brother Wei Ping didn't instantly defeat him?"

"Could it be that Brother Wei Ping showed mercy? That doesn't make sense. It's not in his character!"

"This Liu Yan's weapon is quite extraordinary. It seems to be an exceptionally powerful existence."

"Even if there is a difference in weapons, it is impossible."

"Isn't the other party just a new territory? How could they have such an expert?"

"Could it be that Brother Wei Ping can't handle the opponent?"

The experts from Lakon found the scene before them surreal.

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