Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction-Chapter 944 - The Strongest Squad

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944 The Strongest Squad
After Huang Yuan heard Lu Dajiang’s narration, he immediately cursed, “Bullsh*t, what conflict? Isn’t it obvious that Luo Feng and Luo Rui want to deal with Origin Territory? ”

Lu Dajiang and the others looked at each other. How could they not understand this?

It was just that up until now, the situation had already developed to this extent. Luo Rui’s squad was annihilated, and they already had no way of mediating.

This battle seemed inevitable.

They only had two choices. They could either help the Origin Territory or help the many members of the Lighthouse Territory from the Blue Planet. They could only give up one of them.

Ning Shanshan said, “I also feel that Luo Feng and Luo Rui did it purposely. I was so happy when I found out yesterday that Luo Rui might have died. I hope he dies quickly.”

Liu Qingrou said, “I don’t want anything to happen to Liu Yan and his friends, but I also don’t want the Lighthouse Territory to decline. If the Lighthouse Territory falls, all of us will be destroyed.”

Wei Feng sighed, “The current situation is awkward. We can only choose one side and give up the other. There’s no way to reconcile.”

Huang Yuan fell silent.

Naturally, he did not want to kill his fellow humans from the Blue Planet.

However, the squad members under him were also his compatriots, and they were even closer. They were brothers that he sympathized with. Naturally, Huang Yuan did not want anything to happen to them.

For a moment, Huang Yuan did not know what to do.

Lu Dajiang sighed. “Huang Yuan, I called you here today to discuss this matter. I don’t know what to do.”

Huang Yuan was silent for a second before he said, “I have no choice. It seems that this battle is inevitable.”

When Lu Dajiang and the others heard this, they immediately fell silent.

None of them wanted to attack Liu Yan and the Origin Territory, but their squad members were also humans from the Blue Planet.

Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, and the others discussed for a while, but there was no conclusion.

After some discussion, it seemed they could only participate in the war and fight against the Origin Territory.

The only thing they could do was tried their best to keep the members of Team Origin alive. Then, they could try their best to persuade them to join the Lighthouse Territory to mediate.

“I’ll try my best to go easy on them tomorrow,” Huang Yuan said. “But if my squad members start to suffer casualties, I can’t care so much!”

After saying that, Huang Yuan bid farewell and left.

Lu Dajiang and the others looked at each other helplessly. They had no choice.

At the same time, in the depths of the Hallucinatory Forest, in the temporary camp of Team Origin.

“I didn’t expect Lighthouse Territory to have no movement today. Could it be that they are not sure about the situation in the depths of the Hallucinatory Forest and don’t dare to invade?” Xu Han asked.

Ye Yifan said, “It would be great if that’s the case. We’ll have more confidence if we can develop for a while longer.”

Hans Wilson said. “If we fight now, even if we’ve prepared a lot, the chances of winning are still slim.”

“I also feel that today is very peaceful. It’s so quiet that it’s a little abnormal.”

“If it weren’t for yesterday’s battle, I would have thought we were at peace and didn’t need to fight with the Lighthouse Territory anymore.”

The core members saw that the entire day had been calm. It seemed that there was no movement at the Lighthouse Territory. At this moment, they were a little lucky.

The main reason was that the Lighthouse Territory was too strong. Yesterday, a squad had fought so hard. If it were the entire Lighthouse Territory, it would be difficult for Team Origin to have a chance.

Luo Qingcheng wasn’t so optimistic at this time. She said with a strange expression, “I feel it’s too quiet. I have a bad feeling.”

“Could it be that Team Lighthouse is afraid to enter the depths of the Hallucinatory Forest because it is too dangerous?” Murong Xue asked.

Derek Dole said, “I don’t think that’s possible. The depths of the Hallucinatory Forest are more dangerous, but it’s only relative to our Team Origin. It’s not that dangerous for the Lighthouse Territory.”



Sun Wen also nodded. “Moreover, Lighthouse Territory has already developed here for over two years. They are naturally extremely familiar with the surrounding environment. They are far more familiar with it than us. It’s impossible for them not to understand the dangers in the depths of the Hallucinatory Forest.”
Luo Wei was worried. “I have a bad feeling.”

Chu Cunrui said, “Yeah, it’s like the calm before the storm!”

Liu Yan’s expression was somewhat solemn. He also felt that the Lighthouse Territory was too quiet. Something was not right.

With Liu Yan’s personality, he would naturally not foolishly wait for the enemy to take action. Instead, he would take the initiative to investigate.

During the day, Liu Yan released his pet, Purple Wind Falcon.

Although Purple Wind Falcon lacked combat power, it was a flying beast with A-grade potential. Not only was its flying speed extremely fast and agile, but it also flew at a very high altitude. When scouting, even if it was scouting a powerful territory like the Lighthouse Territory, it was relatively safe.

Hence, during the day, Liu Yan had Purple Wind Falcon go to the vicinity of the Lighthouse Territory to investigate the situation from afar.

After investigating, Liu Yan naturally understood the situation in the Lighthouse Territory.

At this moment, Liu Yan also said with a stern expression, “Everyone, I know that the battle with Lighthouse Territory has put a lot of pressure on you, but this is a crucial battle. We can’t avoid it and can only do our best. If we retreat or fear, we will only walk down a dead-end. Only by charging forward will we have a chance.”

When everyone heard this, they calmed down and looked at Liu Yan seriously.

At this moment, Liu Yan continued, “During the day, I also felt Lighthouse Territory was too calm. It was a little abnormal, and there must be something wrong. Therefore, I have already asked Purple Wind Falcon to investigate the situation. Although it was only at the periphery and the information obtained was limited, it also discovered that many squads of the Lighthouse Territory had returned to the Lighthouse Territory. There were even more people than during the battle at Flaming Mountain. There was a squad that I had never seen before that returned to the Lighthouse Territory.”

The core members of Team Origin heard the information from Liu Yan, and their expressions changed. They didn’t expect that the Lighthouse Territory was preparing for a big operation.

Zheng Tainan said, “As expected, Lighthouse Territory is brewing a big move.”

Liu Qing was worried. “There’s another squad that we’ve never seen before? It seems that we have underestimated the strength of the Lighthouse Territory.”

Liu Ning sighed, “Lighthouse Territory is too big. They gathered all the squads to come back and deal with us. They’re not giving us any chance.”

Shi Hao said, “The opportunity last time was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Fortunately, we grasped it and destroyed a squad from the Lighthouse Territory.”

Xu Han added, “So, the Lighthouse Territory will come tomorrow.”

Ye Yifan said, “Lighthouse Territory is too decisive. After realizing they underestimated us and suffered a loss, they immediately gathered the squads and prepared to take us down in one fell swoop. They didn’t give us any chance.”

“Why don’t we go back to the Origin Territory and hide for a while?” asked Hans Wilson.

Everyone was tempted by Hans Wilson’s words.

It was not that they were afraid, but the difference in strength was too huge.

Yesterday, the entire Team Origin joined forces with a large number of Withered Tree Spirits. Then, they used the favorable terrain to barely defeat a squad from the Lighthouse Territory.

But this time, they had to face five squads from Lighthouse Territory at the same time.

It seemed like Team Origin had no chance of winning.

Hearing Hans Wilson’s suggestion, everyone took action.

He Yang said. “The difference in strength is too great. If it doesn’t work, we should retreat to the Origin Territory and rely on the protection of the territory barrier to recuperate for a while. We’ll think of a way later.”

“I also feel this is more reliable and beneficial for us.” Jin Cheng nodded in agreement.

Luo Qingcheng looked at Liu Yan hesitantly.

The others also looked at Liu Yan, waiting for his decision.

Liu Yan did not even think about it and shook his head in denial. “No, We’ll be waiting for death if we return to Origin Territory.”

Everyone looked at Liu Yan, waiting for his explanation.

Liu Yan glanced at the core members of Team Origin and explained, “First, although most of our team members were heavily injured yesterday, we have many high-level healing resources. In addition to today’s rest, we have almost recovered. Even if we recover for a few more days, our combat strength will not increase much. There is no fundamental difference. We are not a match for Team Lighthouse now and will not be a match for them in the future.”

“Second, our team still has the help of the Withered Tree Spirits in the depths of the Hallucinatory Forest. With the favorable terrain and the various preparations that we have made previously, this is our greatest chance of winning against Team Lighthouse. Although the chance of winning this time is grim, it is already our greatest chance. We must seize this opportunity.”

“The last and most important point is that according to the information we have, the Lakonians have the intention to rebel. We can make the Lighthouse Territory disintegrate from the inside. In addition, according to the information we got from the Purple Wind Falcon, most of the members of Team Lighthouse are from Blue Planet. They should be from the Blue Planet. We have a chance to get their help. We can’t miss this opportunity!”