God of Fishing-Chapter 3540 - 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (1)

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3540 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (1)
The death of a dominator was no small matter. Jiang Buyi, who was fighting, and the two dominators trapped by the Ten Yama Kings were both shocked. Their first guess was that the Death God had unleashed some extraordinary method and forcibly killed a dominator-level powerhouse.

However, this was too shocking. They admitted that the Death God was very powerful, but it couldn’t be so powerful that he could kill a dominator in just dozens of seconds. Even the dominator ominous couldn’t have been killed so quickly, right?

Bam ~ Bam ~

Almost at the same time as the weather changed, the death energy in the area enveloped by the Death God quickly faded.

Everyone saw a lone tomb standing in the Sea of Stars. From the lone tomb, there were continuous explosions, as if someone was trapped inside.

“The Death God has indeed disappeared.”

The dissipation of the death energy and the continuous sounds coming from the lonely tomb were good proof. If the Death God was still there, it was impossible for the people trapped inside to pry open this lonely tomb in such a short period of time.

Swish ~

Time intertwined, and Han Fei’s figure appeared in front of the tomb.


Han Fei didn’t do anything to the lonely tomb but left the Creation Divine Prison here.

He said, “Senior, I’ve killed the dominator. It’s up to you whether to fight or not.”

Han Fei bet that the person inside would definitely take action. He didn’t believe that anyone was willing to stay in the Creation Divine Prison for the rest of their lives. After all, this was a cage. Was he going to wait for death inside? It was better to die than wait for death.

He had naturally thought that the person locked up in the Creation Divine Prison might not be a good person, but what did it matter?

Whether he was a good person or not, the Sea of Stars was about to be destroyed. It didn’t matter what kind of person the person inside was. As long as he didn’t want to die, as long as he still had desires, pursuits, and thoughts, he should take action.

As for whether he would become a helper of the Eternal Race or not, it was absolutely impossible. The Eternal Race in the Primordial Era was a useless race. There were countless people that could easily destroy them in that era. It was impossible for the Eternal Race to have such a powerful member to be locked up in the Creation Divine Prison.

“Leave the Primordial Eight Fierce Swords behind.”

Just as Han Fei had turned around and was about to leave, a voice came into Han Fei’s mind from the Creation Divine Prison.

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth curled up slightly. Without any hesitation, the Law Enforcement Divine Chain floated quietly beside the Creation Divine Prison with the Primordial Eight Fierce Swords.

Leaving the Primordial Eight Fierce Swords behind, Han Fei stepped out.

At this moment, the remaining dominators were restrained, and the Sea Quelling Gods were trapped. Even if they could break free, it might take them at least hundreds of seconds.

During this period of time, no one could keep Han Fei in check.
Jiang Buyi, who was fighting Jiang Linxian, shouted, “The God Slaying-level and God-level powerhouses of the Eternal Race, listen up. Han Fei is only a peak-level Great Monarch. Even if he can barely become a Sea Quelling God, his strength is limited. Block him. As long as we defend Han Fei for an hour, the Eternal Race will definitely win.”

For a moment, on the Eternal Race’s side, countless god-slaying and god-level powerhouses all soared into the sky.

They had to take action. This was a great disaster for the Eternal Race. The dominator said an hour, which made them immediately relieved. The Sea Quelling God was powerful, but it would be a joke if 300 God Slaying-level powerhouses couldn’t even defend against Han Fei for an hour.

However, before they could be happy, they saw Dao Bones and ancient remains appear behind Han Fei.

In the next moment, time intertwined, and ancient creatures left time one after another. Among them, ferocious beasts formed groups and roared. Demon plants were everywhere, and plants grew crazily. Giant demons flew across the sky, comparable to stars. Primordial humans reappeared in the world…

In the blink of an eye, more than three hundred God Slaying-level powerhouses from the Chaotic Era appeared behind Han Fei.

Yes, it wasn’t that Han Fei didn’t have enough divine bones. After all, he wasn’t a real Sea Quelling God. He couldn’t use all his strength to revive these divine bones. Three hundred was already his limit. With his Sea Quelling God-level strength, he could probably summon them for three hundred seconds.

If he summoned a god at the level of Sea Quelling God, Han Fei might only be able to revive more than thirty people at most, and the time limit was probably less than a hundred seconds.

After all, the gap between the God Slaying level and the Sea Quelling God was actually quite large.

However, these 300 God Slaying-level ancient powerhouses were enough to make those people suffer. These were God Slaying-level powerhouses from the Chaotic Era. Only when they fought would they know what kind of abnormal people they had encountered.

For a moment, great techniques flew all over the sky. The two parties fought without any nonsense. A strong master of the Eternal Race swept his knife light at the neck of an ancient god-slaying powerhouse.

However, the ancient human who was attacked actually put his hands in front of his neck, crushed the knife light, and rushed into the army of gods fearlessly.

The resurrected had no weapons or even consciousness. They could only fight with their instincts, which were actually very crazy.

Han Fei’s order was to kill the group of God Slaying-level powerhouses on the opposite side, so they didn’t care about their own situation at all and activated their strongest killing technique.

Someone was pierced, but he didn’t care about his injuries at all and punched through the person who injured him.

Some strange beasts were tied up by the ball cage and chose to self-destruct.

It didn’t matter how they fought. The casualties didn’t matter either. What mattered was that the group of God Slaying-level powerhouses were stopped.