God-tier Farm-Chapter 3595 - : Refining the spiritual puppet (1)

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Chapter 3595: Refining the spiritual puppet (1)

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Xia ruofei directly used his mind to tell Xia Qing that he was busy with his own matters and didn’t need to come to see him.

Then, he appeared in the spirit map space at the primal realm.

Xia ruofei’s mind moved slightly, and a large amount of materials that had been processed into semi – finished spiritual puppet materials gathered by his side.

Xia ruofei had collected these materials in the name of the Paradise Corporation. Of course, he had mixed in some other materials that he had no use for. There was a wide variety of these materials, and many of them were commonly used in the secular world. Therefore, even if the cultivators had accidentally noticed the purchasing behavior of the Paradise Corporation, they would never have been associated with the refining of the soul puppet.

In fact, the inheritance of the cultivation world had been severely cut off. There might not even be any cultivators who knew about the spiritual puppet, so Xia ruofei was not worried that the secret would be leaked.

Previously, Xia ruofei’s cultivation level was still low, so these materials had only been processed.

Now that he had managed to make the most difficult part of the Suan NI’s control core by chance, it was possible to refine a spiritual puppet. Therefore, he decided to continue to work on it in one go.

As he had to send song Qiming back to the three mountains the next morning, Xia ruofei chose to stay in the spirit map space. At the same time, he set up a time formation. This way, he could make use of the difference in the flow of time in the space and complete a lot of work.

Xia ruofei first sorted out the materials, then took out the formation materials and started the first step.

Strictly speaking, this step was not the process of refining a spiritual puppet. However, it was an essential step before refining a spiritual puppet. He needed to set up a formation first and use the formation to produce a flame that was far hotter than the ordinary flames in the secular world.

Without this formation, all the materials would not be able to be processed.

This was also the reason why Xia ruofei could only do some preliminary processing, such as removing impurities, crushing, grinding, and so on, before.

In fact, this array was not too difficult. Xia ruofei could barely make and set it up in the past. However, he was very clear about the difficulty of making the control core and thought that it would be impossible to make a complete spiritual puppet in a short period of time. Thus, he was not in a hurry to deal with the materials.

Now, things were different. He already had the control core. Although the rest of the work was cumbersome, he had a high chance of completing it with his current strength.

Even if Xia ruofei could not make another control core now, he could at least make one. He wanted to familiarize himself with the refining process and at the same time, see the difference between his elementary spiritual puppet and Xia Qing’s.

Xia ruofei took care of some of the materials for the formation. They were mainly jade stones and some relatively rare ores.

He cut the materials into the required shapes and placed them aside. Then, he picked up the rudiments of the talismans made of Jade and began to carve the runes.

The array pattern of this array formation was much easier to control than the array pattern of the core.

Even though it was his first time carving, Xia ruofei was still quite relaxed. He made the talismans one by one at a very fast speed. Xia ruofei did not feel any difficulty in the whole process. His success rate was maintained at 100% and he did not waste a single base.

After about an hour, Xia ruofei had prepared all the materials needed for the formation that was specially used to produce flames.

In fact, according to the << weapon refining records>>, cultivators could also control flames. However, rare flames could only be encountered but not sought, and it was even more difficult to subdue them. Therefore, most of the weapon refining Masters mainly relied on arrays to produce and control the flames.

The array formed by the materials that Xia ruofei had just made was the fire array recorded in “equipment refining Chronicles”. It was one of the more advanced fire arrays. Even among the equipment refiners, it was a secret that was not passed down.

After Xia ruofei had prepared the materials, he found an empty space far away from the precious crops. At the same time, he put away the time array flag. Xia ruofei didn’t know how powerful the fire array he had made was. He was worried that it would burn the time array flag.

With his current strength, he couldn’t make time formation flags with such outstanding effects.

In fact, the laws of time and space were the highest and most obscure of all the laws, and it was quite difficult to comprehend them. Due to the spirit map space, Xia ruofei’s understanding of the rules of space was relatively profound. At least in the current cultivation world on earth, no one could understand the rules of space better than him. However, in terms of the rules of time, he might not even be able to reach the beginner level.

If the time array flag was really destroyed, he wouldn’t be able to make it at his current stage. He wouldn’t even be able to make the most basic array technique that could change the flow of time by several times.

After Xia ruofei kept the time formation flag, he started to set up the formation on the empty space.

The materials for the formation were placed in their respective positions and the talismans were embedded into the formation. In a short while, Xia ruofei had skillfully set up the formation.

Then, Xia ruofei waved his hand and threw out ten spiritual crystals. The spiritual crystals were accurately embedded into the pre – reserved grooves in the array..