Godly Stay-Home Dad-Chapter 1644 - A Wise Man Submits to Circumstances

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Chapter 1644 A Wise Man Submits to Circumstances

“Let’s go!”

There were a total of five ninth-tier Immortal Masters and dozens of eighth-tier Immortal Masters in the guard team led by Immortal Master Lanfeng.

They led the way in front in a mighty manner.

Zhang Han and his companions followed them closely, found an entrance, and entered the secret realm.

“Your Excellency, the place where the hundred peaks are located is deep in the secret realm. It may take us two days to get there.”

Immortal Master Lanfeng said in a much more cautious tone, “When the time comes, we can just occupy the seats directly. We will stand guard around you. If there are no seats, I’ll negotiate with those people. Although the Highest Clouds Palace has some prestige in the Star Sea, there are still many forces that we are afraid of.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly in response.

Zhang Han knew more about the Star Sea than Immortal Master Lanfeng did.

The Star Sea was vast, and it was the core of the Cultivation World. However, in the outer and inner rings of the Star Sea, the strength of many Dao Seeking Cultivators was limited.

The ninth-tier Tribulation Stage cultivators were almost all at the Early Stage.

There was still a long way to go before they could reach the Peak Stage of the Tribulation Stage.

Just like Immortal Master Waterheaven and Immortal Master Lingxi, the gap between their strength was not small.

At this time, Yue Wuwei said via Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, “We have Immortal Master Lanfeng and so many other Immortal Masters. There shouldn’t be many forces that our guards need to fear, right?”

“There will be many,” Zhang Han said. “I feel that we may not even occupy one of the 100 peaks.”

“Are those forces that powerful?” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

He had just learned something about the Star Sea and didn’t know much about it.

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “There are countless sects in the Star Sea. The Human Clan is a big clan. It can be said that all the clans are competing for glory. There are countless first-class forces. The Highest Clouds Palace is one of them, but it is not a super sect yet. Although the super sects are powerful, the Holy Lands are superior to them. Those Holy Lands are scattered in various secret places in the Nine Mountains Region. Just like the blessed region, they rarely appear. The Grand Master of each Holy Land is at the Peak Stage of the Tribulation Stage. Many of them have lived for tens of thousands of years.”

“Is it that they don’t dare to undergo their tribulations for tens of thousands of years?” Yue Wuwei was silent for a moment.

“The final Heavenly Tribulation is very difficult to overcome.” Zhang Han sighed to himself. “The Heavenly Tribulation where one breaks through to the ninth tier from the eighth tier is not very powerful. It’s just an ordinary kind of qualitative Heavenly Tribulation. The weakest among the final Heavenly Tribulations is more than a hundred times more powerful than the one where a cultivator breaks through to the ninth tier from the eighth tier.”

“It’s incredible. Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo tribulation. I’ve offended the Heavenly Tribulation. Then, when I go through my tribulation, will there be a tough Heavenly Tribulation for me?” Yue Wuwei said in a slightly worried tone.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Zhang Han curled his lips.

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

“Needless to say, there will surely be a tough one for me. With the Heavenly Tribulation’s vengeful character, it will definitely find an opportunity to hack me to death.”

“I hope your Thunder Body can grow up quickly,” Yue Wuwei said.

“It will.”

Zhang Han smiled slightly.

His current cultivation method was much more powerful than before. It was even unheard of and unprecedented.

It was because his duplications all came from the higher world.

Zhang Han was not worried about the Heavenly Tribulation at all. He even felt that if he reached the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage, he might be able to break the void and go to the higher world with one punch.

However, he was worried about the calamity that Sir had mentioned.

The smoother things were for him now, the more terrifying his calamity would be.

Thinking of this, Zhang Han suddenly had an idea.

“Perhaps I need to cause some trouble? Some danger? Will it indirectly affect the calamity?”

Zhang Han came up with an immature idea.

“I probably will not get to affect it by doing that. Next time I go to the Land of God’s Meteorite, I’ll ask about it.” Zhang Han felt that it was better not to act rashly and to follow the normal way.

Moreover, it was not easy to find trouble. He couldn’t provoke others casually.

Two days later, Zhang Han and his companions arrived near the 100 peaks.

The mountains were filled with fog, like a fairyland.

Above the clouds, there were a hundred stone pillars. Practically every stone pillar had a person on it.

All around the stone pillars, there were groups of mountains and ravines, towering into the clouds.

But the stone pillars were higher than these mountain peaks.

The rich spiritual Qi and the essence of energy all indicated that cultivating on the stone pillars a day would be more than a hundred days of cultivating in the outside world.

As for the mystery within, people could only experience it themselves.

There were tens of thousands of people on the surrounding mountain peaks, all of whom were followers of the cultivators on the stone pillars.

It was no exaggeration to say that one could not gain a foothold on the stone pillar without power.

“There’s one more spot.”

Immortal Master Lanfeng observed for two seconds, and his eyes lit up slightly. “It’s on the outermost on the right. Your Excellency, let’s go there now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Immortal Master Lanfeng turned into a stream of light and led the group to approach quickly.

As they grew closer, he said, “The Highest Clouds Palace will take this last stone pillar.”

“Highest Clouds Palace?”

“Highest Clouds Palace’s men are here!”

“They’re quite fast.”

“Isn’t that Immortal Master Lanfeng of Wolf Fang Star?”

“He’s also at the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage. He reached that level not long ago. The people around him are all ninth-tier. Their strength is not bad.”

“Given the status of the Highest Clouds Palace and their people, that stone pillar is indeed going to be theirs.”

Many people were discussing with each other on the peaks.

How could they not want to take up a stone pillar to cultivate?

Unfortunately, their identity and status were not high enough. It was like a gathering of a group of big shots in this place. If a person of low status occupied a seat, it was likely to attract a lot of hostility and bring disaster.


Just as Immortal Master Lanfeng flew to the peak pillar, a stream of light suddenly appeared and disappeared in a flash.

A man in silver armor and holding a huge hammer stood proudly on the last peak pillar.

The expression of Immortal Master Lanfeng changed slightly. He looked straight at the man, his eyes slightly cold.

“I’ve announced the name of our sect, and yet that man is still fighting over it. This is a provocation!”

“Our Battle Lord Sect will take this peak pillar,” the armored man said flatly.

“The Battle Lord Sect?”

There was a burst of discussion around.

“They are from the Battle Lord Sect. They are a little late.”

“Battle Lord Sect is also a first-class sect. In terms of strength, they are really not afraid of the Highest Clouds Palace.”

“There’s a good show to watch.”

They would certainly judge this matter.

“Who are you?” Immortal Master Lanfeng asked, “Didn’t you hear what I said just now?”

“So what if I did?” The armored man said, “My name is Wuqing.”

“Immortal Master Wuqing?” Immortal Master Lanfeng remembered who this person was.

The man was an eighth-tier Immortal Master of the Battle Lord Sect.

However, Immortal Master Lanfeng had a powerful backer.

“I’m occupying this peak pillar on behalf of my Eldest Brother, Immortal Master Jiasibo. The Highest Clouds Palace is powerful, but it is just a sect that mainly sells information and tasks. Are you sure it can compare with our Battle Lord Sect?” the armored man said loudly.

He wasn’t afraid of the Highest Clouds Palace at all. In fact, he even looked down on them.

“The strength of the Battle Lord Sect is indeed not bad, but it’s not the same with you.” Immortal Master Lanfeng was unhappy, and his tone was full of coldness. “How dare you make noise in front of me when you’re just at the eighth-tier Tribulation Stage?”

“No, no, no, Immortal Master Lanfeng, you’ve misunderstood. I’m not making noise. I’m just telling everyone that my Eldest Brother, Jiasibo, is occupying this peak pillar. He’ll be here soon. If you’re interested, you can personally ask my Eldest Brother for a seat,” the armored man said lightly.

“What?” Immortal Master Lanfeng frowned slightly.

In terms of fame and status, Immortal Master Jiasibo was indeed much superior to him.

In terms of strength, Immortal Master Lanfeng was not confident.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

On the stone pillars, those who had been cultivating opened their eyes and greeted Wuqing.

“Jiasibo is a little late.”

“If you were a few minutes later, this seat would have been gone. You’re lucky.”

Judging from what they said, they also approved of Jiasibo, not Immortal Master Lanfeng.

“Forget it.”

At this time, Zhang Han said, “Since he’s a little late, let them have it.”


Immortal Master Lanfeng nodded slightly.

For the sake of Zhang Han, although he obeyed orders, he didn’t want to have more disputes for no reason.


The armored man laughed and said, “You’re the new lord of the Wolf Fang Star, aren’t you? Your name is Zhang Hanyang, right? Not bad, not bad. A wise man submits to circumstances. I admire you very much. If you don’t have the strength, you shouldn’t occupy a place here.”

His tone was full of praise, but his words were full of sarcasm.

“Immortal Master Wuqing, mind your words.” Immortal Master Lanfeng had a darkened expression on his face. “With your status, you’re too inferior to say that.”

“I don’t know if I’m inferior, but I think what I’ve said is true.” The armored man sneered. “My Eldest Brother will arrive in three days. I’ll take up a spot here. I’d like to see if anyone can take this position from me.”

“What do you want now? Do you want to fight me?” Immortal Master Lanfeng got a bit angry.

“There’s no need for that.”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Let’s go.”


Immortal Master Lanfeng took a deep breath, and the others in the team also glared at the armored man.

But in the end, they listened to Zhang Han and turned to leave.

“See you later.”

The armored man said that lightly and then sat cross-legged on the stone pillar to cultivate.

A few minutes later, Immortal Master Lanfeng cupped his hands and said, “Your Excellency, this matter…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter even if we have no peak pillar. I recently refined a spirit treasure and need to absorb the energy of the treasure land. I’ll use this treasure land to strengthen the treasure. We’ll leave for a while. You guys will stay here.”

Since he couldn’t hide it anymore, Zhang Han simply found an excuse.

Once they left the group, the treasure land would disappear soon after. If it happened only once, it might not be a big deal, but if it happened too many times, it would inevitably arouse suspicion.

It was better to use an excuse that he needed to refine a treasure. Although this kind of spirit treasure was rare, it existed.

“Yes, Your Excellency!”

Immortal Master Lanfeng and the others nodded and did not ask any more questions. They waited on the ground at the edge of a cliff.

They watched Zhang Han and the others fly forward and disappear in a moment.

“His Excellency even has that kind of treasure. It should be a ninth-tier spirit treasure,” Immortal Master Lanfeng murmured.

“Maybe it’s a Profound-grade treasure.”

“His Excellency has an ancient demonic beast, so he must have obtained a great opportunity.”

“The Palace Master has made his attitude clear. He wants to repay His Excellency. We are also extremely obedient to His Excellency’s orders. Don’t think too much about it,” Immortal Master Lanfeng said.

What he said won everyone’s approval.

They were all members trained by Immortal Master Waterheaven and were very loyal.

“Dad, are we going to devour the treasure land?” Mengmeng asked.

“Of course.” Zhang Han glanced at her.

“Where are we going?” Mengmeng asked curiously, “I just heard that the clouds under the peak pillars are not easy to enter. It’s dangerous in there.”