Godzilla In Konoha-Chapter 485: He Returns

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Chapter 485: He Returns

The three top forces of Ninja World were Konohagakure, Akatsuki, and the Eye Organization.

Every top force had Super Kage Level as their leader.

There was nothing much to say about Konoha, but the world did have doubts about Akatsuki and the Eye Organization. They did not know much about the true goals of these two top organizations.

What exactly did they want to do with so many experts?

"I heard that the goal of the Eye organization seems to be to hunt Otsutsuki. This is analyzed by the intelligence personnel of various villages. After all, only Hitomi ninjas are accepted. This behavior itself is very strange...Then the goal of your Akatsuki organization is Tailed Beast."

Roshi looked at Kisame who was facing him with a cold expression.

Over the years, Otsutsuki's intelligence had been constantly spreading, and the world gradually knew that most of Ninja World's ancient Ninja Clan carried part of Otsutsuki's bloodline.

Of course, the Ninja Clan that possessed Hitomi technique, Uchiha, Hyuga, and others were also descendants of Otsutsuki.

Staring at Pupil Arts was the same as staring at Otsutsuki, not to mention that Otsutsuki naturally had the high-level Hitomi technique.

Therefore, it was not difficult to speculate that the target of the eye organization might be Otsutsuki.

But they had always lacked strong evidence.

"Well, I don't know much about the eye organization. If they are hunting Otsutsuki, Konoha and our Akatsuki are also doing this kind of thing - except for the dead Rikudou Sennin, all the other Otsutsuki deserve to die."

In this day and age, if he didn't kill Otsutsuki, he would be too embarrassed to say that he was Ninja World's top force.

Akatsuki had killed Toneri, Konoha had killed Toneri's father, Urashiki, and the eye organization seemed to have done something to Otsutsuki and had a relationship with Isshiki.

As Kisame spoke, he continuously spat out all kinds of Water Release techniques to clash with Roshi.

Every time the Ninjutsu collided, it would explode like a bomb, and the huge impact of the water and lava would collide and mix together, creating considerable damage.

Roshi was the first to be unable to restrain himself and entered the complete Bijuu transformation.

"Isn't it enough to be like this earlier? My Samehada has already been waiting impatiently for a long time."

Kisame grinned hideously and waved Samehada to attack.

A casual attack could take away a large amount of chakra from Roshi's body.

The more Samehada ate, the more excited he became.

On the other side, Might Duy stood in front of Han.

"It's you, Might Duy. Since the third battle, we haven't seen each other for ten years." Han pulled the bamboo hat on his head, and his heart had already sunk to the bottom.

He had already left Iwa ninja Village and was walking on Ninja World's land like a Pilgrim, no longer participating in Ninja World's battle.

But even so, he was still caught up by a dangerous person like Might Duy... The answer was already very obvious.

"So Akatsuki's target is Bijuu? Although I don't know what you want Bijuu to do, I won't surrender without a fight." Han said.

Might Duy's expression was heavy. "I'm sorry, but I have to do something to you. Although I don't want to do this, an order is a command."

"You betrayed Konoha and joined Akatsuki. That's fine, but I didn't expect you to become Nagato's loyal dog."

"No, capturing Bijuu was indeed an order given by Nagato, but without that person's permission, I will not obey Nagato's orders." Might Duy said solemnly.

Han frowned.

The inside of Akatsuki was more complicated than he had expected.

"Why did you want to hunt Bijuu?" Han asked.

Might Duy said patiently, "In order to achieve eternal peace."

"The means to achieve peace are to capture Bijuu, just like what Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara did back then. However, it seems that you won't redistribute Bijuu. Instead, you will control all of Bijuu in your own hands."

Han nodded. He still had many things that he did not understand. Even if he controlled nine Bijuu, what was the use?

It was no longer more than ten years ago. The era had changed drastically. Even the most powerful Kyubi no longer had the same deterrence as the past thousand years in this era.

In this situation, what was Akatsuki purpose for wanting to hunt Bijuu? Konoha held the two tails in his hands. How was Akatsuki's people going to deal with it?

However, Han had no intention to verify these. He looked at Might Duy seriously. "Thank you for your respect. We can make our move now. If you don't use your full strength, you won't be able to defeat me... Akatsuki only sent you to capture me. You will definitely fail."

"No, I will definitely succeed."

Might Duy responded very seriously. No matter who he was to, he always maintained a cautious and serious expression. He never had conceited words and posture.

He, who had already become one of the top experts of Ninja World, still did not forget the time when he was still a ten-thousand-year-old Genin and was ridiculed and despised by everyone.

"Then let's give it a try."

Han entered the complete Bijuu transformation, his five tails swaying behind him.

Might Duy growled, "I am the same as you. There are many things that I do not understand, but since that person has acquiesced to Nagato's orders, I will absolutely obey! A world of eternal peace, since that person thinks that it will come, then it will definitely be realized! I will do my best to fulfill his will!"

To deal with the five tails, Duy felt that it was better to be cautious, so he opened six doors to warm up first.


Like a cannonball, Might Duy kicked over, and with just one kick, Han was beaten to the point that he could not get up.


Han lay on the ground and felt that all the bones and muscles in his body were scrapped. He looked at Duy in a daze.

"You are so strong!" Han could not help but sigh.

In more than ten years, how could this man be so strong!

He, the dignified Five-Tailed Jinchuriki, was defeated in one move when he used all his strength?

"Sorry, I used too much strength. I was worried that if I used some real strength, I would kick you and the Five-Tailed into dust." Duy walked in front of Han and lifted the man who had returned to his human form.

Not only Han was speechless, even the Five-Tailed was speechless.

The Eight Gates Escape Armor is so strong? I wonder how many have Duy opened, maybe seven.

Han thought about it and fainted.

The capture of the five tails was completed.

There is also no suspense on seven tail side. Fu, who has an out-of-the-box and lovable personality, brings troubles to her family from heaven.

Nagato and Konan directly descended to the Hidden River Village.

Nagato didn't even make a move.

Konan casually threw out several hundred million exploding talismans to warm up his body, and then he threw out three to five hundred million, causing Fu to lose.

"Sure enough, I used too much strength. Perhaps I don't need to use so many exploding talismans." Konan stretched out her hand and wrapped Fu up with countless pieces of white paper.

Every single one of the Explosive Talismans was made from paper.

Konan felt that he could save a little more money. When the time came, he could save up a hundred billion Explosive Talismans and detonate them all in an instant. Perhaps he could also hurt Kage-level.

"If you succeed, then leave. There is no need to care about such a small matter." From the beginning to the end, Nagato watched coldly from the sidelines. Half white and half red hair rushed down, covering half of his face and covering his left eye socket that had no eyes.

From the moment these two people descended until they left, not many people in the village dared to move.

If they moved, they would be sending themselves to their deaths in vain.

On the side of the Eight Tailed, Naruto brought Hinata to Kumogakure.

Naruto entered Kyubi's chakra mode, and after casually sensing it, he locked on to the position of the eight tail.

"This is definitely the eight tail's chakra. Are you really going to attack the eight tail? If you do this, the entire Akatsuki will besiege you." Kyubi said.

Naruto sneered, "This is also good. I was just about to take advantage of this opportunity to kill Obito and avenge my mother."

Kyubi also sneered, "To put it bluntly, you do not care about this old man's life, right? As long as you can kill Obito, you can completely abandon this old man. Anyway, you still have Mokuton Kekkei."

The combination of Mokuton and Uzumaki's two bloodlines was too difficult for Naruto to deal with.

Even without Kyubi, Naruto was still very strong, but he was about to be left behind by Sasuke.

"Indeed, I don't care, but compared to caring about your life and death, I care more about how much value you can bring me."

Naruto came to the lake island where Chimera lived in seclusion and said coldly, "You are a very useful tool. I will not let Nagato take you away."

"Then do you want to break off relations with Akatsuki?"

"No need, you just need to hand over a portion of it. Since you can be sealed into two parts by Corpse Ghost, then you can split into a few parts. At that time, you can just casually throw some chakra to Nagato."

This was Naruto's idea.

Kyubi was so useful, and could provide him with a very strong power, so he would not easily let him go.

Moreover, he was not sure what his Sensei was thinking, so he did not need to worry too much.

"Hinata, stay here and do not move."

Naruto ordered, and immediately entered Kyubi Chakra mode. He turned into a humanoid flame, and rushed out.

Its speed was as fast as a shooting star, and its fist pierced through the ground, hitting on the body of Chimera.

"What a fast speed."

After attaching his chakra to his weapon, he was barely able to block this punch, and fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

It was too exaggerated, this speed and strength.

Moreover, the enemy obviously didn't use his full strength.

"Akatsuki...?" Killer B didn't even have the mood to sing. If he was careless, he might be killed.

"B-be careful. This little brat is very, very strong when working together with Kyubi! Use your full strength!"

Hachibi's voice was solemn.

This form of Naruto was clearly able to completely use Kyubi's chakra.

But how could a hot-tempered and arrogant guy like Kyubi be willing to hand over his chakra?

No matter which possibility it was, it meant that he was in big trouble.


Killer B did not dare to hesitate and immediately entered Bijuu's transformation. "A duel between Jinchuriki, bastard, idiot. I feel like I can't win."

"You definitely can't win."

Naruto's voice was ice-cold, turning into a huge fox.

The two strongest Jinchuriki fought, the earth shaking.

But it was clear that the Eight tails had been suppressed from the beginning.

For the Eight tails, the total size of Kyubi was too huge, and it was impossible to be a match for him.

Fortunately, Killer B had a helper.

The Fourth Raikage rushed over and struck Naruto like a bolt of lightning.

"Another one is here to die. Eight tails can't be killed, but this guy can be killed."

Naruto lowered his head and looked at the Fourth Raikage coldly.

"There's no need to worry. I'll help you! If the two of us join forces, this kid won't be able to do anything to us!"

The Fourth Raikage was nervous.

He knew very well what Uzumaki Naruto name meant.


Naruto formed a hand seal, creating a Wood Golem with a backhand, wantonly destroying and beating up the eight tails.

He himself, apart from Kyubi's form, maintained his human form and directly charged towards the Fourth Raikage.

The two people who were extremely skilled in body techniques erupted into a cruel hand-to-hand battle.

The result was naturally that the Fourth Raikage was suppressed.

"Damn it, he can actually beat me in terms of speed..." The Fourth Raikage lamented.

"The last one was my father, right? But that guy relied on time and space ninjutsu to do it."

Naruto was expressionless as he attacked.

Not long after.

Naruto dragged Killer B out like a dead dog.

"It's over? the Fourth Raikage is about to die too," Hinata said.

"Yeah, even if he survived, he would basically be crippled. His internal organs are all broken."

The two of them casually talked, completely not putting the leader of the Great Ninja Village in their eyes.

At this point, Eight Tailed was also caught.

"Do you want to return to Amegakure?"

"There's no hurry. Let's wait a bit longer."

Naruto said in a deep voice.

One by one, Bijuu was captured by Akatsuki's people. This could not be concealed.

Not to mention, Akatsuki's members were more arrogant than the other. They could openly attack the Ninja Village to capture Jinchuriki. It was impossible to hide the news, and there was no need to hide it.

Numerous requests for help flew like snowflakes towards the boss of the Ninja Village - Konohagakure.

"Akatsuki captured Bijuu without restraint. Its speed is extremely fast. They have finally made up their minds."

"We must fight back."

"There is no need to fight back. They don't have the courage to come to our door. Coming here is just sending themselves to their deaths."

Konoha's people had enough confidence.

What a joke, Ninja World's First Ninja Village wasn't just a joke. There were so many strong people, there was no reason to be afraid of Akatsuki.

"It doesn't matter on our side, but what about the other villages? Facing Akatsuki, they have no room to fight back."

Minato fell into deep thought. As a politician, his instinct made him realize that this was an opportunity.

He thought of it, and the others also thought of it.

"Perhaps we can use this opportunity to infiltrate other villages and even directly control their villages," Suggested Koharu as she turned.

Minato declined to comment and looked at Yuuji. "What do you think?"

"The purpose of capturing Bijuu is more than that. Akatsuki's appetite is not small," Yuuji said.

"What is it?" Some people did not know about Jūbi.

Yuuji calmly said, "Compared to this, we should first deal with the enemy."

Kazue also sensed it and suddenly stood up. "Very good. I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to find him. I didn't expect him to have already delivered himself to my doorstep."

"Who?" Tsunade asked.

"Uchiha Madara, he's here. Looks like his mission is to capture the second tail. That's interesting," Yuuji said slowly.

The atmosphere in the entire conference room suddenly froze.

The expressions of the older generation like Koharu changed drastically.

Uchiha Madara's name was too powerful for this generation of people.

"Rather than calling him Madara, it would be better to call him Orochimaru. We have to deal with that kid, or else there will be no end to it." Jiraiya said.

Kazue was too lazy to pay attention to these people. She slashed open the wall with his sword, and could not wait to throw it out.

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