Gourmet Gaming-Chapter 863

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Chapter 863

The kings and emperors had been in a panic. However, all stood still when they saw the ten thousand swords made of light rain down from the sky above them, forcing the ferocious convocation of black eagles to fall from the sky, and the pack of giant dark werewolves collapsed on the ground. Then, a notification rang in everyone’s ears.

[The Highest God has appeared!]

The kings and emperors watched as Minhyuk slowly fell from the sky.

‘It seems like the wild rumors that we heard were true.’

‘Everything was true.’

‘Perhaps our inferiority complex has made us deny and ignore him.’

The Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor has proven his abilities to them through the growth of his army and his newly recruited talents to his power. Everyone’s mouth turned shut when they saw the devastation left behind on the battlefield.




[Bacalod’s Sword is resonating!]

[Bacalod’s Sword loses its power before the Greatest Sword!]

[The Fastest Emperor’s Sword loses its power in front of the Greatest Sword...!]

The coalition army and the dark elves’ weapons and armor lost their sharpness and power.

[The Dark Elven Army’s morale has decreased significantly!]

The Dark Elven Army fell into chaos.

The black eagles and the giant dark werewolves were battle weapons they had nurtured and developed with all their hearts and souls. But those fierce and mighty battle weapons were easily killed by a skill triggered by one man and one man alone. There was also the voice that announced the appearance of the Highest God that rang in their ears the moment the man appeared. But that was not all. The power of the armor and weapons they had equipped had lost their sharpness and strength. All of that put together would bring anyone’s morale down.


Minhyuk landed lightly on the walls. His white cape carrying the Beyond the Heavens Empire’s symbol fluttered behind him as he glared coldly at the enemy troops. Then, he turned his head and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Y- Yeah...”

“Y- Yes.”

The kings and emperors unknowingly felt dejected.

The Beyond the Heavens Empire was only a newly established empire. However, just one look at the current situation showed that Beyond the Heavens’ growth would skyrocket. They also did not know that Emperor Minhyuk was that strong.

‘Is he as strong as Nerva?’ One of the emperors entertained such thoughts. However, he quickly shook his head. They heard that Emperor Nerva had lost an eye to Minhyuk recently. Even so, Nerva was a powerful person. He was strong enough that he could transcend even the gods. The current Minhyuk could not win against him.

“I will do my best to help you.”

The kings and emperors nodded at Minhyuk.

“If things work out well in the end, then we’re also willing to view the Beyond the Heavens Empire in a new light and rethink the relationship between our nations.”

“The same goes for my kingdom.”

“I will make sure to repay you for your help.”

What else would they need to do to repair their relationship when the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor personally jumped onto the battlefield for them?

At that moment, the most influential emperor, Emperor Elise, stepped forward and said, “Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor.”

Minhyuk looked back at him with his sharp eyes.

“Please kill them all. I will make sure to repay you for that!”

[Aplath Empire’s Emperor Elise has promised the Beyond the Heavens Empire a handsome and definite reward!]

[The rewards would depend on your performance and the performance of the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

Minhyuk nodded.

All of the kings and emperors hoped that the dark elves, the race that threatened their lives, would fall apart and disappear. And right now when all of their weapons and armor had lost its power was the perfect chance for that.

Everyone focused their attention on Minhyuk as he jumped off the walls. Because of his appearance, all of the Beyond the Heavens’ talents and troops that were led by Amacar had retreated safely and had entered the gates of the Aplath Empire.

The kings and emperors hurriedly gathered around Amacar, who climbed atop the walls again for a short break, and asked anxiously.

“Will the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor go alone?”

“Are you just sending Emperor Minhyuk out there by himself?”

They all thought that the troops led by Amacar would go out on the battlefield once again. However, Amacar just sat down and tried to catch his breath.


“No. Wh- what...”

“You should get Brod and Spear God Ben...”

But Amacar just shook his head. “It’s fine.”


Just when Amacar’s words ended, a loud explosion erupted from the battlefield. They were greeted by a bolt of bloody red lightning falling from the sky when they turned to look at the battlefield once again. Just one bloody red lightning bolt instantly decimated dozens of dark elves. The most shocking part? The bloody red lightning fell so frequently that one had to wonder if it was truly a passive skill.

“Keheoooook. He- he just swung his sword once...!”

It was just like one of the kings said. Minhyuk almost killed one of the dark elves with just one simple swing of his sword and no passive skill triggered. This was possible thanks to the power of the Sword of Aeon and because their armor’s defense had dropped to zero.

Then, the dark elves’ eyes turned black once again, a voice ringing in their heads telling them to kill the man named Minhyuk. The dark elves and the dark werewolves ignored the coalition army to charge at Minhyuk. But that was not all. The spirits of darkness also created hundreds of black spheres and sent them to Minhyuk, engulfing him in a series of explosions.

Bang, bang, bang, bang–!

The series of attacks decreased Minhyuk’s HP.

“Th- this...”

The kings and emperors could only shout in worry as they watched the thick cloud of dust rise in the air. However, when the thick cloud of dust settled down and revealed Minhyuk’s figure, they saw hundreds of bloody red beads floating around him. The injuries littering Minhyuk’s body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye as the bloody red beads seeped into his body.



The kings and emperors, who watched dozens of dark elves fall with every swing of Minhyuk’s sword, could only sigh in disbelief.

‘Even our ten million strong troops could not show such majesty and might...’

‘How can he overwhelm an entire army by himself?’ fre(e)novelkiss

Even though there were 3.5 million dark elves surrounding him, they felt like Minhyuk was not falling behind at all.

‘Come out.’

Minhyuk was waiting. Dark Elf Jack was one of the Six Monster Gods and he was currently still hiding. Minhyuk was fully aware that he was prepared for this war. After all, he had nurtured and fostered millions of dark elves and raised a convocation of black eagles and a pack of giant dark werewolves. From what he could see, he still had quite a lot hidden up his sleeve. And that was what Minhyuk was waiting for.

Of course, he would not just sit still and wait. He wanted to defeat at least 400,000 dark elves during the process of waiting.

Creak, creak– Creak–

At that moment, something appeared in front of Minhyuk, who was fully surrounded by the dark elves. It was none other than a puppet. The puppet’s joints slowly twisted into place as its head and limbs were held up and controlled by a transparent and thin thread. This puppet was Envoy Viel.

Puppet Viel could only be summoned for ten minutes. However, one should not forget how much damage Puppet Viel could deal, both his attack and defense could rival that of Brod’s own. The best part was Minhyuk could get 100% of the gold and artifact drops and 50% EXP from the ones Viel hunted.

‘Since there are millions of ants, let’s take out the elephant Viel to trample on them, no?’

Minhyuk would sit back and devour their EXP and artifacts.

‘Macro hunting is the best!’

Finally, all of Viel’s joints had twisted into place. With his sword in hand, Viel immediately jumped into the middle of the sea of dark elves.

Stab– Stab, stab, stab– Stab, stab, stab– Stab, stab, stab–

Viel moved like a ghost, his sword sweeping away all the dark elves blocking his path.

“...!” Jack’s eyes grew wide from shock as he watched this unfold from a distance. And the same was true for the kings and emperors.

Minhyuk could kill Viel because he was strong; this was an undeniable fact. However, his luck also played a massive role in that fight. There was also Guardian God Obren. His power also contributed significantly to the defeat of Envoy Viel.

Creak, creak, creak–

Viel tilted his head slowly to look at the dozens of elves that charged at him all at once. He looked at them as if he found them laughable. Then, he swung his sword.


A sword light shot out from Viel’s sword and blasted the dark elves, their bodies ripping apart from the force of the blow.

[You have acquired 100% gold and artifact drops and 50% EXP from the ones your Puppet has hunted!]

[You have gained 1,300,010 EXP.]

[You have gained 1,505,130 EXP.]



[You have obtained 7,513,013 gold.]

[You have obtained 9,413,100 gold.]

[You have obtained 13,00,203 gold.]



Of course, Minhyuk did not stay idle. He slowly cast the Overlord’s Technique while he listened to the notifications that rang in his ears.

‘I have to kill as many enemies as possible.’

Only by doing so would the man behind this army feel the danger and pull out the cards he had hidden in his sleeves.


The flames of the Overlord’s Technique erupted and devoured tens of thousands of the dark elves. The dark elves’ flesh burned, leaving only their bones behind. However, it did not take long for it to turn into ashes that disappeared into the wind. But Minhyuk did not stop there.

“Summon Beanie.”


The baby piggy Beanie stood out, his thick and plump belly bulging as he pointed his Food God’s Kitchen Knife forward.

“Overlord’s Technique.”

“Oiiiiiiiiiink (Overlord’s Technique. Oink!)!”

Minhyuk and Beanie both cast the Overlord’s Technique.

Minhyuk used the skill he saved using the Save skill, while Beanie used the skill through his Predator’s Authority. A loud sound wave erupted as two Overlord’s Technique overlapped. The skill devoured over 100,000 dark elves, turning them into ashes that disappeared into the wind.

There was also Envoy Viel, who was standing next to Minhyuk. He also cast several AOE attack skills and slaughtered thousands of dark elves.




The kings and emperors could only gape at the Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor. The momentum and power he displayed in front of them was something they had not seen, even in their talents.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk continued to advance.

“Intangible Sword.”

Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab–!

Hundreds of invisible swords swept away the dark elves, whose attack and defense had already returned. Thousand Soldiers and Ten Thousand War Horses, even that was not enough against Minhyuk. But then, at that moment...

[The Great Spirit of Darkness Pero has gone berserk!]


The Great Spirit of Darkness Pero slowly grew bigger and bigger, like a giant created by lumps of soil gathering together.

[The Great Spirit of Darkness Pero has revealed his true and complete appearance!]

[The Great Spirit of Darkness Pero has forcefully used the power of the Four Spirit Kings!]


The loud and piercing scream made the entire battlefield, including Minhyuk, stop in their tracks.


Dark Elf Jack was impressed by the human running rampant on the battlefield.

‘He is a powerhouse, the likes of which did not exist even in the past era.’

Not all of the gods were strong. Quite a few humans had also transcended their limits and became gods. And it was evident to Jack that the man on the battlefield was the greatest Supreme of this era.

Jack was confident that he would win this war. However, he knew that clashing against this man would damage him significantly. So, rather than using his power, he borrowed the power of the Great Spirit of Darkness Pero.

Among the Five Great Spirits, the Great Spirit of Darkness Pero was the most stubborn and challenging. He was also very vicious and ferocious. He could borrow the power of the other Great Spirits and use them as his own.


[Great Spirit of Darkness Pero. Level 813.]

Great Spirit of Darkness Pero’s level increased sharply.

Even his height grew higher and higher until he reached thirty meters in height. After his transformation, his eyes immediately turned to look at one man and one man alone. This man was none other than Minhyuk.

‘Is this a human that has transcended and become a god, or a god from the start? I can’t figure out what he is exactly.’

In Pero’s eyes, the man looked like a god and an ordinary human being. Pero gathered his power and pieced an attack that he would send to the human emperors.

[Spear of Exploding Flames.]

A spear made out of blazing flames appeared in Pero’s hands. This power initially belonged to the Spirit King of Fire Ifrit. Pero, aiming for the walls before, suddenly twisted his arm and threw the spear in the opposite direction


A powerful spear of flames shot toward the lone man on the battlefield. The spear of flames created an explosion akin to that of a nuclear bomb and devoured an area with a radius of 250 meters.


The human named Minhyuk looked like he suffered a huge amount of damage when the aftermath of the explosion disappeared and revealed his appearance. His entire body was scorched and it seemed like his life force had dropped by a significant amount.

‘Even if you are the Supreme of this era, Pero will still be stronger than you.’

However, Jack found that something was not right. Why did the man change directions? At this point, he realized that not much damage had been done to the walls. But there was still something off.


It was because he saw the man chew something. Then, he saw the glint in the eyes of the disheveled man.

“Summon Brod.”

Then, he ate another almond.


“Summon Ben.”

And another.

“Summon Elizabeth.”

“Summon Luo.”

“Summon Elpis.”


[Beyond the Heavens’ Empire’s Guardian God Obren warps the people of the Beyond the Heavens Empire!]

[Guardian God Obren has used 100% of his authority to help the Beyond the Heavens Empire for this day!]

Dark Elf Jack could see dozens of people surrounding Pero with gazes that looked at him arrogantly. One of those people was Spear God Ben, another was the Fallen Wretched Emperor Brod, and another was Great Demon Elpis. There were also Six Monster Gods’ Elizabeth, Sword of the Gods Luo, Golden Mage Ali, Beyond the Heavens’ Marquis Genie, Khan, Locke, Ares, and Calauhel. They all pointed their weapons at Pero, their pinnacle skills ready to be released. Jack could tell that they were all powerhouses.

‘The supremes of the current era are gathered together in one place...?’

Dark Elf Jack had an exceptional sense of hearing. He could hear someone even when they were at the distant walls. He heard someone from over there murmur, “The vassals of the Beyond the Heavens Empire have all gathered in one place.”


He learned that all of these people served the man named Minhyuk.

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