Gourmet Style Beast Taming-Chapter 21 - : Chapter 21 Flavor Value of Dan Bao

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21 Flavor Value of Dan Bao

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As Qin Lang opened the oven, a strong milky aroma mixed with the unique scent of caramel wafted rapidly from the oven, assaulting both Qin Lang and his Food Spirit, the Dan Bao.

It was a sweet aroma that Dan Bao had never experienced before, even with its most favorite scent-eggs.

In just an instant, Dan Bao couldn’t help but salivate, its eyes fixated on the baking tray that Qin Lang was holding out.

“Don’t forget, there is still the most critical step that requires your participation,” Qin Lang reminded with a smile. He carefully took the moulds from the baking tray, removed the tin foil, and placed them in ice water to cool the pudding inside by making contact with the outer walls of the mould.

After a moment, he used a small knife to separate the pudding from the mould along its inner walls, and then inverted a plate over the top of the mould.

“Next, it’s time to witness a miracle,” Qin Lang cleared his throat softly.

Dan Bao was all attention, its eyes wide open, not missing any movement made by Qin Lang.

Qin Lang swiftly flipped the mould and plate and then picked up the mould.

The pudding inside easily separated from the mould and appeared in the center of the plate.


The bottom layer of the pudding had a pale yellow shade, it was shining, tender, and its bounciness was clearly visible to the naked eye.

The topmost layer of the pudding was the light brown of caramel, which was the caramel liquid poured into the mould first. Now, after baking, it had integrated with the pudding, evenly tinting a layer on the pudding. It looked irresistibly enticing.

A portion of the caramel liquid had not been absorbed into the pudding and was now poured out along the edges of the pudding and formed a shallow layer in the plate when the mould was overturned.

The rich aroma of the caramel pudding had filled the entire kitchen.

Qin Lang calmly sprinkled a layer of white sugar onto both caramel puddings and then turned his gaze to Dan Bao, who was ready and excited, “It’s time for your performance!”

Caramel pudding generally falls into two types.

One is where the caramel liquid tinges the pudding, adding the flavor of caramel to the pudding, which is the traditional caramel pudding.

The other is modeled on French Baked Brill – a layer of white sugar is sprinkled on the surface of the pudding, and a caramel layer is formed through baking or heating with a blowtorch.

The former integrates the caramel taste into the pudding, each bite is filled with the fragrance of caramel. The latter’s caramel flavor can’t completely integrate into the pudding, but the hard caramel layer created gives a unique taste.

Qin Lang’s method belongs to the traditional caramel pudding.

But by sprinkling white sugar, it also incorporates the feature of French caramel pudding.

“Fire it up with a weakened version of Full Firepower and roast the sugar on the surface!”

Dan Bao understood immediately and took a deep breath.

Countless small flames appeared from the crevices of its face and body, and with a blow from Dan Bao, they turned into slender flames.

As soon as the flames touched the white sugar, the separate granules of white sugar melted due to the heat, quickly becoming caramelized.

Without waiting for Qin Lang’s order, Dan Bao turned his head and aimed its flames at the other caramel pudding.

Soon, the white sugar on both caramel puddings had cooled and formed a crispy caramel layer of tan color.

The strong caramel aroma blended with the sweet taste of the pudding. Under the light, the caramel layer on the surface of the pudding glistened slightly, and the layer of caramel liquid at the bottom of the plate also shone with an appetising glow.

“We can start eating now.” Qin Lang took out a small spoon, first used the back of the spoon to lightly tap the caramel layer on the surface of the caramel pudding, breaking it into small pieces, and then placed it in front of Dan Bao, “Would you like to try it?”

Dan Bao’s little head, which had been peeking out impatiently from its body, flew forward eagerly to taste this caramel pudding which it had had a hand in making.

Not bothering with the little guy, Qin Lang scooped up a spoonful of caramel pudding mixed with broken caramel layer and put it into his mouth.

The crispy layer of caramel felt like hard candy and, as it was very thin, it easily crumbled during the chewing process, adding texture to the velvety caramel pudding.

The fragrance of caramel mixed thoroughly with the milky aroma inherent to the pudding, instantly filling his mouth and nose.

Bringing a sense of happiness to the taster through sweetness is the essence of desserts.

Soon, both of them wore identical expressions of contentment.

After enjoying the caramel pudding to their heart’s content, Dan Bao felt that today’s two-hour special training was absolutely worth it.

Looking at Qin Lang, who had started to clean the tableware, it suddenly remembered the “flavor value” mentioned earlier.

According to what Qin Lang had said earlier, the maximum flavor value for Dan Bao, currently at the One-Star stage, was 100 points.

Has my own flavor value reached its limit?


It swiftly sidled up to Qin Lang, blinking its eyes inquisitively.

“Your flavour value?” Qin Lang placed clean tableware onto the rack, then affectionately ruffled Dan Bao’s head. “We’ll pay a visit to Mr Zhou Qing tomorrow and swing by the Spirit Chef Association for a test on the way.”

Having understood the circumstances surrounding flavour value, Qin Lang was curious to know what Dan Bao’s current flavour value could be.

While he had confidence in his cooking skills, he was unsure about the standards of flavour value.

Without measurement, everything remained a mystery.


With anticipation, Dan Bao bobbed its head.

“It’s getting late, let’s get some sleep,” Qin Lang cradled Dan Bao in his arms. “We’ve got a visit to Mr Zhou Qing planned for tomorrow, so we need to recharge tonight.”

After washing up with Dan Bao, they both lay down on the bed.

“Good night, Dan Bao~”


Early next morning, Qin Lang, having eaten breakfast, set off from home with Dan Bao.

He had already alerted Uncle Luo Hui, the steamed bass would be prepared during evening dinner service.

This way, he had ample time to pay a visit to Food Recommender Zhou Qing.

But, before the visit, Qin Lang was planning a flavour value test at the Spirit Chef Association with Dan Bao.

“Follow me.”

After collecting the 200 yuan test fee, a staff member led Qin Lang and Dan Bao to the testing area.

The testing area had a glass lantern-like container, which was open.

“Food Spirit, enter.”

Following Qin Lang’s confirmation, Dan Bao obediently flew into the lantern.

The lantern closed after Dan Bao entered, and small lights began to flicker rapidly.

The test had begun.

After setting up the tool, the staff member crossed his arms, showing interest in Qin Lang, who had unconsciously tightened his grip.

There were many Spiritual Chefs who had their Food Spirit’s taste value measured right after it was created.

Based on his experience, this spiritual chef, who had registered just three days ago, would have a Food Spirit with a taste value inevitably between sixty and seventy.

A Food Spirit could not be produced if the Origin Cuisine didn’t have a taste value of at least 60.

Although this was just one of the birth conditions for a Food Spirit, the limitation, in most cases, was the cooking skill of the Spiritual Chef.

While thinking this, the staff member shifted his eyes to the screen that now displayed the results.

[Food Spirit Taste Value: 100]

Staff member:”???”

He widened his eyes in surprise and turned to look at Qin Lang, his face filled with astonishment.

A spiritual chef for only three days, and he’s already hit the one-star ceiling?!

Qin Lang let out a sigh of relief, holding Dan Bao who had just flown out of the lantern, and gave a cheeky grin.

A taste value of 100, huh…

Unexpected, but within reason..