Greatest Streamer System-Chapter 35 - โ€“ How to Wall Run [2]

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Chapter 35: Chapter 35 โ€“ How to Wall Run [2]

As a former athlete, Max had a deep concentration. He could ignore almost everything and just focus on choosing a path he should take if he fully concentrated.

In his eyes, the optimal path he could take and where he should step was glowing brightly. He usually just followed that path, and what he imagined in his mind would always work.

"I will begin the demonstration."

Announcing the start, Max began to run toward the wall and jumped when he was just a bit away from it, carrying his momentum and stepping on the wall a few times before he landed by rolling to reduce the impact.

It was by no means an easy feat. The wall was more than 5 meters long, and that would require at least four steps to get to the end.

Max did that in just a span of a second and managed to keep his feet on the wall like a spider.

The viewers who watched from Max's perspective were speechless. The chat was stopped for a few seconds and immediately exploded once Max stood up and asked.

"Did you guys catch that?" fr(e)

โ€” My head is spinning!

โ€” Is this what Breeze had seen every time he moved? This is like a movie!

โ€” I can't... It doesn't make sense! How can he do that?!

โ€” My head! Arrghh! My heaaadddd!!

โ€” I thought the world was spinning, but it turned out I was the one who was spinning!

โ€” It makes me dizzy just by watching it.

Flexy was also speechless. He actually didn't believe what he saw and was pretty impressed by it. Watching it directly and watching through the screen was indeed different.

'His feet moved so fast that it looked like a blur.'

He didn't know someone could do what Breeze had just done in virtual reality. ๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐“Œ๐˜ฆ๐‘๐“ƒโ„ด๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐“.๐’ธโ„ด๐˜ฎ

'How high is his synchronization? He said he had done parkour before. What is that? Is that a martial art?'

In this age, people trained how to use swords, built their bodies to get stronger, and some even honed their aim in a training range.

All of it was to be better at games.

Most E-sport professionals all had various pieces of training themselves. Sometimes, they even recommended some training that could benefit gamers and streamers.

The term parkour wasn't on the list of the training they recommended. Flexy had never heard of it before, so it was a new thing for him.

'Is it an ancient martial art technique? No... Hearing his explanation before I invited him to join the lobby, it seems like parkour is like moving through obstacles, just like a game of tag. Is he a professional tag athlete?'

Whatever it was, Flexy laughed bitterly. He still had a job to do as a streamer. That was to sate his curiosity as well as the viewers'.

His chat was filled with people in disbelief and cursing at how that was possible at all. They wanted an explanation.

"Hahaha, that was amazing! Watching it directly sent a goosebump to my skin!" He exclaimed excitedly and ran toward Max. "That was a pretty solid run, Breeze. Can you explain how you do that? I still don't understand the principle behind it just by watching it."

Max nodded at Flexy. He already had something to explain to the readers, unlike the first time he showed how to wall run and ended up saying it was easy.

'They won't be satisfied with that, especially Flexy's viewers.'

At least he needed to bullshit a little if he truly didn't know how to explain it. Thankfully, though, he remembered what he heard when he was taught how to run horizontally on the wall when he first started parkour.

"First of all, you shouldn't really be running alongside the wall, but make an angel so you also run toward the wall. Running around a 30 to 45-degree angle is good as long as you have enough pressure and weight to stay on the wall and not slip while running."

Max positioned himself and looked at the wall as an example. He even made sure to use his arms as an example of what he wanted to tell the viewer. All through the 1st PoV because he hadn't changed the camera angle yet.

"Also, not all walls are good for wall run except you're already used to it. Try to run in a stone wall with a lot of grip first. The first step is important. You shouldn't kick the wall but try to absorb the impact and stay on it.

"Try two steps first on an inclined slope; that's the basic wall run, or you can also call it a wall ride. I hope you understand this explanation."

Max ended his explanation with a smile. He thought he explained it well, but Flexy stayed silent with his jaw dropped. He looked rather clueless.

โ€” A what?

โ€” His explanation is more technical than I originally thought...

โ€” B-Breeze is actually a smart guy? That explanation is so easy to understand!

โ€” He's not just a bloody axe, but a smart bloody axe

โ€” Thank you Breeze! I will try to apply your technique

โ€” We still need a detailed tutorial, but this is enough to start practicing!

โ€” Change it back to a free camera and teach Flexy how to do it!


[BloodyAxe has donated 500 diamonds!]

[Lesson fee!]

[ILoveWall has donated 500 diamonds!]

[Lesson fee! Take my money]

"What do you guys think I am? A bloody murderer?" He asked with a growl, trying to intimidate them. "Thank you for the lesson fee, BloodyAxe and ILoveWall. And I changed the PoV now. Is it good?"

โ€” It's good.

โ€” Hahaha, we can't deny it

โ€” A barbarian hunter, Breeze

Max nodded at their response. Then he looked at Flexy, who had recovered and held his chin in a deep thought. He didn't know what the orange-haired streamer thought about it, but the stream was still ongoing.

"Do you want to try it, Flexy?" He asked, raising his voice to get his attention.

Flexy looked up after he was called. His face brightened into a smile as he exclaimed excitedly, "Of course! And I won't do any inclined wall, so move a bit. I will prove that I am also a gamer! I can do this in one try!"

"Go ahead." Max gestured for Flexy to try as he moved away from the wall. "Remember not to face the wall directly or run alongside it, but make an angle."


Pumping himself up, Flexy stepped forward. Just like Max, he was dressed lightly to move more easily. He lowered his stance and, imitating Max, he ran toward the wall at full speed and jumped confidently.

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