GREED: ALL FOR WHAT?-Chapter 1005 A Lot Of Lies.

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Chapter 1005 A Lot Of Lies.

The plane will be doomed when CARNAGE gains entry into it. He will be doomed too. He won't be able to resist the demon god then. So he didn't feel reverence like other vampires as he looked at the bloody eye. He only feels fear and a heavy heart.

The Vampire continued, oblivious to his feelings. "Now, the Supreme of Carnage can boss us Primogenitors around. We will obey because he is supreme. We understand that the sacrifices we are forced to make will be worth it for the fulfillment of Carnage. It is all so that the Supreme will finally be able to descend into the plane and usher in the era of Carnage. But not everyone is okay with it. No one wants to help something that they would rather kill. So are you getting where I am going with this?"

Ragnarok understood what she was insinuating. "Yes, I do. I should appreciate every primogenitor for the kindness that they have shown me. Maybe I should do something to show that appreciation. Something to repay them for their sacrifices."

"You're almost correct, Ragnarok. You should indeed appreciate us primogenitors for our sacrifices to ensure your survival but I don't care about the other primogenitors. So I don't care if you repay them or not, although I advise that you do. I am only concerned about myself and the favor that I am currently doing for you because the Supreme of Carnage asked me to, and only because the Supreme asked me to."

Ragnarok chuckled. "I see. So you want me to repay you in particular for the favor that you have shown me. Let me guess, you already have something in mind that will make up for your coerced generosity."

"Ha. I knew I could talk with you." The Vampire clapped in agreement. "Your father was such a dull bore. You on the other hand have a good head on your shoulders. Your mother must have been the smart one."

The Vampire clapped once. But that was the only reaction it showed. It seemed to have complimented him but its facial expression didn't change at all and its red eyes remained fixed forward as it ran towards the devil's pit. It is clear to Ragnarok that this is no joking matter. She is very serious about it.

So he wasn't surprised when it turned its head and fixed those eyes on him with a hard stare.

It said, "I want an origin god from you, Ragnarok."

Ragnarok became surprised again. "You are just a Duke? I can't believe it. How did you manage to hold out against so many Sovereigns?"

Then he chuckled. "Ignore my last question."

The vampire shook its head and laughed. The sound of laughter came out of its lips but there still wasn't any facial expression to go along with it. It was unnerving to see.

"I understand your surprise. You expect me to be a monarch because of the power I have shown. Unfortunately, I am not. I have been endowed with a lot of quantity when it comes to power, but I lack quality. And quality of power is needed to kill an Origin god."

It sighed. It was yet an unnatural display. There was no exhalation or facial expression to accompany the gesture.

It said, "I am still a Duke, so I hope you will remember my good deed and get me an origin god so that I might become a monarch."

"I will try my best." Ragnarok lied.

Lying is very easy to do as opposed to subduing an Origin god. He can lie all day about his intentions to acquire an Origin god and it will be easier to do than fulfilling a single one of the lie.

The vampire clapped in what can only be described as a facade of excitement. "That's good to hear. I am sure that you are sincere enough about your promise to sign this blood writ to its effect."

It brought out a rough parchment of red paper dripping with blood. There are golden words written on it. Ragnarok stopped to read the words. He can run and read at the same time but he stopped to rectify the situation. He is not going any further until this has been sorted out. If it isn't sorted out, then he wants to be able to escape.

The words on the blood writ state that the Emperiti Primogenitor promises to protect him in her territory and will not do anything untoward to him or harm him in any way. And in return, he will do everything to get her an Origin god as soon as he is able to. The Oath will be witnessed and enforced by the demon god.

Vampires can't swear using the will of the abyss since they are not demons. They also can't swear using their origin because they have lost it. The lack of origin makes it impossible for them to comprehend laws that don't descend from the demon god of Carnage. It also makes it impossible for them to become Monarchs without killing an Origin god.

A Duke is the equivalent of a Sovereign. But they can match origin gods because of the lack of limits on their stats. Primogenitors can easily do this with the boost of the heart of Carnage. But that apparently isn't enough for the Emperiti Primogenitor. She has failed to kill an Origin god for one reason or another, and she wants him to help her with it. In exchange, she won't make his life a living hell.

She is threatening him. And he is smart enough to notice the threat. This entire conversation was not ordinary small talk. She didn't say all that because she was bored. She set it up for this very moment. He can either sign the blood writ or suffer the consequences. The demon god won't care about whatever she does to him as long as he is "alive," so to speak.


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