Guild Wars-Chapter 996: Bloodline Display 1

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A great man once asked: "Why are we born into this world? Just to suffer?"

The answer was yes for the Kraken right now. The moment the evil Noble Soul shouted those lines, everyone's cooldowns were reset and they unleashed the same bombardment once again after restoring their stamina and mana through self-recovery skills.

Immediately, they repeated the same bombardment on the Kraken, causing it to scream and lose another 10% of its HP. Its face changed greatly as horror filled its eyes.

No, it had to escape! It couldn't continue to fight these fucking freaks, they were breaking the taboo that Rank 7 beings couldn't be killed while being at Rank 4!!!

What if they were Rank 5? Or Rank 6? Or shit, even Rank 7??? Wouldn't they be able to actually beat him to death in one round?!

Also, the Kraken didn't know that they had only used their class-based attacks and had not even added their bloodlines which were at 99%. Otherwise, it would directly flee and never come back.

The core members' eyes flashed with greed as they saw that they had beaten a Rank 7 being to this extent. They couldn't help but feel like killing it was within their means!

However, the panicking Kraken suddenly paused and then looked up. Then its beady black eyes curled upwards, and even without a mouth, the core members could see it smiling despicably, like a bastard who needed beating.

Immediately, they saw something that made their faces change greatly. The Kraken's 20% down HP instantly recovered by 5% and removed a good chunk of the damage they dealt.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the real reason why Rank7 fellows were so fearsome. It wasn't just the High HP, after all, with enough time, one could weather it down.

It was the fucking fact that they regenerated 5% HP every 5 seconds, meaning that the effort you previously put in to lower their high HP down was wasted.

And now you could understand why World Bosses in the previous timeline required almost all the concurrent players to fight and nearly 99% died in the end before they could barely take it down.

Seeing the expression on the Kraken's face, the core members' visages darkened greatly and they became gloomy. This monster was obviously laughing at them, and it had every right to.

Did they really think they were going to kill a Rank 7 being just like that? Even Dragons and co from the old era couldn't do so at the same Rank, how dare you think you can achieve the same at Rank 4??

It was fine if they were Rank 7, as with their divine classes and various OP stats and skills, it would be possible, especially without the pesky Level and Rank Suppression!

But they had put the cart before the horse and the Kraken had humiliated them for it. It was clear that this fucking giant cephalopod was a sadistic fuck who loved to provoke others.

The Kraken manifested strange music from somewhere and began to do the Squidward dance with its tentacles wobbling in the air and its eyes widened. It was clear it was at the peak of its enjoyment in mocking the core members.

The core members felt their lung fill with fury and their eyes flashed with cruelty. Immediately, they ditched their classes and used their bloodlines, which yielded far better effects and came at a greater cost.

Immediately, the Lucifer Lineage group banded together and struck.

Money Lover was first as he manifested the power of a Broker Devil. One would think Broker Devils were harmless deal makers, but that was a big fucking lie. Which merchant didn't have a few tools to help himself or a few caravan guards?

Money Lover drew a line in the air and burned bloodline energy to create a clock. The clock began to spin and shot out a beam of grayish light that struck the Kraken and petrified it.

Next was Akainu who roared and exploded with lava energy, both his arms morphing into the lava element. With his stern expression, he only needed a white cap and a jacket hanging off his shoulder to resemble a certain despicable bastard.

He immediately brought both his hands upwards and created a giant boulder of magma then thrust it downward, its heat causing the entire atmosphere to burn up. When it crashed on the Kraken, it tore off a chunk of its body and took 0.215% of its HP at once!

Beside him was Silent Walker whose cold smile promised death. He manifested a giant shadow apparition which was his Shadow Dragon. It roared and stomped in the sky before its glowing red eyes landed upon the Kraken.

With a cruel indifference, it spat forth a breath made of darkness element that landed upon the Kraken and corroded its body, causing patches of it to be devoured by the apparition.

It lost an easy 0.25% HP this time, which was impressive!

Next was Dreary Traveler, who had the power of an Undead Lord. Immediately, he waved his hand and hundreds of dark spirits manifested as they screeched to the sky with cruelty in their eyes.

They rushed towards the Kraken and entered its body, chewing on its soul and causing it intense soul pain and damage.

The damage was around the same amount as Akainu, but it was increasing over time as the spirit continued to wreak havoc.

Rambunctious Buttlover smiled cruelly. Trickster Devils also seemingly did not have combat power, but that was untrue. They carried a bag of tricks wherever they went and some were truly fatal!

Rambunctious' eyes flashed with an eerie light as he pointed and spoke the law. "Your Health Regeneration will turn into Health Degradation!"

This caused him to grunt as the effect took place and drained his bloodline energy to keep it active.

Fitter Cleric also flashed with a golden light in his eyes as he did the same as RamButt and pointed down, his hands looking like they were controlling threads of fate.

"Your fortune is gone, turned to extreme misfortune!"

The cloud of whitish gold above the Kraken that only those with fate/fortune-related powers could see immediately turned pitch black and began to crackle with lighting that struck the Kraken from an invisible plane.

Joker was next and he smiled. He was 50% Broker and 50% Trickster, and the way he manifested his power was similar to his class, but more sinister in that he was like a warped Fortune Teller who used tarot cards.

In this case, Joker exploded with energy as his energy condensed into a single card. When he played it face upwards, the illustration on it was one of a man standing over a cliff with a dog by his side, foolishly gazing into the sun and not realizing the cliff was about to collapse.

"The Fool. You will experience loss and failure before death!" Joker declared.

Sanji threw away his cigarette and glared at the Kraken with his sharp green eyes, his anger rising to the fore. His body shifted into a reddish hue and two horns grew on his forehead as he manifested the power of a fire demon.

His legs exploded into flames and he began to kick rapidly while in midair, hundreds of leg-shaped fireballs striking upon the Kraken continuously like a rain of bullets.

Bella smirked and shifted form. Her ninja dress was already very loose and revealing, showing her curves that surpassed the level any non-bloodline woman could have, but now her skin became slightly pink and her eyes became amours.

A pink mist wafted from her body and flowed downwards to the Kraken, causing its mind which was coming to the fore and resisting Money Lover's petrification as well as Dreary Traveler's Dark Spirits to weaken and be submerged in an illusion.

Following up the Lucifer Lineage fighters were the Amaterasu Lineage ones, starting from Cobra. His back manifested 8 slender legs of a spider and his eyes glowed with a white light.

The Light Arachnid was unlike other Light element beats that were mage-types who fired light beams, but was an assassin type who used control over the light element to conceal itself completely before imbuing its sharp attributes into its strike.

Cobra disappeared and appeared near one of the Kraken's eyes and stabbed his hand inside, an explosion of white light leaking from the hole he created that took over 0.35% of the Kraken's HP.

Following him Was Deployed Soldier, whose eyes glowed beautifully. A light shot from them and passed through the glabella of the Kraken, as Deployed used his psychic abilities to add more fuel to the conflict going in within, assisting the dark spirits from Dreary Traveler and the Succubus Mist from Bella.

Noble Writer was more direct. He glowed with a white light that coalesced behind and above him, forming an Astral projection in its stage 2 form. This was equivalent to a half-body susanoo, and it had Noble Writer's features with a book in its left hand and a pen in its right.

With the pen, it wrote into its ethereal book and then swiped forward, which caused the things it wrote to manifest in a similar form to magatama discs that struck the Kraken and tore off its tentacles that were frozen in mid-air.

Lucia's body also glowed with a holy white light and a single spiral horn emerged on her forehead. It was much larger than Hikari's own and also glowed with a divine light at the tip.

With the power of the unicorn, Lucia fired a tricolor beam of white, blue, and yellow that struck the Kraken and easily pierced through its body.

Gentle Flower giggled and warped, her body became fuller and much sexier than before. However, she had both the war-like power of Ishtar and the Vanir magic of Freya, so she waved her hands like she was in an orchestra, causing the sea around the Kraken to form ropes that bound it and squeezed, trying to snuff the life from it.

Happy Scholar's eyes had the dark swirl that was unique to Riveting Night, but to a weaker degree. He had inherited Eva's old Abyssal Eye, and he immediately used it to summon an eldritch horror, which was Shoggoth!

The horror with hundreds of tendrils, a bulbous worm-like body that was shaped like a hive, and hundreds of green eyes filled with cruelty, immediately pounced on the Kraken and began tearing it apart.

Hera followed up by channeling the magic of Hecate. Like Goku (GT) going from his small body in base form to the adult body of SS4, Hera grew from a 5-foot loli into a 6'3 beauty with the same feature and a voluptuous body with cold blue eyes.

She waved her hands and cast magic, causing a giant array of fireballs, ice spears, and wind blades to lance downward on the Kraken.

The Pangu inheritors then showed their prowess by attacking as well.

Cold Summer had the power of the Water Golem Lord, and he summoned hundreds of water golems that were far weaker than what Shuangtian could summon.

Also, the drain on his bloodline energy was far sharper, but he got golems to line up and fire a jet of high-pressure water that pierced through the Kraken from different points on its large body, causing holes to appear all over.

Uno manifested the Divine Shields of Pangu and then charged downwards, using one to bash the side of the Kraken, causing that piece of its body to be blasted off while he tossed the other one, which acted like a boomerang and cut through the Kraken's tentacles, severing them in half, before angling back into Uno's grip.

At this juncture, the combined attack of slightly over half of the core members had caused the Kraken to lose 15.05% of its total HP!

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