Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures-Chapter 870: Diagon Alley in Summer Vacation

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Chapter 870: Diagon Alley in Summer Vacation

Apparition is really convenient! said Ginny enviously.

Yeah! Hermione responded absentmindedly to Ginny while thinking about how to get Evan out.

As for Evan, who was in a dilemma, he just lay there and didnt move!

He felt it was good to wait until Ginny fell asleep and then go back.

After a long hesitation, Hermione pulled her collar outward, trying to get Evan out, but Evan, lying inside, didnt move at all.

She pulled him out, and the strong friction between him and her body made Hermione stop hurriedly.

Her breath became heavier, and she couldnt go on like this. She knew she had to make a quick decision before she had no strength.

Otherwise, if Evan was allowed to lick her on the top, she would soon have no resistance at all.

Then, she could only let him do whatever he wanted on her body. She was afraid it would not be as simple as licking the collarbone gently.

I Im going to the bathroom! said Hermione suddenly. Pressing Evan with one hand, she stood up and hurried out.

She turned her back to Ginny, and didnt know if she had discovered it. She trotted out of the room.

As soon as the door was closed, Hermione opened her pajamas very rudely, and Evan slowly slid out along her body

In the dim corridor, a girl and a cat were looking at one another like this.

In the end, Hermione knocked hard on Evans forehead before heading to the bathroom.

Evan hesitated for a moment, but didnt follow. He swayed to the library downstairs.

He couldnt fall asleep even if he went back, so better go down and have a look at some magic books free(w)ebnovel

The next day, everyone began to help Mrs. Weasley clean the house.

Although Kreacher had wiped away the thick dust everywhere, he was too old, and there were still many things he hadnt taken care of.

For example, the drawing room on the first floor was a long high-ceilinged room.

Inside the room, dirty tapestries covered the olive-green walls. The carpet exhaled little clouds of dust every time someone put their foot on it and the long, moss-green velvet curtains were buzzing as though swarming with invisible bees.

Mrs. Weasley told everyone that these were doxies. She told them to tie a cloth over their noses and mouths.

All right, cover your faces and take a spray! Mrs. Weasley said, pointing to two bottles of black liquid standing on a spindle-legged table. Its Doxycide. Ive never seen an infestation this bad.

Hermiones face was half concealed by a tea towel, and Evan saw her deliberately avoiding him with her head down.

Since breakfast in the morning, Hermione had not looked at Evan, she must be angry!

Thinking about it, it was a bit too exciting last night

But he was a cat, and humans and cats couldnt get in touch with each other too much.

In fact, it was Hermione who got into Evans pajamas first and licked his chest.

At best, Evan had only followed suit, and the situation at that time was quite special.

Besides, it didnt matter if he and Hermione did so now. It was a matter of course after their relationship.

But now that Hermione was angry, Evan decided to apologize first. Anyway, he took advantage of it

Evan didnt know that, apart from being a little annoyed, the main reason why Hermione didnt dare to look at him in the eye was shyness.

With the sudden progress, she hadnt figured out how to face Evan, afraid her eyes would be redder than her face!

In this case, it would be wrong for her to express her carelessness, making it seem that she still wanted it

Well, if there was another opportunity, it would be better to try it in a place where no one was around.

On the other side, Fred and George were showing Harry and Ron their latest products.

They wanted to show everyone last night that theyd developed various kinds of Skiving Snack-boxes during this summer vacation.

The products in the past had big flaws. The two of us re-read the textbook of the Potions class some time ago and got inspired. Now this range of sweet are divided into two parts, with their own antidote function, such as this Puking Pastille

From his pocket, Fred took a double-ended piece of sweet, purple and orange.

How does this thing work? Ron asked, his eyes falling on the candy in Freds hand.

If you eat the orange half of the Puking Pastilles, you throw up. Moment youve been rushed out of the lesson for the hospital wing, you swallow the purple half, which restores you to full fitness, enabling you to pursue the leisure activity of your own choice during an hour that would otherwise have been devoted to unprofitable boredom.

Yeah, thats what were putting in the adverts, anyway, said George.

He had edged over out of Mrs. Weasleys line of vision and was now sweeping a few stray doxies from the floor and putting them into his pocket.

With the increase in the number of products, their current advertisements on Hogwarts Magic News had taken up two full chapters.

These advertisements had been published for a long time, and occasionally with color pages and dynamic photos to promote the new products.

It was more appropriate to describe it as an advertisement than as a shopping guide page.

Evan and Lupin found that young wizards preferred to watch this kind of stuff more than the real-time reports.

I think the effect of the orange part is okay. After all, this has been successful in the past. Now the trouble is that the purple antidote still needs a bit of work. After we strengthened the effect, our testers are having a bit of trouble stopping puking long enough to swallow the purple end, Fred continued. Even if its swallowed, the effect is not very good.

But if the effect is too weak, the professors may not allow you to leave, but let you hold back in class.

Yes, I really want to know how Madam Pomfrey stopped those people from puking, said George. Evan, you must help us see it later or find a new antidote formula. By the way, there are also Nosebleed Nougat and Fainting Fancies

Well talk about it in the evening; Im not free in the afternoon, said Evan. Hermione and I are going to Diagon Alley to buy a book on the principles of making broomsticks, and I have to meet someone by the way. We may come back late.

Hed written a letter to Rita Skeeter during breakfast, asking her to meet in the Leaky Cauldron at two in the afternoon.

After he went back last night, Harry and Ron hadnt slept yet.

Evan had obtained all the details from Harry of his attack by the Dementors and wrote them together in the morning.

He was going to hand the materials to Rita Skeeter and ask her to write a report about the Dementors no longer under the control of the Ministry of Magic.

Anyway, she was very good at this kind of shadowy business, not to mention that it was true.

For safety, Lupin had to accompany them, but he was also busy with the newspaper backlog. So after entering Diagon Alley, Evan and Hermione would act alone. Evan planned to take this opportunity to reconcile with Hermione.

If it didnt work, he could only talk about it later!

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