Heaven, Earth, Me-Chapter 850: Evelyn Devouring the Heavenly Tribulation.

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Chapter 850: Evelyn Devouring the Heavenly Tribulation.

Let's return a few months back before all of this happened. After Kali's and Cecile's tribulation, Angel and Evelyn had enough time to prepare for theirs. After all, the entire process of Cecile's and Kali's tribulations took slightly less than a month.

Unlike Kali and Cecile, Evelyn and Angel didn't need to face Quasi-transcendence-level tribulations.

Evelyn went first and approached the center of the tribulation plaza while twirling her spear between her fingers. Her face had a confident grin as she looked skyward. "Well, let's play for a while, Tribulation. I think I might unlock a bit more of my inheritance, so strike me hard and roughly so that I can activate it, alright?"

Yasenia, observing from a distance, couldn't help but smile. She understood why Evelyn was so confident. Evelyn was a speed fighter, her heavy hits powerful and penetrating. Her entire skill set was a symphony of speed and aggression, designed to overwhelm the enemy before they could even think of counterattacking.

Of course, this would usually fail against those with an excellent defense that could resist punishment. However, Evelyn's Natural Treasure and [Heavenly Thunder God Inheritance] compensated for her lack of firepower.

Other than her defense, which was not the best, but still it was not lacking, Evelyn had a no-weakness combat style. She even had quite a few army-wiping skills, so while overwhelming her with numbers might be the best option, it was not a good solution either way.

Her comprehension speed had always been fast, being the first of our girls to transform her energy coat into an energy armor, and her development with intent was not lacking at all.

While she always passed under the radar because of the brilliance of Yasenia and the rest, Evelyn was by no means weak. On the contrary, she was terribly strong for someone at her level.

Speaking of combinations, her recently learned Body Cultivation was like giving wings to a tiger. Her speed increased several times while the force behind her strikes rose accordingly.

Taking everything into account, fighting Evelyn was like fighting a lightning bolt that constantly struck you from different angles with unpredictable ferocity.

Evelyn spun her spear once and stabbed it into the ground by her side, then she sat down and closed her eyes, entering a meditative stance. During their years in Distancia, they've trained for several situations, and meditating in any environment was one of them. This was very important for several situations where you needed to enter that state to get opportunities.

After Evelyn called the Lightning Tribulation, the skies darkened, and another Tribulation began.

The lightning serpents moving through the cloud reached an astounding 210, slightly more than Andrea. The main reason for this was Evelyn's inheritance's influence.

An inheritance from a literal God was not common at all. Because of the Heavenly Cataclysm, their numbers greatly increased, although most were discovered during the 1,000,000 years that passed between the Heavenly Cataclysm and nowadays.

Of course, some gods placed "timers" on their inheritances or rigorous conditions, so there was still plenty to be discovered. The grand majority of current God-rank cultivators were created due to inheritances, which has made the new generation of Gods and Goddesses fairly weaker than they were.

Plus, advancing strength in those realms of strength took so much time that not enough years had passed since then for new Gods to rise through the ranks.

Evelyn opened her eyes and looked skyward. Her usual relaxed face was nowhere to be seen as she thoughtfully observed the lightning bolts in the sky with her exotic purple-colored eyes.

The first bolt flickered and rumbled, falling onto her at tremendous speed. The lightning bolts were massive, looking like serpents roaring in the sky.

However, when it was close, Evelyn spun her spear and sent a lightning bolt of her own against it.


Both attacks collided in the sky, nullifying each other. Evelyn didn't relax at all, even if she had leisure when facing the first strikes; the usual Heavenly Tribulation ramped up in power tremendously after the first waves.

As Evelyn struck the first lightning bolts at an unhurried pace. While doing so, her skills were summoned one after another. To increase her own strength, she used [Luminous Storm Dress], [Luminous Lightning Body], [Heavenly Lightning Devourer], [Storm Lightning Body], and [Lightning Temple's Blessing], the last two being inheritance skills.

In this situation, her most vital skill was not one of her inheritance skills, though. Her innate skill, which was influenced by her inheritance, [Heavenly Lightning Devourer], was a force to reckon with.

After destroying each of the Heavenly Lightning Bolts, Evelyn would use that skill to absorb the remaining energy from the lightning bolt. This gradually increased her overall strength, making not only the Tribulation but also her own strength grow with time. 𝐟r𝗲𝚎𝚠e𝐛no𝘃𝗲𝐥.c𝗼m

After more than half of the tribulation went by, Evelyn began activating her burst strength skill [Thunder Light Overcharge], which would last for the rest of the tribulation.

To add to her electric battlefield, which was dangerously charged with jumping lightning bolts, creating a menacing image, Evelyn deployed [Thunder Light Sky Domain], the skill that allowed her to control the electricity around her much more efficiently while increasing its conductivity and her ability to move it as she pleased.

Once her entire surroundings were filled with black and white lightning currents, her lips arched in defiance. "Now, let's see whose lightning prevails. [Luminous Phantom Assault]."

The bolts around her twisted and transformed, creating several dozens of white and black lightning spears all around her. Her black-colored [Storm Roaring Thunder] Natural treasure was highly active all this time, constantly providing Evelyn with its strength from her Dantian.

Moreover, Evelyn could feel the treasure's eagerness to devour that Heavenly Lightning. Of course, Evelyn would not be stingy with her Natural Treasure, and she had allowed it to attract and devour all Lightning Energy that she couldn't absorb. She wanted to give it more, but she didn't want to mess up her breakthrough because of lack of energy or any unexpected problem that arose due to that.

The final twenty bolts of the tribulation gathered above her, menacingly rumbling in the skies like ancient and powerful creatures. They gave off tremendous pressure, enough that Evelyn knew that she would get injured even with all her lightning affinity and resistance.

To avoid getting too injured, she gave her all, using her most powerful skills. First, she activated [Storm's Descent], the attack skill of her inheritance. This powerful ability created clouds that could rain devastating bolts in a large area. However, Evelyn allowed the bolts to remain in the clouds.

Not only that, she used her domain to guide most of the electricity toward the cloud she summoned, which was not too high up, around the midpoint between the Tribulation and herself.

Evelyn waited, and when the tribulation lighting fell, she controlled [Storm Descent] and fought it off. The sky was instantly filled with loud rumbling as thunderbolts fought with each other.

However, the last 20 Lightning bolts were ridiculously strong. After defeating around 12, the last eight managed to pass through, weakened.

Her energy flowed through her meridians and body, releasing her skills and creating as many lightning spears as she could. These spears were launched against the massive Heavenly Lightning Bolts, impacting with enough force to create shockwaves.

As they descended, the spears clashed continuously, destroying three more. With very little time left, Evelyn activated [Thunder Soul Destruction], releasing a deafening black lightning bolt that smashed another one into pieces.

'I can't destroy the last two. Endure!'

The rest of her energy focused on herself as every buffing skill was enhanced to its limits. This made Evelyn's body create destructive arcs of lightning around her in a terrifying show of strength that left the spectators speechless.


Both lightning bolts impacted with massive strength, and Evelyn's skills and constitution began working at their limits.

The bolts attacked her ruthlessly, wanting to destroy everything. However, Evelyn constantly devoured them, avoiding the worst kinds of injuries. Moreover, with the Natural Treasure also taking action at the unexpected feast, the effectiveness of their lethality decreased several notches over.

Evelyn gritted her teeth as pain sharp enough to want to tear your own hair rushed around her body. However, she managed not to make a sound as her body fought for its life for 15 minutes straight.

After that timeframe, everything around Evelyn calmed down, leaving a heavily injured Evelyn behind. Still, she could be classified as relatively healthy for what it could've been.

After the onslaught finished, Evelyn felt her overcharged body transform the insane amounts of energy inside her and push through the last barrier, diving her from a true fifth realm cultivator.

Her energy got compressed, transformed, and increased, and a lot of it was used to create the middle Dantian or [Epoch Core]. With that, the body that was about to burst from holding too much lightning energy relaxed as her capacity to store energy increased to a whole new dimension.

The process lasted for a few days, and by the end of it, Evelyn had become a new woman. Increasing in strength usually meant perfecting one's own existence. If anything, it was akin to improving your life rating as a creature.

While perfecting one's existence, it naturally meant perfecting one's body. Slowly but surely, Evelyn's face got minutely transformed. Her eyes were a bit bigger, her eyebrows gained a more charming curve, her lips were slightly fuller, and her head was getting more oval and beautiful.

Her hair flowed like blue electricity, and her purple eyes gained a faint glow as if sparks were flickering inside her irises.

While Evelyn's overall appearance still couldn't be described as gorgeous, whoever said that Evelyn was average was objectively lying.

She was not a pretty girl with a characteristic and energetic build. Sadly for our mischievous and big-breast-loving girl, her body remained relatively flat. She didn't reach the B territory, standing quite firmly in the A territory. However, they had grown a little bit.

When such Evelyn appeared before them, the girls couldn't help but raise eyebrows. Andrea smirked. "It seems that she is actually becoming more beautiful."

Kali touched her face and smiled. "Well, even my skin has regained a lot of its supple and moist feeling. The breakthrough to this realm is truly miraculous."

Cecile spoke with a nod. "The strength is also incredible."

Andrea and Kali agreed; the jump in strength was big enough to leave them speechless. If they fought the pre-breakthrough selves, they would probably stomp them in just a few moves.

Evelyn, who came back to herself, even though burns remained in many parts of her skin, couldn't help but smile as she felt the changes in her body.

The first words she said were as such. "OH! MY TITS ARE BIGGER!" Evelyn laughed loudly. "Yasenia!..." She paused for a second, muttering. "No, that's impossible." Her gaze went from breast to breast, and she finally ended in Cecile. "CECILE, BE CAREFUL, OR I'LL SURPASS YOU IN SIZE SOON, WAHAHAHAHA."

Cecile's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. 'Am I that small?' She was not. She had at least a D. However, compared with the other… mountains in the group, she was actually quite small.

The girls felt amused and helpless, somewhat thankful that the girl still retained her unique personality while also feeling like her focus was always off. Still, they couldn't help but laugh as the tone was genuinely joyful.

Who cared if her aim was a bit different? Evelyn was as hardworking and very intelligent as any of them. A few quirky traits just made her more attractive and fun to be around.