Hero of Darkness-Chapter 884 Terra Domain

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Chapter 884 Terra Domain

Juno, the solitary saint, stood motionless, her eyes transfixed on the awe-inspiring display of the Hero of Nature's Terra Domain's boundless versatility.

Rumors had previously circulated that a Hero of Nature had achieved the unfathomable feat of mastering all natural elements as part of their domain, something no other summoned Hero of Nature had accomplished in over three millennia, even during the reign of humans when beastkin races were enslaved.

Juno had heard these rumors, but witnessing it firsthand left her speechless. However, she knew that the Hero was only preparing the battlefield. The real battle was about to begin, and it was time to even the odds against Cherufe, the towering monster that stood at a height of over a kilometer.

"Divine Ability: Izanami's Champion!" suddenly, the Hero bellowed.

The onlookers watched in awe as his body began to transform at visible rate.





In an instant, the Knight Hero's body, along with his weapon, shield, and armor, began to grow exponentially, as multiple elements of reality coalesced and engulfed him. What transpired was an unbelievable transformation.

Within just 15 seconds, the Hero of Nature had become a being equal in height to Charufe, standing at a towering 1 kilometer tall. However, this was no mere increase in size.

His eyes were like lightning, his arms and shoulders transformed into the largest tree trunks in the world, and his legs turned into the hardest of metals. His once-golden hair now blazed like the sun.

In his hand, the 700-meter-tall and 300-meter-wide shield turned dark gray, carrying both earth and metal elements, while his 500-meter-long greatsword became a destructive combination of lightning and darkness.

Using one of his battle-oriented divine abilities, the Hero of Nature ceased to be human and became an embodiment of Mother Nature herself, her champion.



It was hard for anyone to believe that such an enormous and weighty being could effortlessly walk on the turbulent sea's surface.



Meanwhile, on the other side, Cherufe let out a deafening war cry that echoed across the battlefield. It raised its massive arms and pointed them menacingly at the advancing enemy.



The Cherufe launched a barrage of thousands of missiles, firing 120-meter-long, pointed pillars of crystal-like bullets from its body, akin to a Gatling gun.



Enormous shards of diamonds and rare minerals, worth millions of gold coins, clashed against the Hero's shield as he used it for cover while closing the distance between them. These massive projectiles, if used in a normal war between armies or a siege, would be enough to destroy a tall wall made of nothing but stones. However, the Hero's shield, enhanced by both earth and metal elements, withstood the barrage of crystal-like bullets.



The Hero, now in his titanic form, also used his enormous sword to launch waves of darkness and lightning beams that could obliterate an entire mountain in a single shot. However, despite the devastating power of his attacks, they were barely enough to leave small scratches on the mythical monster's body.

As if in response, one of the fire elemental hands surrounding the battlefield vanished and reappeared beneath the sea, striking Cherufe with incredible speed.


With the force of a massive boulder hurled into the sky, Cherufe was flung several hundred meters away.


But before it could regain control of its momentum...

A 500-meter-tall metal elemental hand struck the monster with a devastating blow, breaking the sound barrier and shattering the foremost layer of crystalline armor on its body.


The impact caused the sea to surge and the ground to shake as Cherufe was flung back for several kilometers.

The attack didn't stop there.


Two enormous hands floated in the sky, one made of compressed wind and the other composed of blinding, erratic lightning, and they launched themselves at Cherufe.

The resulting explosion was of pure world energy, causing shockwaves of destruction that rocked the sky and sea. The force of the blast created uncontrollable tides that could have easily flooded entire cities if the battle were fought on land. Over a dozen kilometers of space would have been decimated by the sheer power of the attack.

Such was the overwhelming power of the Hero of Nature's Terra Domain. It was a battlefield capable of annihilating armies numbering in the millions, as well as saints and legendary or mythical monsters, leaving them with no time to react before the Hero launched his attacks.

With each element having a corresponding counterpart, the Hero of Nature possessed a multitude of options to dismantle his opponents, regardless of the elemental nature of their attacks or spells.

According to the rumors circulating, what Juno witnessed was merely the first form of this awe-inspiring Terra Domain, comparable to Kahn's own Dimensional Domain. The extent of its true potential remained a mystery yet to be unraveled.

The Divine Ability known as Izanami's Champion was perfectly suited for the Hero of Nature, considering his Domain, which harnessed the power of nature itself to defeat his adversaries. The potential of this divine ability could only be matched by someone possessing multiple bloodlines and elemental affinities of the Primordial Titans.

Even Blackwall, a 3-kilometer tall mythical rank variant of the Primordial Titan with an affinity for earth and water elements, would find it impossible to possess such a combination. The Hero of Nature, despite lacking the bloodline of the Primordial Titans, stood on par with them, possessing control over all elements through this divine ability.

It was evident to anyone observing that the Hero of Nature had not yet reached his maximum potential. With each advancement in rank as a saint, he would continue to grow stronger and more formidable.

So unless someone did not rely on elemental skills, spells and combat techniques while using only the Laws of Reality such as Space Law or Gravity law… they couldn't even hope to be this hero's match even if they were a rank higher as a saint.

Even Romulus had previously admitted long ago while training Kahn that the Hero of Nature was destined for even greater heights of power.

Even among the present generation, no one could deny that the Knight on the battlefield…

Was one of the strongest Heroes.

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