How To Live As A Writer In A Fantasy World-Chapter 257: Three Dwarves Will Come (1)

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Chapter 257: Three Dwarves Will Come (1)

After meeting Mr.Musk and receiving not advice, but rather unconventional counsel, my tasks remain unchanged. I continued to inspect various parts of the territory, identifying any problematic areas and meticulously recording them in my notebook.

As a result, the day after meeting Musk, I embarked on another territory inspection. With Cecily and Gartz yet to arrive, and unable to write, there was also the purpose of filling the time available.

Moreover, as the size of the territory expanded, undoubtedly there will be many overlooked aspects. Despite the support from Helium and the Empire, its still better to see with my own eyes.

I didnt expect peculiar activities in the plaza where the temple stands, but the builders are also human. And humans always make mistakes.

Above all, developing our territory into a cultural city, specialized in tourism, is the goal. However, putting all our efforts into one thing isnt wise. If a pandemic or war breaks out, our economic power will converge to zero. There may not be any wars coming during this current peaceful era, but pandemics pose many problems.

The main focus should undoubtedly be on devil worshippers. With their special powers, they can even raise the undead, making it easy to cause a pandemic. Fortunately, we have a temple, and Helium will support the installation of water and sewage systems, but preventing the spread of the pandemic from the beginning is crucial.

Sometimes in novels there are mines near the protagonists territory.

Suddenly such useless fantasy cliche came to my mind. Although the development has not been properly completed yet, its not entirely impossible, but its just a far-fetched imagination.

Right now, we should focus on the upcoming exhibition, which is right in front of us. The exhibition held once a year has a significant impact on our territory.

Even though it has only been held once before and feels chaotic in various ways, it will gradually stabilize over time. Moreover, the significance of the Xenon Exhibition is a culture that anyone can participate in. The ultimate goal is for anyone to confidently showcase their own work without fear.

Opportunities may arise for talents that have not yet bloomed like Cherry, and naturally, there will be chances to make ones name known. As always, as Ive said, for artists, the most important thing is not money but their name, their reputation. The Xenon Exhibition can be considered a kind of gateway.

Given the grand theme of Xenons Biography and the opportunity to showcase ones work to the public according to that theme, it can be seen as a chance for a kind of secondary creation or parody.

Its about honing the basics.

Before I became a writer in my past life, I serialized parody works. Although if I were to see them now, they would be a complete mess, too embarrassing to show anyone.

However, as time passed, I established my own style, and the grammar, which was a mess at first, gradually improved. The Xenon Exhibition will also play a similar role.

The problem is that even the veterans get tired.

By the way, the veterans are naturally famous people like the Matrics Troupe or the Lyres Orchestra. Especially the Matrics Troupes directing is at an absurd level, so relatively, they have no choice but to shine. freewe(b)

Even if the director is a demon, when they infused magic into a performance, who can really best them?

They should be making movies, not performances.

But thats impossible. This time also, a collaboration between the Matrics Troupe and the Lyres Orchestra was scheduled. Although I havent met them personally yet, my father received contact through a letter in advance.

Besides them, performances of other groups were also planned, but its all the same in them making imitation works.

I finished inspecting all of the territory with both anticipation and concern.

Although I noticed construction sites here and there, at the current pace, it seems possible to complete all construction before the exhibition. Furthermore, even after the exhibition ends, the works of artists will remain intact on our territory. Even now, the works placed last year were being exhibited.

Hold up. Should we organize a contest?

It was a sudden idea that occurred to me while looking at the works exhibited in our territory. Since artworks were gathered together, it wouldnt be a bad idea to host a contest. It could be a decent idea since there will be not only renowned artists but also people visiting for their dreams.

Moreover, the ultimate goal of the Xenon Exhibition is a shared culture. The right to vote will naturally be given to everyone.

Lastly, the most important thing is the name. To prevent a halo effect, well conceal the names to avoid bias towards already famous individuals. If that happens, fair and equal voting could be achieved.

What if artists later complain about something unreasonable? A letter from Xenon will fly their way.

I should tell Father.

Although its a somewhat impromptu event, surprisingly, it seemed fine. Just watching the exhibition felt a bit dull.

I recorded the event in my notebook while scribbling with a pen. Since Father is busy, Ill probably have to establish the event myself.



As I was absorbed in contemplating the event, a familiar womans voice reached my ears. I glanced away from my notebook in the direction of the sound.

As soon as I turned my head, a smile involuntarily spread across my face at the sight of the familiar face. There was a girl approaching with hair as white as snow, fluttering around her, much like the snowflakes.

I didnt know when she arrived, but there was Marie, dressed in a dress as white as her hair, not the kind one would wear to an exhibition, but rather an outing dress. Nevertheless, her radiance couldnt be concealed.

With a swish, Marie came running, grabbing the hem of her dress, and embraced me, stretching out her arms. As we hugged, her warmth and her unique scent enveloped me.

For a while, we held each other like long-lost lovers. It had only been three days since we parted at the beginning of the vacation, but seeing each other was still a joyous occasion.

Eventually, Marie, who had been enjoying being in my arms, lifted her head slightly and faced me. I returned her gaze, smiling softly at her beautiful face.

When did you arrive?

Just a moment ago. I heard from Mother that you went out to inspect the estate, so I came straight here.

What if something happened when you came alone? Its dangerous.

Our estate was relatively safe compared to other places, but Marie herself was the problem. She was too beautiful for her own good.

It wasnt just because she was my fiance; beauties with such distinctive appearances as Marie tended to attract attention wherever they went. With her noble demeanor, she drew eyes even without intentionally committing any crimes, but there was always the possibility.

Marie, with her characteristic soft smile in response to my worried question, just hugged me tightly without answering. It was her way of avoiding the question while asking me to just look at her.

Though I tried to resist her cuteness, I gently hugged her back. It had been a year since we started dating, but our love hadnt shown any signs of cooling off.

Honestly, just looking at her face can make my love flare up.

Theres a saying that goes, If a woman is pretty, its like winning the triple crown of beauty. While its true that men benefit from being handsome, it holds more weight for women.

And look at Marie now. Shes perfect not only in appearance but also in figure, personality, and even compatibility. There isnt a single flaw. Naturally, love is bound to bloom in such a structure. Even if other women surround me, I can guarantee that my feelings for Marie will never change.

As my first woman, I plan to repay her accordingly.

Ahh this. The strong scent of lilacs and Isaacs firm chest I missed this feeling.

Its only been three days since we last met, hasnt it?

Three days have passed. Thats quite a long time. I get mentally exhausted if I dont see Isaac even for a day. Can you fill that void?

Marie asked me with a sunny smile. I dont need to explain what she means by filling the void.

I chuckled at her expression, gently stroking her hair as white as snow, and replied,

Alright. But be careful and take someone else along.

Of course.

Marie nodded vigorously in response to my answer. She was usually a confident and strong-willed woman, but in front of me, she transformed into someone submissive.

It wasnt just Marie; it seemed like other women behaved similarly. Despite being independent women with no room for submission, they all looked at me with obedience.

I had to make sure they didnt feel discriminated against. For now, though, Marie was alone, so I focused on her.

I lightly kissed her and slowly held her hand. On her left ring finger was the ring I had given her on our last anniversary.

Are you going to keep wearing this ring?

Yeah. Even after we get married?

Then I guess Ill have to gift you earrings or a necklace at the wedding.

Id love anything as long as its from Isaac!

How does she manage to say such lovely things? Her confident response warmed my heart as we walked together.

From now on, it was a survey of our future territory with my future spouse.

Our relationship was well-known among the residents, so they looked at us with pleased expressions. Marie was naturally beautiful, and the residents opinions of her were favorable.

Its so different from winter break. There are even demons; its fascinating.

Marie, who visited our territory for the first time after the break, wandered around with an expression of wonder. Yet, she held onto my hand tightly, as if afraid of losing me.

Even I, the son of a noble, couldnt see many things, but how about Marie? I opened my mouth while looking at the bustling territory.

I was surprised too. I didnt expect things to change so much in just a few months.

Isnt it possible that with the establishment of temples of Luminous and Mora, your influence might surpass the capital?

Thats not likely. Even though they may lack in culture, the capital will still hold more substantial influence.

Xenons Biography is not a prophecy, and all those ridiculous rumors about Xenon being a regressive are nonsense; theyll return to normal once the dust settles. Moreover, even with support from the royal family, its almost impossible to surpass the capital. The Minerva Empire has been building up its strength since the racial war, so theres no comparison.

What were doing in our territory is just paddling when the water comes in. Although its difficult that the water pours in so hard its difficult to paddle.

On the other hand, culture doesnt accumulate overnight due to its nature. As time passes, some values rise while others fall. There are many uncertainties.

Do you think the value of Xenons Biography will fall?

I have nothing to say about that. novelbuddy(.)com

From the salvation of the demons, contamination of the World Trees roots, to even the worshipers of devils. Rather than declining, the value of Xenons Biography is skyrocketing.

I suppose this wont change even after I die. I hope my descendants wont start wars over my inheritance.

Oh, by the way, when will Adeliass education end today? I wanted to meet her, but shes been undergoing education, so I couldnt.

Marie suddenly asked when Adelias education would be finished. Its only natural that shes interested, considering shes allowed Adelia to become my woman.

Upon hearing her question, I thought carefully about Adelia. Currently, shes diligently receiving maid training under the tutelage of the head maid. Being a personal maid rather than an ordinary one, it takes a bit more time to learn. Plus, theres also her training as a bodyguard in martial arts.

Adelia spends her days much like my father, buried in paperwork. Especially since maid training involves more mental anguish than physical, even a day of learning leaves her exhausted.

Perhaps around dinner time? We have plenty of time anyway, so meeting then should work. But what did you want to talk about?

Well theres something. A serious conversation between women who share the same man? Cecily will probably come soon too, but I wanted to speak first.

What could she want to talk about? Marie averted her eyes, fidgeting nervously.

It seemed like she wanted to discuss something unfinished due to her studies, but seeing as she left me out, there must be something else.

For a moment, I felt puzzled by Maries clumsy demeanor, but knowing their personalities, I decided to overlook it for now. Neither Marie nor Cecily ever displayed a rude attitude toward Adelia. Now, lets focus on the exhibition

My lord! Lord Isaac!


At the moment when Marie was about to ignore what I said, someone shouted my name. Upon hearing this, both Marie and I turned our heads.

When I looked, I saw a guard who usually handled security in the village running hastily. He was one of the local nobles who had led the militia even before the territory began to develop.

Whats going on, Mr. Michael?

Pant pant Sorry. Its just that theres a commotion at the entrance to the territory.

A commotion?

I chuckled at the report of a commotion. How urgent must it have been for him to come running to report to me? If it was a violent conflict, they would have taken measures first and then reported to me later.

While I was thinking about that, the guard, Michael, reported to me with an appeal.

Three dwarves are causing a ruckus at the entrance to the territory with a strange carriage. They claim that this is also related to Xenons Biography, but I cant believe it.

A strange carriage?

Yes. A carriage made entirely of steel that moves on its own. It looked dangerous, so I prohibited entry for the time being.


What? Isnt that a car? I chuckled and decided to see it with my own eyes.

Marie seemed equally curious, as she tightly held onto my hand and followed along.

As we headed towards the entrance to the territory, we could see that there were even more people crowded there than elsewhere.

Its not dangerous, Im telling you! How many times do I have to say it for you to understand?!

Its just a carriage powered by a magic engine! It has speed control and stop functions too!

Amidst the buzz, we could hear distinct, sturdy voices. Judging by the shouts, they seemed to be the voices of dwarves that Michael mentioned earlier.

As soon as Marie and I heard the sound, we pushed through the crowd and moved towards the entrance where the dwarves were waiting. Just in case we missed it, I didnt forget to tightly hold onto Maries hand.

By the time we finally navigated through the crowd and reached the entrance to the territory, the situation Michael mentioned earlier came into clear view.

Geez. Humans have too many unnecessary suspicions. Its just a carriage that moves automatically. Why block us from entering?

Thats because its dangerous. The exhibition is just around the corner, and we cant allow such risky items to be brought in.

Well take full responsibility! Why cant you trust peoples words?

A dwarf sitting in the drivers seat no, behind the steering wheel, and two dwarves sitting in the back seat.

Externally, it looked like an ordinary carriage, but as Michael described earlier, there were no visible horses at all.

There was just a strange device attached behind the passenger seats, vibrating and making loud noises.

Whether it was powered by mana or not, there was no sign of foul smoke or anything like that.

Could that also be considered a piece of fanart?

A fantasy car appeared.

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