I am a Gao Fushuai Villain-Chapter 600:

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Chapter 600:

He could only sigh secretly at his aunt’s fondness and enthusiasm.

As for Meng Yiyi, she had a gloomy look on the side.

At every bite of food, she would glance at Lin Yuan.

Now she is not so jealous or concerned about her Mother Shuixian’s fondness for Lin Yuan.

She was deep in her thoughts about what would happen if her mother saw the sexy underwear.

She thought hard about how to take it back from Lin Yuan’s possession.

Soon the dinner was over.

After eating, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan left home.

They went to the headquarters of Lin Group.

They went to address Lin Yuan’s plans.

Lin Yuan stayed in his room and received news from Long Wu.

He also made some business plans for the development of his company.

Lin Yuan had just finished planning when he saw a message from Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue: “The hot spring hotel has been booked. Lin Yuan, let’s go together tomorrow afternoon, okay?”

Looking at the message from Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan smiled.

Then he replied: “Okay, let’s go tomorrow afternoon.”

When Lin Yuan replied, Yan Ruyue was seated on the sofa holding her mobile phone nervously.

And after seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, she smiled immediately, and the joy was all over her face.

Song Xuan on the side saw Yan Ruyue.

She immediately smiled and quipped: “Yue’er, did something good happen? Could it be that Xiao Yuan promised and agreed to get engaged again?”

Yan Ruyue blushed when she heard her mother.

She lifted her perfectly round long legs on the sofa.

After fixing the corners of her nightdress, she replied: “No Mom. I just have an appointment with Lin Yuan. I will go to a hot spring hotel with him tomorrow!”

While saying that, Yan Ruyue’s pretty face flushed.

She seems to be thinking about something.

As an experienced person, when Song Xuan saw Yan Ruyue’s smile, she also exhibited a smile.

But after that, she frowned.

“Is it the hot spring hotel we often go to?” Song Xuan asked.

Yan Ruyue nodded: “Right, it is the one we go to often, the one in Longquan Town.”

Song Xuan replied, “I will go with you too, okay? Recently, I feel exhausted from work and I want to go to the hot springs to relax.”

Yan Ruyue hesitated a little. “Ahh, do you want to go too?”

Song Xuan looked at Yan Ruyue and waited for her answer. freeweb(n)ovel.com

She hesitated for a while and then she said: “Then, let me ask Lin Yuan if he does not mind you coming along.”

Song Xuan then responded: “It’s okay. I will talk to him in person tomorrow. If Xiao Yuan finds it inconvenient, then Mom won’t tag along.”

“Okay.” Yan Ruyue nodded.

On the other side, Lin Yuan replied to a few more messages from Yan Ruyue.

And then he also put down his phone and smiled.

In his thoughts, based on Yan Ruyue’s attitude, the time is basically ripe.

In this trip to Hot Spring, there is a high chance that they can ‘exchange feelings’ with each other.

It’s interesting to think of Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president kneeling down and singing the song Conquer.

After the chat, Lin Yuan put down his phone.

But not too long after, there was a knock on his door.

Originally, Lin Yuan thought it might be his annoying cousin Meng Yiyi again.

But it was not his overbearing cousin instead was his aunt Meng Shuixian.

“Xiao Yuan…” Meng Shuixian called from outside the door.

Lin Yuan went to open the door immediately.

Looking at the noble and elegant aunt in a black dress, Lin Yuan asked strangely. “What’s wrong, aunt?”

Meng Shuixian smiled and said, “Xiao Yuan, are you hungry? If you are, I will cook some food for you.”

It turned out that she wanted to cook for him.

His aunt is really meticulous in showing her fondness for him.

Lin Yuan is actually not hungry. 𝓯𝙧𝓮𝓮𝔀𝓮𝙗𝓷𝓸𝙫𝓮𝙡.𝒄𝓸𝒎

But looking at the expectant eyes of Meng Shuixian, Lin Yuan smiled and nodded and said: “Okay then, thank you, aunt.”

“Okay, your aunt will cook some delicious food.” Meng Shuixian smiled happily.

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