I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel-Chapter 441 - "Everlasting" Has a Beginning and an End

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441 “Everlasting” Has a Beginning and an End
A certain little girl had especially come to make fun of Fang Jinyu because of the matter. As for the 30 strands of immortal opportunity, other than casually bringing it, she probably felt a little guilty…

However, it could be said that it was the end of the conflict with Jin Fusheng.

It was because of cultivators like Jin Fusheng, whose heavenly luck had been deprived and his body had begun to fall apart, that it could be said that the countdown to the end of his Immortal Ascension stage had begun.

If Jin Fusheng split into two, he could still maintain his strength as a cultivator who ranked 8 in the Immortal Ascension stage and enjoy the “authority” of living as long as the world.

However, after Jin Fusheng split into 16…

Among the 16 “Jin Fushengs,” the strongest was probably only ranked 3 in the Immortal Ascension stage.

Afterward, the former strongest cultivator in the Sea of Realms disappeared.

However, Jin Fusheng’s disappearance didn’t cause too much of a stir. It could even be said to be peaceful. It was because, in the past hundreds of thousands of years, he hid in the Virtual Jade Immortal Mountain and never took half a step out after he accidentally returned to the Sea of Realms and lost his cultivation base that ranked 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage…

Even if Jin Fusheng left the immortal mountain, it was only a projection. It was also hidden, afraid of being discovered.

After all, the news of Jin Fusheng opening the door in the Immortal Ascension Hall and entering the immortal realm to become an immortal spread widely throughout the Sea of Realms after he broke through rank 9 in the Immortal Ascension stage. However, he returned to the Sea of Realms in a sorry state. Therefore, it made it difficult for him to meet people.

It was because many of his acquaintances were still there.

What was worth mentioning was that the True Immortal who had deduced the conditions for achieving the Transcend-moment Dragon was Jin Fusheng!

However, Jin Fusheng was strangely not a “First Immortal” after he went to the immortal realm and returned strangely. He even lost this part of his memory.

As for Fang Jinyu, although he knew where Nine Mountains and Nine Seas was and knew that there were a few idiots who targeted him because of his “background,” it wasn’t the time for him to take revenge.

After obtaining 30 wisps of immortal opportunity from Qing Fu and borrowing 30 wisps of immortal opportunity, the rich Fang Jinyu began to “feed” his “everlasting characteristic.”

Just like before, Fang Jinyu first “fed” three wisps of immortal opportunity and lost ten years of cultivation ability. Afterward, he “fed” the nine wisps of immortal opportunity and lost 30 years of cultivation ability. Following that, he used more than 100 years and 500 years of cultivation ability to activate the toe-like “everlasting poke.”

The process was undoubtedly very smooth.

However, after the results were out, Fang Jinyu realized that he had failed to make another “everlasting characteristic” appear in his body!

However, it wasn’t that Fang Jinyu didn’t gain anything. At the very least, his right great toe had an “everlasting characteristic.” Its strength was almost the same as Fang Jinyu’s left little finger.

“However, there is still a slight difference…”

After realizing it, Fang Jinyu began comprehending the “everlasting characteristic” of his left little finger.

However, at this moment, the familiar and seemingly omnipotent text box appeared on time to “clock in for work.”

[Today is the day to finally discover the “first appearance” of the “everlasting characteristic.”]

[Refine to obtain “everlasting characteristic” +1]

Fang Jinyu instantly felt different because some “everlasting characteristic” had emerged from his primordial spirit. As the wisp of “everlasting characteristic” appeared, more than 90% of the 50 or so immortal opportunities that were originally stored in his primordial spirit instantly disappeared, leaving only a few immortal opportunities.

The “everlasting characteristic” in Fang Jinyu’s primordial spirit that had obtained 49 immortal opportunities instantly spread. His primordial spirit was instantly infected with the “everlasting characteristic.”


“Everything has a beginning and an end…”

At this moment, Fang Jinyu finally understood the true meaning of “everlasting characteristic.”

Everything has a beginning and an end. As long as there was a beginning, the appearance of “everlasting” meant that it would soon “end.”
What was the beginning of living beings?

It was the moment when life was born.

Therefore, regardless of whether they were born or nurtured by nature, they couldn’t escape the great limits of “everlasting!” It was also why the superior treasure could kill the True Immortal!

All the abilities of a True Immortal had come to an end. How could he stay alive?

“Unfortunately, although my primordial spirit has many more ‘everlasting characteristics’ than the other two and covers all my primordial spirit, it only has the ‘beginning’ and no ‘end.’ It can only defend passively.”

Fang Jinyu felt a little regretful. After all, an idiot couldn’t possess an Immortal Ascension stage in the Sea of Realms, right?

However, Fang Jinyu also knew that he was being greedy. Even if he could become the “First Immortal,” he would still be afraid of encountering the terrifying “everlasting characteristic,” let alone when he was only ranked 2 in the Immortal Ascension stage, right?

Although achieving 500 years of cultivation ability twice was long enough to break through rank 3 in the Immortal Ascension stage, Fang Jinyu’s “cultivation ability tribulation” had yet to come.

It was related to the fact that Fang Jinyu had reached the end of his cultivation path.

It could be said that Fang Jinyu succeeded because of his cultivation path. However, his cultivation path also caused him to fail!

Previously, it was because Fang Jinyu had reached the end of the path of freedom that the “self-cultivation tribulation,” which could make countless Immortal Ascension stage cultivators’ scalps go numb, couldn’t stump him at all. In fact, with his uniqueness, the “cultivation body” that wanted to seize his cultivation base, name, and body didn’t appear.

In the end, Fang Jinyu easily passed that stage and successfully broke through rank 2 in the Immortal Ascension stage.

Even though Fang Jinyu was only ranked 2 in the Immortal Ascension stage, such a cultivation base could be considered a “veteran Immortal Ascension stage cultivator” in the Sea of Realms. As for a certain little girl, it was because she had unreasonably “cheated” and forced the Sea of Realms’ immortal cultivation path to open the door to rank 2 in the Immortal Ascension stage for her.


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