I Became A Hit After My Divorce!-Chapter 705 - : Leave

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Chapter 705: Leave

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Le Yao went to school the next day to apply for leave. Originally, she would have asked the counselor to submit the leave application and get approval. Unfortunately, she met Old Ma outside the counselor’s office.

“Taking leave?” Ma Lin smiled at Le Yao.

“Okay.” Le Yao nodded obediently. For some reason, every time she saw this old man, she had a bad feeling.

“The bakery has been a little lazy recently.” Ma Lin’s face darkened, and his eyes were filled with accusation.

“No way,” Le Yao hurriedly retorted. “There are two events every month. We’ve never fallen behind.”

“If I say you’re lazy, then you’re lazy.” Ma Lin glared at her proudly. They had never fallen behind in their activities, but they made fewer snacks. They didn’t make as much as they made for him previously. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have established it. That way, he would have desserts every week. Now, he only got it once every half a month.

“Alright, you’re old and thick-skinned. Whatever you say.” Le Yao rolled her eyes cutely.

“What did you say?”

“It’s nothing,” Le Yao hurriedly replied loudly. “I said that you’re highly respected. Your words are worth two.”

The corners of Ma Lin’S mouth twitched. “I know you’re scolding me. Do you know that this is an act of deceiving your master?”

“Is it that serious?” Le Yao was caught between laughter and tears. “Old man, can you just tell me what you want? Don’t beat around the bush, it makes you look so… low.”

Ma Lin immediately glared at her, but he didn’t mind. Then, he coughed. “In the future, the bakery club will operate once a week.”

“Alright, whatever you say. Then can I take leave?”

“I have to approve your leave, so…” “Why?” Le Yao exclaimed.

“Because I’m the principal.” Ma Lin was smug. ‘You… you win.” Le Yao pouted. “You only know how to bully me.”

“That’s right, because you’re easy to bully. Haha…”

“One cake. I’m taking leave.”


“Deal.” Le Yao turned around and left. “Where are you going?”

“To the bakery club to make cakes.”

“Do it well. There’s still time.” Ma Lin immediately left, humming.

Le Yao couldn’t help but laugh. This old man was really a glutton.

The materials in the bakery were extensive, so Le Yao spent two hours making a cake and a pork floss roll before carrying it to the principal’s office.

Ma Lin’s eyes lit up.

“Do you think I can report you for being bribed?” Le Yao put the signed note into her pocket and looked at Ma Lin.

“Bribery? This is not enough to bribe me.” Ma Lin shook his head and took a bite of the pork floss roll.

He immediately narrowed his eyes in bliss. “A bribe is worth 100 yuan each time. See if the Discipline Inspection Commission will accept it. Besides, the price of the papers I gave you is not cheap. You’re also going to turn yourself in for bribery?”

Le Yao’s lips twitched. “The older the ginger, the spicier it is.”

“Of course. Do you want to fight me? You’re too inexperienced,” Ma Lin glanced at Le Yao smugly.

Le Yao gave him a thumbs up. “I’m impressed, but let me tell you, now that you’ve eaten the pork floss roll, you can eat the cake later. Don’t eat so much at once.”

“You’re telling me what to do?” Ma Lin glared.

“If you want me to send new desserts every week in the future, you have to listen to me.”

“Alright, you’re so annoying. You’re almost as annoying as an old woman.” Ma Lin waved his hand impatiently.

Only then did Le Yao smile and leave..