I Became a Sick Nobleman-Chapter 132: Chase the Spirits!

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Chapter 132: Chase the Spirits!


Ruel examined the spirits closely, but they all appeared quite similar, making it challenging to distinguish them.

Their physical builds were also nearly identical.

Choosing among them seemed like a difficult task.

Leo, I need your help with this.

Leo stood up from Ruels lap, his eyes sparkling with excitement.


Yes. I want you to choose only the spirits who are planning to leave here in the future.


Leo replied firmly and scurried under the bed. He extended his short legs as far as he could and began speaking to the spirits.

Ahem, listen well. Only the spirits who are going to leave Ruels side should come forward.

Kuroo kuru.

The spirits looked at each other and exchanged words.

Soon, one of the spirits stepped forward and started speaking to Leo.

Ruel waited quietly for Leo to translate the words.

Kuroo kuru.

Leo nodded in understanding and turned to Ruel with a serious expression.

It seemed as though he had been bestowed with a mission to save the world.

They want to know why you want to follow them.

Ruel suppressed a laugh before responding, I want to know what the spirit stone inside me is, and Im curious about where you all are headed.

Kuroo kuru.

The spirit continued speaking, and Leo translated.

They welcome you, but they mention that there is a guardian protecting their destination, and they are uncertain about what might happen.

You dont have to worry about that.

Ruel chuckled.

Having a guardian there is a bit unexpected, but if things go wrong, they can always retreat, right?

Kuroo kuru.

They respect Ruels decision. However, they are not sure if they can guide the way Why is that?

Leo, who was translating the spirit words, unexpectedly asked a question.

As the conversation continued, Leos ears perked up.

Oh! Is that so? How fascinating. This body wishes this body could grow up quickly too.

Ruel inhaled Breath and then burst out laughing at Leos enthusiasm.

Leo had been so engrossed in the conversation that he had forgotten his purpose of translating.

Kuroo kuru.

Really? Then could this body have been born there too? Why cant this body remember that?

Kuroo kuru.

Thank you. Maybe this body can find out something if this body goes there!

Kuroo kuru.

Well, this body doesnt know either. Its already amazing that Ruel can see spirits, isnt it?

Just a moment. Ruel couldnt wait any longer and interrupted them.

Leo was surprised to see Ruel take action.

Huh! This body forgot that this body had an important mission.

Leos eyes were filled with determination.

So, the spirit said that when they grow up, its instinctive to go to a certain place, and they also mentioned that this body might have been born there.

Leos eyes, which were full of determination, softened, and his head tilted.

And also, uh, the spirit wondered why Ruel doesnt understand what theyre saying, so I answered!

Ruel gently stroked Leos head in response to his pleading eyes.

Leo might have been born there too?

There was now another reason to go.

Perhaps they could meet other Great Purifiers there.

Ruel looked at the spirit and asked, So, when are you planning to leave?

Kuroo kuru.

Upon hearing the spirit response, Ruel naturally looked at Leo.

The spirit Oh! They say this body is helping Ruel. Unbelievable!

Even though Ruel had already said that Leo was already helping enough, he was endlessly delighted.

The fact that Leo was happy was enough for him.

Ahem, this body will clearly tell you what the spirit is saying.

Leo proudly raised his snout.


So, youre saying youre going to see where the spirits go?

Aris was taken aback by Ruels statement about following the spirits.

Cassion, who already guessed why Ruel had said he would rest for five days, glanced at Leo, who was clinging to Ruel.

Leo looked very excited.

Ruel-nim, you are planning to ride a horse to an uncertain destination on a cold day like this. Have you reconsidered this journey?

Cassion cautiously brought up the topic before departing.

Its a beautiful day for a ride, Ruel replied with a bright smile, gazing up at the sky.

He had recalculated the translated words from the spirit, which Leo had conveyed, and decided to sneak out in the early dawn while everyone was asleep.

Equipped with gloves enchanted with protective spells, as well as a cloak and hat given by Aris, Ruel didnt feel the cold.

He listened to the horses whinny, gently stroking its mane before mounting it.

The world looked different from this new perspective.

Even though I dont know who this teacher is, I can ride perfectly now.

Yes, that teacher really showed impressive riding skills, and now youve become a perfect rider, Cassion remarked.

Although Cassion had taught Ruel how to ride, it remained unclear whether Ruel lacked skill, pretended to be less skilled to receive praise, or simply didnt want to ride well.

Cassion sighed inwardly and surveyed their surroundings.

The only escorts were himself and Aris.

As their destination might be in the mountains or forests, the carriage wouldnt be able to go, and they had no choice but to ride the horses themselves.

Cassion felt increasing anxiety about the journey.

Cassion, did you pack everything?

Ruel asked cheerfully, aware of the complications.

Cassions dissatisfaction was evident, as Ruel had entrusted all the complicated and troublesome tasks to him.

His competence sometimes became a disadvantage.


Looking at Ruel with a bewildered expression, Cassion felt his heart tightening little by little.

Damn it.


Ruel inhaled Breath and then called Cassion.

Yes, all preparations have been completed, so please dont worry.

There probably wont be a repeat of last time, so dont look so disgruntled.

Ruel spoke subtly.

His quick-witted master quickly sensed Cassions dissatisfaction.

Cassion silently waited for Ruel to continue speaking.

Well, I cant do anything about the illness, so Ill try not to push myself too hard, Ruel said subtly.

The spirits had grown up simply by being around him, and once their growth was complete, they instinctively left for somewhere.

As the spirits wouldnt wait for or consider Ruels group, Ruel had chosen to accompany those spirits who were ready to depart, fearing that he might lose them otherwise.

Given the numerous opportunities to chase after them, he assured Cassion that he wouldnt overexert himself.

Yes, I understand, Cassion replied absentmindedly.

Ah! The spirit is moving!

At Leos words, Ruel nodded at Cassion, signaling that they should follow.

Reluctantly, Cassion mounted the horse Ruel was riding and took hold of the reins. Ruel had assured him that everything would be fine, but Cassion couldnt help but doubt the sincerity of Ruels statements.

In that direction.

As Ruel pointed in a direction with his finger, Cassion slowly guided the horse.


Aris spoke while riding alongside.


It seems like there are several spirits visible.

Yes, has your ability to sense mana improved?

When Ruel looked pleased at Aris, he awkwardly touched the back of his head.

No, its thanks to the earrings you gave me.

Well, regardless, youve made progress, so its fine.

You dont have to praise me too much. I still have a long way to go.

Aris glanced sideways at Cassion.

Ruel felt a twinge of guilt, knowing that Aris couldnt fully accept his own progress due to Cassions exceptional abilities.

Youre a real genius. Who reaches this level after learning magic for only two months?

But knowing that Cassions presence acted as a driving force for Aris to grow faster, Ruel decided not to say anything more.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

The horse moved at a pace matching the spirit running ahead.

Not too fast, just right.


Ruel smiled happily, enjoying the chilly breeze on his face and the snowy landscape.

The world seemed perfect to him, unaware that the absent threat of Red Ash attacks made the experience even more enjoyable.

Is this speed alright? Cassion asked, maintaining a steady pace.

Yes, its just right. Ill let you know if the spirits speed changes.

They rode through the streets of Apor, the heart of Setiria.

As they had only passed through the city in carriages before, Ruel observed his surroundings with curiosity.

Oh! This body and Aris had ice cream at the yellow shop! And this body ate chocolate cake with Aris at that red shop!

Leo would happily chime in with memories of the shops they passed by. Leos conversations revolved around food, but it brought a sense of joy to the journey.

Next time, it would be great if Ruel-nim could come along too. Im looking into delicious places within the range of food you can eat, Ruel-nim.

Aris cautiously suggested, looking at Ruel with a bright face.

Thats a great idea. Ive been wanting to create a map of good restaurants as a hobby.

Curious, Aris asked with a puzzled expression, A map of good restaurants? Im not sure about the details, but can I join you in making it?

This body wants to do it too. But what is a map of good restaurants?


Ruel burst into laughter, finding Aris and Leos similar expressions amusing.

He tried to stifle his laughter, but it continued to escape.

Despite his efforts, the laughter felt liberating, making him feel light-headed and content just being still.



The sound of firewood burning in the bonfire rang out.

Ruel continued to gaze at the firewood.

The sound of the crackling fire brought peace to his heart.

It reminded him of camping, something he had always wanted to do with his father.

Are you really going to sleep here? Theres an inn just a little further. Would you like to stay there?

Cassion looked around and came back to ask Ruel.

Its okay. I want to continue feeling like Im on a journey.

You seem happy.

Yeah, I am.

Ruel smiled and stretched his arms.

Despite his contentment, he still needed to take his medication.

Cassion administered two injections to Ruels arm.

Even though they had only passed through several small villages in Setiria, seeing them with his own eyes made it feel different.

Ruel permitted one of the spirits to leave so he could take a break, but he wasnt concerned because many other spirits still clung to him.

Aris handed warm water to Cassion, who took out dried apples from his magic pocket, put them in a cup, and brewed them.

Apple tea! This is the apple tea this body likes the most!

Leo, playing in the grass field, ran over and eagerly waited next to Cassion.

Cassion, feeling uncomfortable with Leos gaze, subtly said, You have your share, so you dont have to look like that, beast.

This body likes Cassion!

Leos attention shifted to the apple tea, and he rubbed his face against Cassions body, laughing.


Cassion reluctantly poured the apple tea into Leos special bowl, and Leo hastily consumed it, almost dropping the bowl in his eagerness.

By the time the apple tea was halfway gone, Leo raised his head and looked at Ruel, indicating that he had finished his meal.

It was the perfect time to eat the black stuff on Ruels body as the freshness spread in his mouth.

You cant do that here, Leo.

Leos wagging tail drooped at Ruels words.

Still, you cant.

This body didnt say anything.

As Ruel sipped on the apple tea, he soon chuckled.

He wondered what that sparkling look in Leos eyes meant, as if he was asking for something black to eat.

No, Ruel firmly refused, causing Leos wagging tail to droop.

Leo whimpered but reluctantly finished the apple tea.

Ruel then turned to Aris and asked, Aris, would it be okay for you to sleep here?

Ruel skipped over Cassion and asked Aris.

Aris, on the other hand, expressed concern for Ruel.

Im used to sleeping on the floor, so its okay. But Im more worried about you, Ruel-nim. Are you really going to sleep here?

It might be uncomfortable for my body, but I wanted to experience this once. I have already driven away the Red Ash, and now that I have a moment to relax, I should enjoy it.

I will help make your sleeping arrangement more comfortable, Ruel-nim.

Aris took out a material like plastic from his magic pocket, shaped it, filled it with air, and quickly sealed the opening.

Is it like an air mattress?

Ruel was greatly surprised to find a familiar item in this unfamiliar land.

Would you like to try lying down? If its too firm, Ill deflate the air inside.

Ruel put down his tea and immediately laid on the makeshift bed, which resembled an air mattress.

As soon as he lay down, words of admiration escaped from his lips involuntarily.

Its even more comfortable than I expected.

Really? Aris asked with a pleased expression.

Leo perked up his ears and eagerly bounced onto the makeshift bed.

Its really comfortable! So soft! Ill sleep here tonight!

Thank you, Aris. Thanks to you, Ill be able to sleep well.

Aris waved his hands dismissively. Its not worth being thanked for.

No, receiving thanks is more than enough.

In truth, Ruel had been a little worried himself. It was winter, and he was concerned about catching a cold.

Despite the insulating stones surrounding him, acting as heaters, there was still a lingering worry.

If you feel cold, please let me know. I have received many items from Tyson-nim, Cassion offered after taking a sip of tea.

Okay, Ruel replied, returning to his seat and picking up his teacup.


The bonfire splattered sparks.

It was quiet.

Ruel was enjoying this relaxed feeling so much.

I followed the spirit out of pure curiosity, but its even more enjoyable than I expected, Ruel spoke softly.

Since he didnt often share his feelings, Leo, Cassion, and Aris listened attentively.

Actually, I wanted to experience something like this with my father

Ruel brought up the topic, knowing that both Setiria and Kim Han didnt have fathers.

He quickly smiled, preventing the atmosphere from turning somber.

But its still wonderful because Im here with you guys.

The bonfire reflected brightly in Ruels eyes.

Despite the occasional cold breeze touching his cheeks, even though they had put up a tent to shield against the wind, it was colder than his room, but it was bearable.

Ruel took a sip of his apple tea, surprising the others.

The warm and refreshing taste spread throughout his mouth, bringing comfort to his senses.

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