I Became the Legendary Emperor Throughout the Ages After I Started Giving Away My Territory-Chapter 390

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Chapter 390

Lin Beifan soared into the sky, approaching the authority of Heaven and Earth with eager eyes.

The Authority of Heaven and Earth is the hub of the operation of the worlds operation, the aggregate of all the worlds rules.

To grasp it was to hold the entire world in ones hands.

At this moment, no one could stop him.

He reached out and firmly grasped the authority of Heaven and Earth.

It radiated dazzling light, and the chains of rule around it began to shake and then envelop Lin Beifan.

This was not an obstruction but rather a test to see if Lin Beifan had the capability to control the world.

Lin Beifans past unfolded like a documentary.

Since becoming Emperor and ruling a nation, he had been victorious in every battle, rapidly expanding his territories.

He implemented benevolent governance, ensuring the peace and prosperity of his people, where integrity flourished so much that valuables were safe even on the streets at night.

He promoted the rule of law, governing according to the law, ensuring domestic order, and strengthening the nation and its people.

Now, having established the Celestial Empire, it could be said that he became a legendary Emperor figure throughout the ages.

It could be said that his achievements in both civil and military governance were perfecta truly satisfactory record!

Thus, the authority of Heaven and Earth shone brilliantly in response, acknowledging Lin Beifan and slowly merging into his body.

At this moment, he knew everything between heaven and earth.

He controlled all energy and matter within this word.

The feeling was unfamiliar yet strangely familiar, as if

As if he was controlling the Empire Sandbox!

Or perhaps, the Empire Sandbox was just another form of the Authority of Heaven and Earth.

At this time, a notification from the Empire Sandbox arrived timely.

Ding! Congratulations to the player for seizing the Authority of Heaven and Earth. From now on, everything in this realm is yours to command! As a result, the players nation is upgraded to a Divine Empire, and the Empire Sandbox is upgraded to the Heavenly Dao form!

Empire Sandbox (Heavenly Dao Form)

Territorial Area: billion square li (Arable land billion square li)

Domestic Resources: billion taels (130 gold mines, 430 silver mines, 908 copper mines, 4480 iron mines)

Population: billion (Wealthy people 1%, Common people 20%, Poor people 79%)

Military Strength: 8.1 million (2 Great Grandmasters, 9 Grandmasters, 227 Innates 52000 martial artist)

Comprehensive national power: (Divine Empire level)

The data was too vast.

Since everything falls under his control, it has become somewhat meaningless, hence displayed only as .

Simultaneously, the Empire Sandbox sent another notification.

Ding! Due to the players increase in national power, your strength has been synchronously enhanced, rewarding you with an advancement of one major realm!

In an instant, Lin Beifans strength underwent a revolutionary transformation.

How much stronger he had become Lin Beifan has no reference point, he simply does not know.

All he knew was that now, he could crush his former just-broken-through Earthly Immortal self with just a single finger.

And this was without him even wielding the power of the Heavenly Dao.

If he were to harness the power of the Heavenly Dao, his strength would increase manifold.

Since this realm is entirely new and has never appeared in this world before, it shall be named by the players!

Lin Beifan said with a smile, Since it is a brand new realm and I am the one who has broken through, I shall name this realm the Emperor Realm! Anyone who breaks through to this realm can be called an Emperor!

As the ruler of the world, Lin Beifans words became law.

This news swept across the world in an instant.

From then on, this world had a new realm, the Emperor Realm.

And those who broke through to this realm could be called Emperors.

Yes, Your Majesty! All beings in the world responded.

Next, Lin Beifan used the power of the Heavenly Dao to heal the injuries of the four divine beasts and then sent them back to continue guarding the four directions, ready to be summoned when needed.

Then he returned to the imperial palace to deal with the aftermath.

The women looked at Lin Beifan, feeling both familiar and strange and a bit afraid in their hearts.

They had never imagined that their Emperor was not only a once-in-an-eternity ruler but also the strongest in the world today!

What was even more unimaginable was that he was not only the strongest in the world today but also an invincible being who had attained Earthly Immortal, a legendary figure unparalleled throughout the ages!

And what they also couldnt imagine even more was that he was not only an Earthly Immortal but also the master of this world!

And yet another unimaginable thing was that he not only became the master of the world but also pioneered a brand-new cultivation realm, becoming the only Emperor-level powerhouse in the world today!

Things had changed too quickly, so fast that they had not yet reacted with the realization!

Lin Beifan opened his arms wide and said with a smile, Whats the matter dont you recognize me anymore?

Are you are you really His Majesty? Consort Xiang asked timidly.

Of course, I am me, the real deal, genuine and authentic, no deception! Lin Beifan laughed.

But youve changed you dont quite seem like the Emperor we knew! Yaoyao said in a playful tone while sticking out her tongue.

Lin Beifan reached out and pulled her into his embrace, Wheres the difference? I will soon let you know that I have always been the same, my love for you has never changed!

So, Lin Beifan spent a few days helping them regain their sense of familiarity.

The emperor was still the same emperor, a big villain as always!

However, there was still one woman who needed to be dealt with.

Mo Yuyan, watching Lin Beifan from close by, wanted to reach out and touch him but dared not, excited yet nervous, she said, Your Majesty you are the senior, right?

Lin Beifan nodded, Thats right! Because the Four Holy Beasts have been lurking in the shadows, hunting the supreme, I had to keep it a secret! Now, there are no more concerns

Your Majesty, you dont need to explain, I understand!

Mo Yuyan said with shy and nervous demeanor of a young woman, Senior, you should know my feelings for you! Now, all I want to know is what you plan to do with me

Lin Beifan extended his hand, and Mo Yuyan immediately fell into his embrace, What else could it be? I will take you as my consort!

Mo Yuyan let out a surprised exclamation, Ah?

What? You dont want to?

No I want to! Mo Yuyan shyly lowered her head, her face already flushed beyond recognition.

Lin Beifan held her proudly and ascended the dragon bed.

And so, another sleepless night ensued.

As for Queen Medusa, she ultimately couldnt escape either.

Under a mix of reluctance and consent, she too became Lin Beifans woman.


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