I Became The Pope, Now What?-Chapter 380: . The Fate Changer

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The letters were not the only things getting mailed around Sol. Over the coming week, Sylvester also shipped his book 'Devil's Manifesto' to a few selected people. The book did not carry his name, but it did imply that the church had something to do with it.

So, over time, a few people around Sol received a strange parcel from the Running Men. Confusion and shock were plastered on everyone's face because books were expensive in that era, as making copies was done with hand and magic, which was time-consuming and took a lot of money.

On a sunny day just a month before the Season of Solis, in Goldstown, situated in the Duchy of Ironstone, the town chief received a package.

"Chief Marigold, a package for you." The Running Man found the chief and handed him the brick-like object. "It's probably a book."

Marigold Roger wasn't expecting anything, and neither did he buy it. "Do I have to pay something?"

The Running Man chuckled before galloping away on the horse. "You can pay me for doing such a fine job as a Running Man, chief."


"Your brat! Go and do your job." Marigold scolded and returned to his office to check the box.

As he opened it, he found a book with an interesting title. 'Devil's Manifesto: How To Fight Evil'. The name instantly piqued his interest, and without waiting, he started reading it, being one of the few people in the town who could read and write.

The book was divided into seven long chapters, called seven deadly sins of the devil. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. All chapters were divided into subchapters, detailing how a man can fall to them from external and internal mental influence. It also showed some ways to tackle them and that once overcoming all seven deadly sins, a man could be called enlightened.

It was an intriguing concept, one that made people wonder what sins they have been committing. Usually, people remained so busy that nobody had the time to think about mundane things such as human emotions and actions. But now... One was forced to ponder.

'Spread the word so the wise words may be heard far and wide. Help make the world a better place, do your duty. Share the wisdom with others, tell them to share it with three more, and continue the chain. When we all can fight the inner demon, we will be, in a true sense, free men.'

The words were simple, yet made Marigold seriously consider sharing the knowledge. It was, after all, an expensive book from the looks of the quality. So he automatically reckoned it was either from the church or the Duke.

'Perhaps evening reading sessions will do fine for this.' He decided.

Along with him, many others around Sol experienced similar things. The book reached Baron Leo Da Loveland in his castle and Commander Sir Arnold of the Inquisitors, Bishop Moris, who admired Sylvester since the time he caught the Butcher of Bright Mothers.

King Conrad also received one, along with King Highland and King Gracia. Slave leader Kaecilius Silvanus also received one, along with the Archpriest of Fallshoot Village, where Markus was born.

Count Raftel, Baron Strongarm, Chief Blacksmith of Strongarm named Yazukoto, Duke of Zon, Duke of Colorwood, Bishop Charlie White received a copy. In addition, healer Darwin Hendrix, Duchess of Iceling, Duke of Normani, Elder Chief Koruk and all of Sylvester's team and some Guardians of Light received copies of the books.

Even the girl Sylvester helped years ago by paying her dowry and marrying her to someone received a copy. He didn't spare anyone who he knew was deep in worship.

In a week, the book spread around far and wide, and in the coming weeks, it would become the talk of the people all around.

Sadly, Sylvester had no time to notice that, as he rushed to complete his work before his month-long compulsory course for promotion. At the moment, he was busy planning a few things for King Highland to help the man feed his kingdom.

Knock! Knock!

Sylvester opened the door and greeted the man. "You're on time, your majesty. I'm just finalising a few things."

King Highland walked into Sylvester's office with much curiosity. He looked at the walls where multiple large pieces of paper were attached, all with different drawings of fields of crops. Some strange contraptions were also drawn on them that he could not make sense of.

He kept quiet, sat down, and watched Sylvester move around to do his job. He saw Sylvester draw some things on a sheet on the table now and then, or do some calculations. There was also a miniature model of something. It looked like a web of thin metal pipes spread around and connected with one another.

Finally, an hour later, Sylvester sat down beside his table and addressed the king. "Thank you for being patient, your majesty."

'Forgive me, but I had to act like this for an hour, or you would have never given my work the respect it deserves.'

"I think I have the solution to your problem, but you will have to construct something for it, which will take a lot of manpower. You will have to do a lot of work, too, if you wish to do it quickly." Sylvester warned.

"Me? Even my wife will join me in the fields if we can help solve the hunger." King Highland exclaimed.

"Then, listen to me carefully. I will explain everything multiple times so you may never forget it. First of all, you still need fertilizers since the Highland Kingdom is mostly desert and lacks nutrients in the soil. For this, you must regulate and organise what I did in Fallshoot village. Not just human waste but the waste of cattle can also be used for this. You can even use bone meal for this." Sylvester handed the King a paper which told him how much fertiliser was needed on a piece of land.

Then, he picked another paper. "Here, you see the map of Highland Kingdom. All you need to do here is flood the Snake River and drench your lands with its water. Since the river originates from the Northern mountains, it carries a lot of minerals. Once the flood dries up, you will have fertile soil."

King Highland looked at the map and frowned. "To flood my land, I will have to create a temporary dam. That would mean less water down south. Sorrow Kingdom is in ruins, but The Patch will suffer from my actions."

'That is exactly what I want.' Sylvester kept the hidden plot to himself.

"It's alright. You won't be holding the water for too long. The dam will be temporary. Anyway, now we have come to the last method to help you grow food even in harsh desert lands. The food will grow with this as long as it's not a field of loose sand." Sylvester said and walked to the miniature model of a web of pipes on the table.



As soon as Sylvester loosened a small valve, tiny drops of water started to drop from the little pipes. The small holes were at equal distances from one another, and the water fell at nearly the same interval.

"This is called Drip Irrigation, your majesty." Sylvester started, "It is a method where water is dripped directly onto the roots of the plants, using a network of pipes. This allows for a controlled and efficient water distribution, reducing water waste and improving crop yield. You can go for metal pipes, but I suggest you hire the best alchemist possible to develop a flexible pipe using some other material. But one thing is clear, with this method, you won't need too much water to grow food in the desert."

King Highland saw a glimmer of hope in everything Sylvester suggested. "I won't lie, Lord Bard. I don't understand the concepts behind everything you said, but I've got an idea. If these work, the entire Highland Kingdom will forever be indebted to you."

'Don't go back on your words, old king.' Sylvester spoke with himself.

"It's understandable. I will explain everything again. You can grow special high-tolerance crops on the desert side, such as okra, cowpeas, sorghum, sweet potatoes, peanuts, cactus fruits and dates. I would have gone with you if not for my work here, but I have something more that can make farming even easier -- a wheelbarrow."

Sylvester went on to explain everything about farming in harsh climates, as he had experienced it in his previous life.

From the morning till noon, King Highland remained with Sylvester and studied whatever he was shown. In addition, they shared many other discussions simultaneously, mainly involving politics and the current situations around the world.

But only in the end did Sylvester ask the most crucial question. "I heard there lives a certain Viscount Mineworth in your Kingdom. He knows how to manipulate metal? I wish to visit him and learn from him."

"Old Gordan?" King Highland exclaimed. "I haven't heard from him in a long time. Last I was informed by my prima, his two sons were physically battling each other for the right to take over the vast iron mines of the family."

'An infighting? No wonder he never accepted my offer to come and teach me.'

"I will likely come and visit him after my promotion ceremony. Learning mental manipulation is crucial for me." Sylvester said. "Maybe I will visit you at that time and check the work on the fields according to my methods, your majesty."

King Highland nodded and patted Sylvester's shoulder as they approached the exit. "To this day, I regret not finding you in time, young bard. How I wish fate had brought you to me sooner. Even if you had never acknowledged me as a father, I would have bequeathed you my entire kingdom, for I can sense in you the qualities of a true leader, a ruler of great wisdom and strength. The church, indeed, has been blessed with your presence.

"But know this. You were born in Highland and will forever have a home there, right in my castle." Then, with a gentle pat on Sylvester's shoulder, King Highland bid farewell.

Sylvester tiredly brushed his hair back and looked at the sky. "Ugh, I hope those old men at the higher clergymen course won't bother me this time."


While Sylvester hoped to one day see the noble lord of Mineworth to study metals, the Viscount had his own troubles, mental and physical.

When the discussion occurred between King Atrox and Sylvester, in Highland Kingdom's south, in a high, dusty castle that overlooked the plain fields around, a man sat on the terrace, unguarded.

Old, in a crude wheelchair, he looked thin and frail, his eyes hollow with no emotions. In his hands, he held a portrait of his family from years ago, as regrets of life broke him into silent tears.

"W-Where did I go wrong? My own sons wish I were dead... For mere wealth, they pray for my demise, that I join you in the heavens, my Frigga -- I can't anymore... It's hard to live."

He looked at the surroundings, at the ground many a dozen feet below. Having made up his mind, he pushed his wheelchair to the edge with no emotions on his face.

"Let me join yoâ€""


All of a sudden, he realised he could not move. As if the time had stopped, even the birds near him had frozen. He wondered if he had died, but it made no sense as he still felt extremely cold in the desert heat. It was like a miracle.

But the miracle turned to horror as he noticed a large figure of a black robbed man hovering in the air before him. Its eyes were made of streaks of white light, and it had no arms or legs.

"W-What are y..." Viscount tried to speak.

In reply, the strange, hazy, robbed figure shook its head and uttered in a muffled voice of many people simultaneously. "Noble human, this is not your time. But, before you go, you must complete a hymn."


A sudden gust of cold wind knocked Viscount Gordan back, and in an instant, everything returned to normal. The birds chirped again, and the breeze was warm.

But in his mind, there was anything but calm.

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