I Don’t Want To Reincarnate-Chapter 224 - : , 1 1 m second in his heart

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Chapter 224: 224, 1 1 m second in his heart

Translator: 549690339 dad, what do you mean by ‘escape’? you make it sound so scary in broad daylight.

we have to be reasonable, don’t we? ” Chen hansheng said with dissatisfaction. we can’t just bow to evil forces.

Xiao Yu ‘er, who had been lying by his side, heard Chen hansheng describe old Xiao as an evil force and pinched him angrily.

Chen Zhaojun slowly said, “”Then what earth-shattering things have you done? let your mother and I know.” dad, ” Chen hansheng retorted. what if I tell you that I spent the entire night with a girl in a hotel, but there was nothing between us? would you believe me?

“Is she very ugly?” That was old Chen’s first reaction.

Chen hansheng lowered his head to look at Xiao rongyu. She raised her little fist and waved it in front of his eyes, pretending to be fierce.

Chen hansheng shook his head. she’s not ugly. In fact, she’s very pretty. She’s been pretty since she was young.

“I don’t believe you.”

Senior Chen answered straightforwardly.

Chen hansheng was a little discouraged. you don’t trust your son that much? ” he asked.

Liang meijuan’s voice appeared. brat, it’s because I know you too well. That girl is Xiaoyu, right? I want to say a few words to her.

Chen hansheng handed the phone over, and Xiaoyu, who had been showing off just a moment ago, immediately hid her head under the blanket, only revealing two innocent eyes to look at Chen hansheng.

Under such circumstances, Xiaoyu was not mentally prepared to answer the phone.

“She’s taking a shower. It’s not convenient for her now.”

Chen hansheng tried to fool him.

Liang meijuan felt a little regretful. She had originally wanted to say hello to little Yu ‘er and find out more about the situation at the same time because her son had too little truth to speak.

In fact, Chen hansheng was also very depressed. Right now, he felt like ” yellow mud fell into the crotch of one’s pants, and even if it wasn’t sh * t, it was still sh * t. not to mention Xiao Hongwei, old Chen and Liang meijuan didn’t seem to trust him either.

mom, no matter what you think, there’s really nothing going on between me and little Yu ‘er. I’m still me, and she’s still her … Hey, why are you pinching me again? ”

Chen hansheng still wanted to make a final argument. His reputation as a Virgin could not be tarnished by evil forces like this.

Unexpectedly, Xiao rongyu suddenly became angry. She pinched Chen hansheng with her nails, and Chen hansheng scolded her in a low voice, “”Does it hurt? are you crazy?”

Xiao Yu ‘er was also very stubborn. She sat up straight from under the blanket and casually combed her long hair. She sat on the bed and continued to watch Chen hansheng and Liang meijuan on the phone.

Liang meijuan wasn’t a fool. As a housewife in menopause, she had a lot of life experience. She could tell that Xiaoyu was actually beside her when she heard some sounds and movements over the phone.

Empress Dowager Liang thought for a moment and said, ” it doesn’t matter what I think. The key is old Xiao’s side. Our family is a responsible family. Some things have to be explained clearly before they happen. In short, your father and I just prepared the betrothal gifts. We don’t want to care about anything else.

Liang meijuan hung up the phone after she finished speaking. She turned around and saw Chen Zhaojun staring at her.”Why are you looking at me?”

Chen Zhaojun shook his head and said, “weren’t you just reminding hansheng that if nothing really happened, he must deal with it properly?”

Chen Zhaojun sighed. I know you like Xiao Shen more. But he has come to your door. You have to give him an explanation.

that means we’ll get married. As long as the two children feel that there’s no problem, I’ll give them the betrothal gifts with both hands.

Liang meijuan lowered her head to eat her porridge and glared at Chen

Zhaojun.”Don’t tell me who I like more. I watched Xiao Yu ‘er grow up and I like her very much.”

you’re an old couple, yet you’re still so stubborn. If it weren’t for this incident, you’d still support Shen.

Chen Zhaojun muttered. Ever since he discovered the two girls beside Chen hansheng last year, he and Liang meijuan had been at odds.

Old Chen felt that Xiao rongyu was beautiful and had a good family background. Their families were from the same place and they knew each other, so she was the most suitable woman for marriage.

Liang meijuan’s heart ached for Shen youchu’s family background, especially her personality.

Because Liang meijuan always unconsciously used the identity of ‘ mother-in-law she felt that although Xiaoyu’s conditions were good, they probably didn’t get along as well as Shen youchu.

“I’m also supporting Shen now, but there’s no contradiction between being supportive and being responsible.”

Liang meijuan finished her breakfast in a few bites. also, old Xiao is too arrogant. He came early in the morning to threaten us. Is this the attitude of future in-laws? ”

Chen Zhaojun helped Xiao Hongwei explain. he’s just too worried. Old Xiao only has one daughter. She’s always in his hands.

“I know. I don’t need you to remind me.”

Liang meijuan was a little impatient. After a moment of silence, she said, ” it would be great if they could both be my daughter-in-law. Both the palm and the back of my hand are meat. I can’t bear to part with any of them.

“You’re getting more and more muddleheaded as you get older. Do you really want to change between two pairs of gloves?” Old Chen said with a frown.

“I was just talking nonsense to you. When I contacted that little bastard, my attitude was the same as before.”

Not to mention the differences in opinions between old Chen and Liang meijuan due to their identities and positions, Chen hansheng and Xiaoyu also had differences in opinions.

“What did you mean when you spoke to Auntie Liang just now?”

Xiao rongyu pointed at the bed, “was it the puppy who hugged me to sleep last night?”

“But we didn’t do anything.”

Chen hansheng’s logical thinking was very clear. As long as they were on that line, the two were innocent, no matter how ambiguous their actions were.

However, Xiao Yu ‘er did not agree with this logic. She felt that the two of them were already hugging each other like this, so how could there be no relationship?

“Xiao Chen, are you going to wear your pants and not admit it?”

Little Yu ‘er felt that it was too hard and said pitifully.

Chen hansheng was even more pitiful. the point is, I didn’t even take off my pants. How am I supposed to pull them up? ”

“Okay, I’ll call my dad.’

Seeing that Chen hansheng did not give in, Xiaoyu picked up her phone.

“I want to fight first.”

Chen hansheng also picked up his phone and said, “I’ll call uncle Xiao now and explain to him. I’ll clear your name.”

Xiao Hongwei had just driven away from Chen Zhaojun’s house. He was in a good mood during the weekend. so he woke his precions daughter in the

morning and asked her to have breakfast on the weekend.

However, the moment the man picked up the phone, old Xiao’s heart began to sink.

How could he describe that feeling? to give an inappropriate example, it was like when his wife, Lu Yuqing, was on a business trip, and he called in the morning. It was a man’s reaction.

Worry, jealousy, the fear of not daring to expose the truth, and the urgency to know the truth.

However, when he recognized that it was Chen hansheng’s voice, old Xiao’s sinking heart suddenly stopped. He also let out a sigh of relief for no reason.

With Xiao Yu ‘er and Chen hansheng together, their safety would be guaranteed.

Xiao Hongwei couldn’t explain why he had this feeling when he was with Chen hansheng.

Secondly, the problem that he had been hesitating about had been solved. Xiao Hongwei could comfort himself in this way in the future,”anyvvay, since the two of them are like this, I can’t help but support them.”

Of course, heartache and anger were unavoidable. The flower that he had carefully cared for for nineteen years was suddenly ruined by a pig. This kind of feeling was absolutely impossible to understand if he wasn’t a father, so old Xiao immediately went to Chen Zhaojun’s house to express his attitude.

I’ll accept this relationship, but he can’t be so fickle like before. Otherwise, don’t blame me for making a one for one deal.

When he drove back, Chen hansheng called.

Old Xiao hesitated for a moment. When it came to such matters, the parents of the girl would always think more than the parents of the boy. After all, an honest and well-behaved girl would always be at a disadvantage.

“Hello, I’m Xiao Hongwei.”

In the end, Xiao Hongwei answered the phone in a business-like tone.

When Chen hansheng saw that the call was finally picked up after ringing for a long time, he shushed Xiaoyu, indicating that he was going to clear her name.

uncle Xiao, I’m han Sheng. Have you had breakfast? ”

“I’ve eaten. I ate at your house.”

Old Xiao didn’t want to talk nonsense and went straight to the point.

Chen hansheng smiled awkwardly. I just wanted to explain to you what happened last night.

“Go ahead,”

Old Xiao said simply. He knew that Chen hansheng was a cunning man, so he did not reveal too much of his emotions. He did not want Chen hansheng to guess what he was thinking.

As expected, Chen hansheng was a little depressed because old Xiao’s tone was like he was interrogating a criminal.

there’s a new movie called ‘Inferno’ that was released yesterday. Many big stars are in it. I’ve made an appointment with little Yu ‘er to watch it, but we didn’t get tickets during the day, so we had to buy tickets for the midnight.

Chen hansheng decided on the personality of the matter first. Of course, the reason was also made up, mainly to lay the foundation that he had to go to the hotel.

Unexpectedly, Xiao rongyu suddenly leaned over and said, ” dad, Xiao Chen bought a late-night movie on purpose. He said that young people should have fun.

“What are you doing?”

Chen hansheng quickly covered the microphone and looked at Xiao rongyu in a daze.

Little Yu ‘er snorted and raised her chin proudly.


Chen hansheng coughed, walked to the window, and continued to explain, ” it’s already very late after the movie, so I decided to stay in a nearby hotel with little Yu ‘er. In fact, I’ve asked around, and there are no double beds in the hotel

However, Xiao rongyu came out from behind and said loudly, ” dad, I didn’t want to go to a hotel. Xiao Chen forced me to go, and he deliberately booked a

single bed room.

„F * ck!”

Chen hansheng did not care so much and quickly said, but we really didn’t do anything …

“No, Xiao Chen is still hugging me to rest. ”

“I won’t say anymore.”

ding! Chen hansheng pressed the answer button and threw the phone on the bed. The good quality Nokia phone bounced twice on the Simmons mattress, looking very naughty.

“Speak clearly! ”

Chen hansheng pulled a long face, his eyes flashing with an ominous glint. He walked towards Xiao rongyu, “‘Why do you have to taint my innocence!”

Little Yu ‘er revealed a look of fear as she backed away bit by bit until she was leaning against the wall and could no longer retreat. Suddenly, she broke into a smile, opened her arms, and threw herself into Chen hansheng’s arms. Chen hansheng also hugged Xiao rongyu and spun her around.

“Little Chen, will you be my boyfriend?”

Xiao rongyu’s face was pressed against Chen hansheng’s chest. Her expression could not be seen, but she asked sweetly.

Chen hansheng gently stroked Xiaoyu’s back and gently smoothed out her hair from time to time, but he did not answer.

In fact, Chen hansheng had taken the initiative to admit to this problem last night, but that was to coax little Yu ‘er to go to the hotel. Now that it had not happened, it was over. Chen hansheng felt that it was better to deal with it like Shen youchu.

Relationships could be maintained, but identities could never be acknowledged. In short, he could not be fixed.

Xiao rongyu raised her head and looked at Chen hansheng, ‘”Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Chen hansheng took a deep breath and changed the topic. “I wonder if in the eyes of the elders, you’re no longer a good child after entering a hotel.” “I’ve always been an obedient child, but you’ve never been.”

Xiao Yu ‘er hit Chen hansheng. if you don’t want to answer this question, then change it. What is my ranking in your heart? uncle Chen and aunt Liang are first, you are second, your friends and relatives are third, and your career is fourth. Where am I ranked? ”

Only little Yu ‘er would ask such a question. Chen hansheng smiled and said, “”Don’t you know how to count? you’re ranked fifth,”

“You’re so annoying!”

Xiao Yu ‘er stretched out her hand to hit him again, but Chen hansheng stopped her and said, “”You’re ranked second, just below my parents.” “Really?”

“If I’m lying to you, I’ll get a punctured tire every time I drive out. I’ll run into red lights all the way and break the rules every day,”

“Can you go one step further and become the most important person to you?” Little Yu ‘er asked again. She seemed to be implying something.

“Don’t be too greedy. This is already the limit. Father and mother, you can’t exceed it, right?”

Chen hansheng deliberately did not understand and pinched Xiaoyu’s thin waist. “In my heart, you’re already more important than me.”

Xiao rongyu did not speak anymore. She had been quietly leaning against Chen hansheng’s chest. After a while, she suddenly walked quickly to the bathroom, I’m already very satisfied with the second one. I’m going to take a shower now

Looking at the little tish’s back, Chen hansheng telt a little wet on his chest. He touched it and tasted it.

It was a little salty, so it shouldn’t be sweat.

After Xiao Yu ‘er came out of the shower, she was once again a young and energetic girl. There was no trace of sadness on her face, and she kept urging Chen hansheng, ” hurry up and take a shower. I’ll call Shishi out for dinner. You can treat her to a big meal.

“NO problemo

As long as Xiao Yu ‘er did not dwell on the issue of being in a relationship, Chen hansheng would agree to any condition she put forward.

During lunch, Bian Shi Shi was very surprised.

First, the restaurant’s class was too high. The buffet at the five-star Jinling hotel at the entrance of the new city was obviously to shut her up.Secondly, she was very curious if the two of them had finished all the procedures last night.

However, she was not very close to Chen hansheng, and Xiao rongyu had also talked to her about entertainment gossip and other girly topics. Bian Shishi could only observe and judge.

After the meal, Chen hansheng drove off. Xiao rongyu said to Bian Shishi,

“”Let’s go shopping.”

Bian Shishi nodded in agreement, she also had a lot of questions to ask, “”Little

Yu ‘er, how are things between you and him now?”

Xiao rongyu walked silently under the Chinese parasol tree. The autumn sun shone through the leaves, leaving a mottled shadow on her body and the ground. When she raised her head, she could hide the sorrow in her eyes.

“It’s pretty good.”

Xiao rongyu held onto Bian Shishi’s hand, her delicate face filled with joy. I’m ranked second in his heart. I just don’t know if this second place is tied.