I Have 108 Older Sisters-Chapter 1014 - : Chapter 1013, taking over the city

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Chapter 1014: Chapter 1013, taking over the city

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These were all problems that needed to be solved with money. The construction of the Navy was not cheap. It was much more expensive than the army buying those tanks and helicopters.

There was no need to think about battleships, destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers were even more of a joke.

Yu Tian felt that he could get two frigates, or even a frigate, or a torpedo boat or something like that.

Then, he would put up a sign for the Coast Guard and start to control the surrounding waters in the name of Abu.

There were two large port cities in the north and two in the south of the city.

The largest port in the south was the capital of the city, the oasis.

There was basically no navy in the city. Even if there was, it was similar to pirates. They were all modified fishing boats and speedboats, barely maintaining order around the port.

This meant that there were no foreign troops invading. If not, any country’s fleet would be able to completely break through Dama prefecture’s defenses.

It was just like when the eastern country was knocked open by the cannons.

Yu Tian wanted to build a navy to give the surrounding forces a greater deterrent. He wanted to let them know that Abu was strong and did not dare to have any designs on Maniza Prefecture.

However, building a navy was a big project. First, he needed to at least build a dedicated military port.

This matter could not be rushed. General Caro still needed to organize the army first.

General Caro would be in charge of organizing the army. General Abu only needed to appoint some officers that he trusted.

What Yu Tian needed to do next was to completely control the administrative rights of Maniza.

Maniza also had a city government this was nonsense.

The mayor and the officials of the various organizations were appointed and appointed by the Big Hippo. All the power had previously been in the hands of the Big Hippo.

This was similar to the military government of the previous warlords. However, the Big Hippo felt that city management was more troublesome, so it also found some other professionals to be the city managers on the surface.

Yu Tian and Abu were now going to start screening these officials, eliminating the connections of the Big Hippo, and leaving behind some capable people. They were also going to place some of their own trusted aides in certain positions to control the key points of the city.

General Abu had some experience in placing people, but he did not know much about talent.

Managing a city was a very complicated job, especially when one didn’t have much financial support and had to give blood to the army. It was even more difficult to develop a city.

From this point of view, the administrative organization in Maniza was basically qualified.

As for some unqualified officials, they were probably executed by the big hippo long ago.

However, the attraction of the Maniza land to Yu Tian was not very big.

The economic strength of the country was only so-so. Not to mention how ugly a chicken’s fart was, the real fiscal revenue was also not much.

If the East Dragon Company was compared to the Maniza land, it was easy to understand what it meant to be as rich as a country.

Although the Maniza land was a big port in the maniza land, and it could also receive some fiscal subsidies on tax revenue, because the business in the Maniza land was not prosperous, the tax revenue was still a little insufficient to make ends meet.

If he relied on the income of Maniza to build, it would at most develop into a poor hippo.

Therefore, Yu Tian was not concerned about the income of the city. He felt that if he wanted to be self-sufficient in Tamar, he had to start mining.

In the past, Abu’s sphere of influence was only in kannima, and it was in a

precarious state. At that time, Yu Tian did not have much interest in mining.

Now that he controlled the Maniza land, it was equivalent to becoming the top warlord in the country.

As long as Abu could hold on to his land, the mining business could continue to develop for a long time.

Now, it was time to invest in mining companies.

Previously, Yu Tian had asked for a mining exploration team from the eastern company. After conducting a geological survey near Kamnima, they also found several mineral deposits that might be worth mining.

The main mineral deposits in dama were uranium, iron, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, lead, coal, and so on.

In addition, there was also oil and natural gas.

Most of the mineral deposits here were still undeveloped. The main reason was that the political situation was unstable and there was no consortium investment.

Now that Yu Tian had solved this problem, with Abu’s army escorting him, he could safely throw the mining company here to do business.

Kanima had discovered a few iron mines, and the eastern country just happened to have a large amount of iron ore import demand. Yu Tian felt that he could provide sufficient iron ore support for his country. First, he should take these iron mines and dig them out ruthlessly.

He urged the exploration team to come to a conclusion quickly, while contacting uncle long to quickly prepare a professional mining company.

Uncle Long had already made preparations for mining in Tamar. After all, Yu Tian had always been ready to invade Tamar.

Not only had he registered an international mining company, but he had also prepared the relevant talents and workers.

Now, they were just waiting for the dust to settle and were ready to go to Tamar to dig for gold at any time.

This matter took about half a month. The survey team finally decided on the first mining site. The first batch of personnel from the mining company also quickly arrived at Maniza.

Then, they began to prepare for mining.

First, they had to build the mining area, including factories and dormitories. At the same time, they also had to transport mining equipment and smelting equipment.

This kind of work was considered strong for the people of the eastern country.

Therefore, the people in charge of these jobs were mostly from the eastern country. However, the company registered by Uncle Long was a foreign company under the name of a small country.

Then, the company began to recruit a large number of cheap workers. Abu was very happy to announce to the residents of kannima that the locals were priority.

This matter made Kannima become much more prosperous. Many people from the nearby villages ran to Kannima, ready to make a living in this place.

This included the fishermen of the pirate village, Faraday. They also began to consider changing from the farmer class to the working class.

After another half a month, the mining company started to produce before the construction of the mine was completely completed.

Yu Tian was finally relieved.

He had always been at the East Dragon Company, and now, he had finally given the East Dragon Company some feedback.

Things began to get on the right track. The Big Hippo had finally left Damadi safely. Under the arrangement of the East Dragon Company, it had gone to a small country to become a wealthy small businessman.

Other than that, none of the military officers and troops under big hippopotamus resigned and left on their own initiative. All of them started to work for their new boss happily.

After settling all these matters, Yu Tian suddenly remembered that he had forgotten an important matter..