I Have 108 Older Sisters-Chapter 1015 - : Chapter 1,014, the Missing Investigation Team

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Chapter 1015: Chapter 1,014, the Missing Investigation Team

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Yu Tian had forgotten a terrible thing.

Some things could be forgotten as soon as they were forgotten. Once they were forgotten, they would no longer exist.

However, even if he had forgotten some things, he would still suddenly appear at the right time.

Early in the morning, Yu Tian was still sleeping when General Abu suddenly came looking for him. “My boss, we seem to be in trouble.”

“Trouble? What Trouble?”

Yu Tian leisurely brushed his teeth and washed his face while instructing the big guy to prepare breakfast for him.

He was now living in the most luxurious villa in Maniza. The decorations, furniture, and appliances here, as well as all the facilities, were comparable to world-class standards.

This villa was originally owned by the Big Hippo. However, after the Big Hippo left the Happy Valley, the villa was naturally given to Yu Tian.

Yu Tian was originally going to move in a long time ago. However, all his subordinates felt that they should renovate the villa and change all the furniture so that they could move in again.

Therefore, the matter of moving into a new home was delayed for more than half a month.

This villa was located at the edge of the city of Maniza. It was close to the seaside and not far from the city. It was far from the port of Maniza. Moreover, it could go directly to the military camp in the south along the flat road. This location was actually the political and military center of the entire


General Abu had taken the initiative to let Yu Tian live in this villa. It was obvious that he had straightened out his position and recognized his identity.

Just like now, if there was anything that he felt was important, he would come and ask for Yu Tian’s opinion.

However, Yu Tian was not in a hurry at all.

In the current Maniza, the military had general caro as Abu’s adviser. The army was also reorganizing. The subordinates of Big Hippo were all obediently accepting transfers and arrangements, there was no need for Abu to worry about anything.

There were not many changes in the city management. It was still the same mayor and the same management team. Even the personnel of the various organizations had not changed much. This still did not need Abu to worry about.

Abu was now an idle role. Other than showing up from time to time and being a spiritual symbol for the soldiers at the bottom, he had nothing to do all day.

Other than throwing a banquet and causing trouble for a few women, he did not encounter any trouble.

Therefore, Yu Tian was not in a hurry at all. He unhurriedly asked his bodyguard to prepare breakfast and slowly invited general Abu to eat with him.

General Abu could only sit down with Yu Tian patiently. After a simple breakfast, he was called to the balcony by Yu Tian. He looked at the sea view and drank green tea at the same time..

After dawdling for a long time, general Abu finally had a chance to speak.

“My boss, Oasis called. They asked me where the investigation team that was sent to Kannima went.

“Investigation Team… ”

Yu Tian was stunned for a moment. He suddenly recalled that there was such a thing.

Previously, General Eddie had rushed to Kannima together with a few detectives sent by Oasis. The leader of the team seemed to be called… Mach or something.

However, the night after they arrived at Kenema, the war between Abu and the Big Hippo broke out.

Yu Tian scratched his head. “That investigation team… did they die in the military camp? That night, the military camp was in such a state…

“No, no… “Abu hurriedly shook his head. “I asked my adjutant. That day, the oasis policemen all stayed in Kenema city. “We originally arranged a dormitory in the military camp, but they entered the city by themselves and stayed in a

hotel. ”

Yu Tian let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. It’s still safe to stay in Kannima City. After all, they are also policemen sent by Oasis. If they died without any reason, we would lose face.

Abu said with a bitter face, “But now, they are missing. It’s almost like they are dead.

“Missing? How can a few living people go missing?”Yu Tian had a headache.

“Have your people investigated how they went missing?”

“Uh… let my adjutant explain it to you.”

Abu took out his small tablet and placed it on the table. Facing Yu Tian, he opened the communication video.

The video quickly connected to Abu’s adjutant.

This adjutant was called Harold, and he was once general Abu’s right-hand man.

However, it was no longer appropriate to call him Harold as an adjutant because he had already been appointed by Abu as the commander of the Kandama Front.

Of course, there was also a problem with this commander’s title. General Abu had yet to receive a nominal commander’ s appointment, let alone the officers under him.

All the appointments of officers were their own internal affairs, and had notnlng to ao witn tne country.

Harold was not good at commanding battles, and his level was not much better than those pirate leaders.

However, because he had been an adjutant under Abu for a long time, he was familiar with dealing with internal problems of the army and managing officers and soldiers at all levels.

Harold was now in charge of all the troops in Kannima, an army of over 3,000 people.

Half of this army was Abu ‘s original veterans and local recruits from Kannima. The other half was the surrendered soldiers under Big Hippo.

After the surrendered soldiers were messed up and reorganized, half of the officers were replaced by the old subordinates of General Abu. This army could be considered to be in the hands of Yu Tian.

As a high-ranking officer in Abu Group, Harold was very clear about Yu Tian’s identity and status. As soon as he saw Yu Tian, he immediately saluted him in the video.

“Hello, Boss!”

According to Yu Tian’s request, everyone called him boss.

As for the title of general, Marshal, and commander, he didn’t need it. Yu Tian felt that these titles were too low. Only the title of boss was above all other titles.

Although the title of boss was very common in the eastern countries, even if there was a stall on the street or a few fried dough sticks, people could still call him boss.

“Cough cough…

Without mentioning anything else, Yu Tian retracted his thoughts and said to Harold, “Tell me, what exactly is the situation?”

“Yes, Boss.”

Harold saluted again, then he said, “The thing is, the investigation team did book a room in the hotel that day. “We originally arranged a dormitory for them in the military camp and a dinner party for them. “But after they finished their investigation in the afternoon, they didn’t return to the military camp and went straight back to the hotel…” Yu Tian frowned. “Get to the point. Where did they go missing?” “This, it should be in the hotel.

“What do you mean should? When did they go missing?”

“Uh… I don’t know…”

Harold was a little embarrassed..