I Have 108 Older Sisters-Chapter 1034 - : Chapter 1033, nuclear reactor

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Chapter 1034: Chapter 1033, nuclear reactor

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Faraday did not quite understand these protective equipment. He had kept the ores in his pocket and nothing had happened to him. Now that he was using tools to mine, could it be that he was poisoned?

Zhang Junjie did not explain how dangerous the mine was or how much radiation was released from the thousands of ores. He only said that it was a safety policy at work. Anyway, all the miners involved in mining had to follow the company’s rules, they had to wear protective clothing.

The Pirates felt a little awkward, but the temperature in the mine was low to begin with. They did not feel uncomfortable after wearing protective clothing, so they quietly accepted it.

As Kannima did not look like there was going to be a war recently, Yu Tian rushed to the vicinity of the pirate village while he was free.

After all, this was the first day of mining. As the boss, he should also appear at the scene.

There was no opening ceremony, and there were no guests. The mining operation this time was very low-key and very secretive.

When Yu Tian rushed to the cave entrance, Zhang Junjie had already personally led the technical workers down into the cave.

Yu Tian was helpless and could only wait outside the cave.

But this time, he did not have to live on the cliff top. Although there were some wooden huts built on top, it was not as comfortable as staying in his armored car.

He and Chu Qing stayed in the armored car for the whole day.

At night, Zhang Junjie finally came out of the cave.

Yu Tian saw Zhang Junjie and found that he seemed to be in a daze. So he called Zhang Junjie into his car and asked Zhang Junjie what was going on down there.

Zhang Junjie didn’t know how to answer, so he simply took out his phone and let Yu Tian see the video he took in the cave.

Yu Tian was surprised when he saw the video on his phone.

The space under the cave was extremely wide, like a super-large stadium.

It could not be said that it looked like it. It was actually a large square, similar to a man-made square. The ground was very flat, but there were no modern building materials such as cement.

1ne uramum ores Lilac Lnang J unJ1e nau pnowgrapneu were even stranger.

Uranium ores were usually more beautiful and eye-catching. The colors would also vary according to the composition of the ore. This could not be said to be strange.

The main reason was that the uranium ores that Zhang Junjie had photographed were actually very neat. They were arranged in a very regular way. In that huge space, they formed more than ten very neat circles.

Yu Tian did not know what to say.

“Are these natural ores? Why do I feel like they are man-made buildings…

Zhang Junjie’s expression was complicated as he said, “Yes, natural ores can not be so neat… these things are man-made. I feel that they are like nuclear reactors.

Yu Tian was puzzled, “Nuclear reactors? That’s impossible. This should be an ancient ruin, just like the imperial tombs… how did the ancient people know how to build nuclear reactors?”

Zhang Junjie said solemnly, “Of course the ancients didn’t know how to build a nuclear reactor, but… maybe there were even more ancient times? “I think that this may be a relic of an ancient civilization, a civilization that is more advanced than ours…

Yu Tian was stunned. “What you said is a little too close to the truth. An ancient civilization? This should be something from science fiction, right?”

Zhang Junjie said, “Science fiction… may not be something that is not real. If you have read the science fiction novels of the last century, you will find that some of the things that they imagined have already been realized in this era… for example, cell phones.

Yu Tian said, It is still very easy to imagine things like cell phones. When you use a landline phone, there is already a radio. A science fiction novelist with a richer imagination can indeed associate things like cell phones. ”

Zhang Junjie shook his head. “Maybe, but the ancient civilization was really not just the imagination of a novelist. According to the records of the Mayans, Earth had experienced five civilizations. But the time span recorded by the

Mayans was only a few million years. “Earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. How many civilizations could there be in between?”

Yu Tian shook his head. “These things have no basis. The records of the Mayan civilization may not be true… What does these things have to do with the uranium mines underground? “It can’t prove that these uranium mines were created by another civilization, right? “Perhaps the ancient people thought these ores were beautiful, so they piled them up as decorations?”

Zhang Junjie said, “I have a way to verify it. We’ll know when the verification results are out.

“How do you verify it? Have you discovered any technological creations of the ancient civilization?”

“No, but I can verify whether the thing they built is a nuclear reactor. If it really is a nuclear reactor, then it must be an advanced civilization.”

“Then how do we verify it? Should we ask the nuclear experts to come over and take a look?”

“Not for the time being. I have a simple method. I have taken some samples from those ore piles. I can test their uranium-235 content.”

“What do you mean?”

“If their uranium-235 content is very low and exceeds the normal uranium ore content range, then it proves that this pile of uranium ore has undergone a nuclear reaction. Then they are a nuclear reactor…

“Didn’t Faraday’s sample say that the uranium 235 content is very high?”

“That should be a nuclear reactor that hasn’t been activated yet, because its content is so high that it also exceeds the normal uranium ore range… “Zhang Junjie sighed. “Actually, there is already a precedent for this kind of situation…”

Yu Tian was stunned. “Precedent? What precedent? Could there be some place that has already confirmed the existence of an ancient civilization?”

Zhang Junjie shook his head. “Without proof, such things can not be proven.

“Even if all sorts of strange things and miraculous phenomena happen in this world, there will still be experts who will jump out and give a reasonable explanation, forcefully categorizing these phenomena as natural phenomena.

Yu Tian said helplessly, (‘If that’s the case, all scientific explanations can be forcefully explained. They can all be fake, and there can be other answers.

Zhang Junjie said, “When I say forced explanations, there must be something that can ‘t be explained scientifically… have you heard about the ancient nuclear reactor?”

Yu Tian shook his head. “I haven’t paid attention to this kind of news.”

“So… actually, that matter isn’t considered news. Many people know about it. That incident happened more than 50 years ago, and the cause of the incident also began with a batch of uranium ore… ”

Zhang Junjie began to describe the incident in detail.

In 1972, a nuclear plant in an old colonial country discovered a situation that shocked the authorities..