I Have 108 Older Sisters-Chapter 1040 - : Chapter 1,039, the defense of Kannima

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Chapter 1040: Chapter 1,039, the defense of Kannima

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Scouting was actually a very simple matter.

Yu Tian handed this matter over to uncle long because Donglong company had its own satellite a satellite rented from the Eastern kingdom.

With the help of the satellite, the enemy’s troop movements were basically impossible to hide.

Of course, the oasis side might have felt that this kind of thing could not be concealed, so they gathered their troops generously and prepared for a tough battle with the Abu Group.

The oasis side was obviously stronger.

First was the number of infantrymen. After gathering the forces of various small warlords and pirates, the number of infantrymen had already exceeded 20,000, three times that of the Kannima side.

But this was only a small matter. The real strength of the oasis side was the armored forces.

The strength of their armored forces was not in the number, but in the quality.

The Oasis Government Army did not have many tanks, only a few dozen.

However, their tanks were the mainstream military weapons of modern times. They were not the same as the old ones of the last century like Kannima.

Whether it was in terms of defense, firepower, or even the quality of the tank soldiers, the oasis army was much stronger than the Kannima Army.

If they fought head-on, Yu Tian felt that their armored forces had no chance of winning.

In addition, Oasis still had more than a dozen armed helicopters.

The threat of the armed helicopters depended on how they were used.

If they were to come to the battlefield of Kannima City, Yu Tian really did not care much.

Even such a Drofessional and Dowerful helicoDter force from Drettv countrv could be defeated in the middle of nowhere. Oasis’s Little Air Force could not cause psychological pressure to the army of Kannima.

Even the army of Kannima was very confident and interested in taking down a few helicopters. They felt that their military career would not be perfect if they did not take down a few helicopters.

Fortunately, there was no air force in this land. In the past, when the country was unified, they even got some fighter jets. However, after the collapse of the government, the whole country was plunged into war and there was nothing left.

In addition, there was the situation of the enemy in the north.

The armored strength of the big macaque was not much different from that of the Maniza land. However, there were many warlords gathered in the maniza land, with a total strength of 40,000 to 50,000 people.

Such an army could not be said to be completely harmless. If there were too many rabble, it could also cause a lot of trouble for the Maniza Land.

Because the terrain in the north of the Maniza land was more complicated, there were many mountains and forests. It was very suitable for those small warlords and small pirates to sneak attack and cause trouble.

However, Yu Tian did not need to worry about the defense of Maniza. There was a retired soldier, General Caro, there.

As long as there was no situation where they underestimated the enemy and advanced rashly, a strict defense would only be a competition of consumption. This type of war pattern was not a big problem.

Yu Tian’s attention was mainly on Kanima.

There were two places that Kanima needed to defend. One was the city area and the military camp, and the other was the mine.

Logically speaking, the civil war in Damadi should not have destroyed the city and the enterprise, because the enemy was not here to plunder and destroy. What they wanted was to occupy this territory and take the city and the mine for themselves. The destroyed city and the mine were of no value to them.

According to this train of thought, there was actually no need to defend a certain place for the rest of the day. It didn ‘t matter even if he abandoned Kannima and ran off to play guerilla warfare.

The enemy wouldn ‘t destroy this place anyway. As long as he obtained the final victory, the city and the mine would still belong to him.

However, this was obviously not appropriate, because there wasn’t any suitable soil near Kannima for guerilla warfare. Moreover, the Abu Group wasn’t some small warlord or bandit. They weren’t as nimble and stealthy as the guerrillas.

The Abu Group now had an army of nearly 20,000 people. It could be considered a super large-scale force in F * Ck.

If an army of this scale were to be pulled out to fight guerilla warfare in such a barren and narrow area, not to mention being able to hide their tracks, even eating would be a big problem that could not be solved.

In addition, the bitter guerrillas were not what Yu Tian needed. His ultimate goal was to create a sufficiently strong military force that could be used to deal with the Sneaky Clone Society in the future.

Therefore, Yu Tian had to let the Abu group occupy this territory openly.

No matter how fierce the enemy’s approach was, he had to push the enemy back so that they wouldn’t dare to attack again.

This was considered from a strategic point of view.

Next was the specific defense tactics, which had already been discussed in the meeting.

Their supplies were stored in the barracks, and the barracks blocked the passage to the land of Maniza. This was all their logistical support, so they could not lose Kanima.

If they lost Kanima, they could only retreat quickly to the land of Maniza. Otherwise, if they were blocked in the south, the Kanima Front would only become a group of vagrants.

However, Kannima was a place with no danger to defend. Apart from a mountain range that stretched for hundreds of miles behind them, it could provide a territory for the losers to fight in guerrilla warfare.

This kind of defense was more troublesome.

General Karo suggested that the army should be placed in the city, including supplies.

The advantage of doing so was that it could avoid the enemy’s artillery fire. The oasis side would definitely not blindly fire at the city.

Naturally, they could not give up the barracks, so they also had to set up defensive fortifications.

Therefore, Kanima had been busy building various fortifications to deal with the war recently.

Too complex fortifications took a lot of time, and the amount of work was also large.

The construction force that Kanima could organize was not enough, and the number of fortifications that could be built could not be much.

Yu Tian’s main task now was to dig a large number of trenches.

Digging trenches was a very ancient mode of war. In the previous world wars, trenches were used to earn a living. The confrontation between the two sides was enough to last for a few years.

Even in modern times, the trenching and fortifying mode of war was not completely extinct. Especially in the war between the poor, fortifying was the most cost-effective method.

The biggest problem on the side of Kannima was that the nearby Gobi wasteland was mostly hard soil, so digging trenches was more laborious.

However, the conditions in this era were much better than in the last century, so digging trenches did not require soldiers to do it manually.

With the help of the excavators from Blushedt, the area around Kannima was covered with crisscrossing trenches. In addition to the various bunkers and fortifications, the defense of the Kannima area seemed to be impregnable.

In such an environment, it was impossible to deploy armored troops. Although there was no problem for vehicles to pass through, it was impossible for them to charge in formation.

Therefore, the armored troops of Kanima were thrown into the wild by Yu Tian and hidden away.

For the time being, the armored troops would not become the main characters of the battlefield because Yu Tian’s side did not have much chance of winning. Only by placing them in the wild would they be able to find an opportunity to play their role..