I Have 108 Older Sisters-Chapter 1041 - : Chapter 1,040, take action personally

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Chapter 1041: Chapter 1,040, take action personally

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Another place that needed to be defended was the mine.

The mine was to the west of Kannima. To be exact, it was in the mountains to the northwest.

These mines and the mountains behind Kannima belonged to the same mountain range. However, due to the difficulty of the mountain road, the communication between the two sides still needed to go through the transportation on the Gobi Desert in the wilderness.

The defense of the mine was easier. The only problem was the replenishment of supplies.

The entire mine’s food and water came from Kannima. Now that they were in a state of war, the transportation would definitely be affected.

Originally, Kannima had a strong armored force and could completely control

the area around Kannima and the mines.

However, he did not want the armored force to go head-to-head with the oasis. He could only let the armored force hide. The traffic control of this area was equivalent to being in the hands of the enemy, kenema and the mine might also be separated.

Kenema was still better. There was still the access to Maniza, and Maniza had a

port. There was no need to worry about cutting off the logistics supplies.

The mine would be troublesome. He could only stockpile a batch of supplies first.

These supplies were mainly food, weapons, and ammunition. As he did not know how long the war would last, he would stack as many supplies as he could.

The preparations for the war continued for another half a month. The troops assembled by the oasis side gradually arrived at the two small cities closest to kannima.

These two small cities were in the west and southwest of Kannima, about 100 kilometers apart.

Between them and Kannima was the Gobi Desert. The middle was basically a no man’s land, without any villages.

If they were to launch a surprise attack on khanima, it would only take about two hours.

There were no signs of a large-scale military buildup on the south side of

Khanima. There were only a few small warlords that were mainly infantry.

The environment on the south side was slightly better than the Gobi Desert because there were more and more oases and habitable villages near the coast.

However, the terrain in the south was slightly more complicated, and the roads were not easy to walk on. It was not suitable for large-scale military operations.

The nearest city in the south was also a few hundred kilometers away from Khanima. The troops from this direction could only be stationed in the small villages along the way. The number could not be too large, otherwise, replenishing food and water would be a problem.

However, this small warlord force could not be ignored, because the cave where the expedition team was working was in this direction.

If these troops approached Kanimar and wandered around aimlessly, they might find people moving around the cave and vehicles transporting food and water, which would become a big problem.

The consequences would be worse than losing a battle.

Therefore, Yu Tian sent out his trump card in this direction the death God mercenary group.

In terms of the combat ability of a small-scale army, the death god mercenary group was naturally much more powerful than Kanmud’s army.

A mercenary army of more than a hundred people faced over a thousand pirate armies.

Their mission was to stop and harass the enemy, making it impossible for them to advance along this coastline.

This kind of mission wasn’t difficult for the death god mercenary group, but if they really couldn’t resist it, Yu Tian would still have a backup plan.

A few days later, the pirate corps on the coastline set out first, approaching Kandama at a leisurely pace.

The start of this war would start with the death god mercenary group.

Yu Tian was originally supposed to be commanding in Kandama, but Kandama was currently in a defensive position and didn’t have any special military operations.

Thus, Yu Tian decided to follow the death god mercenary group and set off, preparing to personally take down the opening shot.

Yu Tian wanted to personally go to war, so Cass and the mouse squad naturally started to pack up their stuff and prepared to set off together with Yu Tian. However, Yu Tian didn’t have the intention of bringing along these assassin bodyguads.

This time, they were going to the battlefield, so bringing along these bodyguards and assassins wouldn ‘t be of much use. The value they could display might not even be as good as an ordinary mercenary.

It wasn’t that the bodyguards’combat strength was inferior to those ordinary mercenaries. It was mainly because the action patterns they were used to didn’t have much of an effect on the battlefield.

On the battlefield, they used heavy weapons above the Aya level, while the bodyguards were mostly used to using pistols.

On the battlefield, most of the time, it was shooting, shooting, shooting… in addition to all kinds of heavy weapons and heavy firepower.

However, the bodyguards were better at stealth, stealth, sneak attack, assassination… This kind of covert and low-key killing method.

If a hundred enemy soldiers attacked or charged at them, the small mercenary army would be more reasonable than these assassin bodyguards.

It might be good to let the killers fight in the city, but on the battlefield, it was a waste of resources.

Just like the military could not send the special forces who spent a lot of money to fight on the battlefield, this was a huge waste of human resources.

On the battlefield, weapons had no eyes. Yu Tian did not want these killers to die on the battlefield, so he ordered Cass and the mouse team to stay in Kannima.

Yu Tian also gave them a mission to protect the main generals of Kanima.

The highest commander of Kanima was general Abu’s former Adjutant Harold, followed by Mohammed from Manizar.

However, the actual commander of the entire Kanima Army was Yu Tian himself and the instructor of the Tiger Squad, Colonel Snoopy.

However, Colonel Snoopy was more familiar with the armored forces. At this time, he had already left Kanimar with general Odin and the armored forces.

Therefore, the overall situation of the battlefield was still under Yu Tian’s personal control.

Yu Tian was now going to personally participate in the battle at the front line. The temporary command was handed over to Harold, with Muhammad as a support.

The task of the mouse squad was to protect these two important figures of the military. They didn’t want them to be assassinated in the middle of the war.

There was still a possibility.

In addition, there was Alabu in the upper echelons of the KANIMA military.

Alabu had a few hundred pirate troops under him, and he was also a high-ranking officer.

In Yu Tian’s eyes, allab was not worth mentioning at all.

He originally wanted to send allab to the coastline as a consumable, but because allab’s pirate troops were too weak, Yu Tian could not bring them out.

He could only let Allab stay in khannima to eat and temporarily participate in the defense work around Khannima.

Using trash troops as a consumable was also a very troublesome matter.

Although allab’s pirate troops were all dead, it did not matter. It had little effect on Yu Tian’s overall strength..